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Wearing Leather Motorcycle Chaps While Riding

Initially, leather was considered to be one of the most rugged and durable fabrics which are easy to use as well. Looking at the durability and strength of leather they were used to make protective gear for labor and any other outdoor activity which can cause harm to our body like horse riding. Leather chaps are something which is usually worn over your pants or jeans. they will provide protection to your leg from friction and scratching and also come with a belt for your waist. Leather chaps are mostly seen on horse riders, but they are also used by motorcycle riders for style and protection.

  • What are Leather Chaps?

Leather chaps were popular among horse riders because it helps in adding that extra layer of protection along with a great look. Leather motorcycle chaps which we see nowadays have a similar purpose and are still evolving to make sure that the wearer gets the optimum protection from unwanted factors like accidents, falls, etc.  

  • Types of Leather Chaps

Just like any other apparel, there are different types of leather chaps as well from which you can choose from. The ones which are not made for practical purpose tends to be made from artificial or faux leather.

Mainly there are three types of working leather chaps:

The classic leather chaps are mostly used while riding a horse and sometimes we can find ranchers wearing them too.

The next on the list is the equestrian chap which has a similar look to the classic chaps but comes with a tailored fitting.

The next is the most popular one which is the motorcycle chap. Motorcycle chaps are similar to the classic chaps but are just made from black leather and their main purpose is to provide protection to the motorcycle rider. These chaps are more on the slimmer side as compared to the traditional leather chaps and tend to provide protection to the lower part of the legs.  

Leather Motorcycle Chaps

  • Harley-Davidson Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Harley-Davidson is one of the most reputed companies when it comes to manufacturing motorcycles all over the world. Apart from motorcycles Harley-Davidson also produces accessories like leather chaps which are easily available from any Harley-Davidson store or their online store. There are different types of sizes and designs that you can find while choosing your motorcycle leather chaps. Harley-Davidson’s leather chaps are only made for motorcycle riders.

  • Women’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Women’s leather motorcycle chaps are more on the fitted side as compared to men’s which allows them to have a more feminine vibe. Apart from the fitting it also comes with some extra addons like lacing, tooling, embossing, etc. Women’s leather chaps are a bit lower on the hips which is similar to the jeans made for women.

  • Custom Leather Motorcycle Chaps

For a passionate biker, there are some custom leather chap options as well which allow you to customize your leather chap as per your preferences and styles. The custom leather motorcycle chap option is available for men and women. There are different options like sizes, addons, leather type, etc. which allows you to have that unique custom-made leather motorcycle chaps.

Styling with Leather Chaps

  • Leather Chaps for Women

Women’s leather motorcycle chaps are mostly the same as men’s leather chap but there are a few changes here and there like the shape, size, style, design, add-ons, etc. There are different manufacturers and artists who make women’s leather chap differently to make it comfortable with a unique touch. Leather chaps for women are more easily accessible as compared to men’s leather chaps.

  • Brown Leather Chaps

When we are talking about western leather chaps they are mostly made from brown leather. Brown is a more natural color when we are talking about real leather. These are natural stones that do not show up usual wear and tear which is a great color choice. Brown also gives a rustic look which is preferred by a lot of people. Apart from this it also gives the chap an aged look.

  • Men’s Leather Chaps with Fringe

Fringed leather chaps are usually seen in the western parts or in motorcycle styles. Fringes were initially seen to make sure that rainwater is drained off quickly. 


Leather chaps have the main purpose to make sure that saddle sores are away along with providing protection to your legs and pants/jeans to make sure nothing is damaged whenever you are riding a horse a motorbike. The length of leather chaps is similar to traditional pants that start from your waist and end at your ankles.