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Tips To Maintain Your Leather Jacket For Longer Period

Everyone wants their leather jacket to stay with them for as long as possible. a good quality leather jacket is a great investment which you can make for your wardrobe and considering the number of years it is in the fashion world at a respectable position says a lot about the properties it has in terms of style and practicality as well. To make sure that your high-quality leather jacket stays healthy you have to take good care of it.

There are a lot of people who do not pay attention to their leather jackets after buying them which is not the best thing which you can do to them considering they do need to be taken care of because if it is not taken good care there are high chances that your leather jacket will fade away and you can notice different damages on the surface and structure as well.

You can still avoid getting into these conditions and here are some tips that you should consider:

Condition It

This can be considered as one of the most important points when we talk about improving the lifespan of your leather jacket. The main purpose of a leather conditioner is to provide a great level of moisturization and avoid getting dry which can lead to different problems and damages. If your leather jacket is not well moisturized the chances of getting cracks are high. Your leather jacket also comes with tiny pores which might not be visible and are used for the purpose of absorbing and releasing moisture. When leather is kept in a dry area it will release moisture thus makes it dry and weak. With the help of a conditioner, we can provide the required level of moisture needed.


Along with a leather conditioner, you will also need a UV-protectant to make sure your leather jacket is not harmed from the harmful UV rays. Just how UV rays are not good for our skin in the same way it can affect your leather jacket as well. when exposed for a short period it will not have a major impact on your leather jacket but if it is frequent, it can cause damages and problems like color fading. Therefore, it is important for you to use a UV protectant.

Padded Clothes Hanger

If storing your leather jacket just means throwing them away anywhere then there are some changes you need to make while storing them. Almost everyone has done the mistake of not storing their leather jacket properly. Using padded hangers would be beneficial for storing your leather jackets even for the long-term as well. Going with cheaper options for your hanger is not the best thing to do and can have a negative impact.

The Correct Size

This is something that is too obvious to be a tip, but this is something you should still pay attention to. There are different types of sizes that we can see, and every producer has a different size chart. There are chances that a medium leather jacket of one company can be different from another in terms of size and measurements. To make sure you are not getting into this confusion you can opt for a custom-sized leather jacket that allows you to have a leather jacket that is made as per measurements.

Read the Label

The label can be one of the most underrated parts of a leather jacket because of the information it comes with. This mistake is pretty common and is something you should avoid doing because it can help in increasing the lifespan of your leather jacket. You can find this label around the collar area where you can see different instructions related to taking care and cleaning it. As there are different types of leather which we can find the cleaning and caring instructions will be different too. If you see the label says do not do this then you should just avoid doing it because in the coming future, it can affect the overall quality of the leather jacket which is the last thing you want.

Professional Leather Repair

In case your leather jacket goes through some damage you should take it to a professional. There are different types of leather repair shops which you can consider repairing your leather jacket. They have all the equipment that is needed to repair your leather jacket.