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Whenever you buy a leather item be it a wallet, bag, jacket, pants, etc. you should always know that it is more of an investment. There are a lot of things that go into considering before finalizing the leather item you will be buying. Therefore, you should always look towards different ways you can make the most out of your leather items and the first thing which you should do is taking good care of them.

Here are different tips which you can consider maintaining your favorite leather items:

Avoid sitting on your wallet

Everyone has a habit of keeping their wallets in their butt pockets. Keeping your wallet there is not only bad for your health but also affects the quality of your leather wallet in a negative way. Sitting on your wallet will also cause losing the original shape of your leather wallet. It is highly recommended to keep your leather wallet in the front pockets or in your hands. In case you are wearing a blazer, then you can keep your leather wallet in the inner pockets. In case your leather wallet comes with a warranty, then beware damage caused by this will not be covered, therefore avoid keeping them in your back pockets.

Never overstuff

Overstuffing is never a good idea because it can cause stretching, thus damaging the quality of the leather. Be it your leather wallet or briefcase you should remember this point to keep the overall quality of your leather in the best possible form.  And again, the damage caused here is not covered by the warranty provided.

Never go with plastic

Not just for the planet, plastic is not the best thing for your leather items as well. Leather is a fabric that requires breathing and ventilation to make sure there is no mildew production. There make sure you are not keeping your leather items in a plastic bag. Instead, you can use something like a storage bag or dust bag to store your leather items. If you are using plastic bags to store your leather items, then remove them right now and use a bag that is more on the breathable and ventilated side.

Avoid direct sun contact

Getting too much sunlight on your leather item is not the best thing you can do to maintain your leather quality. Just like how our skin is, leather does go through shrinking and wrinkling. If your leather items are soaked in water, then do not use any external heat source to dry it out and leave it to dry naturally. If needed you can use a dry cloth to absorb water but make sure you are not using too much energy. Avoid using items like a hairdryer or leave it in the sun because this can just make things worse for the quality of your leather item.

Check your leather item regularly

When your leather items absorb a lot of dirt and dust it can increase the chances of damage your leather. Fortunately, you can avoid getting this unwanted damage by doing a regular cleaning check on your leather items. If you find any dirt and dust on your leather, you can use a damp cloth to clean them off but make sure the cloth is not dripping in water.

In case it is too late to clean your leather item with a damp cloth, then you should try using a good quality leather conditioner to make things easier. 

Avoid using any cleaners like soap, detergents, handwashes, etc. on your leather item because it will affect the overall quality of your leather item. If you want, there are specific products made for cleaning leather that you can opt for.

Moisturize the leather

Your skin is not the last thing that requires moisturisation as your leather products need that too. If you fail to do so, you can see different cracks on your leather items. Therefore, do not underestimate moisturizing your leather products. It is better to choose a natural product if your leather has vegetable dye. Apply a small quality on a lint-free cloth and use it on your leather products.

That is, it! these are some pointers which you should remember to make sure you are taking care of your leather product to get the most out of your leather products.