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Take Care Of Your Leather- Ultimate Guide

No matter what leather product you own you should take care of them. Even if you’re working in a leather industry you need to take care of it.

This article will help you in taking care of your favourite leather pieces from maintenance to fixing small problems.  

If you start taking care of your leather pieces you will make them last more than you have expected.


If you store your leather properly than you can avoid many damages and it will also help in maintaining the quality of the product. First step which you should follow is to keep it away from sunlight as it can dry its natural oils.

Store handbags in a breathable bag instead of plastic as they aren’t breathable

Don’t keep any leather near you radiator, heater or any other source of heat as they can cause some cracks and reduce their oil.


If you start taking care of your leather pieces every day you will avoid many small problems and can extend its life-time. You should remember that leather is still a skin and it can stretch so just don’t overfill any leather accessories like purses and handbags as they can change its shape which won’t look good.

If you’re a rough user and use any leather piece everyday than you should try cleaning it every week with a soft cloth. Beware of scratches and avoid any contact with sharp objects and jewellery.

Try to keep your leather free from water so whenever it rains, take an umbrella with you. If you don’t want your leather to stink than you should take it out for a small walk.


It is good to keep your entire essential in a place before your day start but if you’re using a leather purse than it is better to keep your bag empty to keep it safe from any wrapping. You can maintain the shape of your purse by keeping some acid-free tissues in it.

If you’re looking to store them for a long time than you need to take care of the other hardware like the zips and clasps, so just wrap them with the same acid-free tissue paper.

Next you need to keep your handbag in a breathable bag or the bag in which it was wrapped as they are made for your bag. If you don’t have any bags than you can grab cotton pillow case which is a great alternative.

 After covering your handbag make sure that they are placed away from the sunlight or any other source of heat. Don’t just hang than as it can make the handles lose, instead keep them on a stand or a base. Also make sure that the handles are in correctly stood without any restrictions as it can cause some change in their shapes as well.

It is better to use a handbag hook which are made to keep you’re handbag correctly and safely.


You should maintain your leather briefcases to keep its professional look preserved. Try to stand it on its metal base to protect it from any scratches. Try not over filling your briefcase to keep its shape in proper condition and make sure that you’re using a protective cover while travelling.

Travel bags

Travel bags are made durable enough to handle almost all sort of minor damages which can happen while travelling. There are a few steps which you should remember to keep your travel bag safe from any sorts of damage.

Make sure you’re keeping your bag on its wheels or the protective stand it comes with to keep your bag safe from the scratches it can get by coming in contact with the ground.

While traveling you can use the cover to make sure that your leather bag is not getting any scratches when it is kept with other bags. 


There are a lot of shapes and sizes in the purse section from which you can choose the best one as per your needs. If you have a lot of things to keep in your purse than look for a purse which has many compartments and pockets that can fit all of your essentials easily and without any overfilling. 

If you’re going to carry your purse in your handbag than make sure you’re keeping it in a different compartment to keep it safe from any scratches or damage. It is better to clean your purse daily with cotton cloth to cry over unwanted scratches.


Belts are something which are used every day and are most prone to some damage. So make sure you’re rotating your belts to increase their life. Choose the correct fit as it will keep than safe from stretching.

If you’re not wearing them so just clean them with a clean cloth. After cleaning hang them by its buckle away from sunlight or any other heat. Hanging your belt is better than rolling it as it will keep it safe from any imprints and shape damage.

If you want to clean your gloves than start it off with a clean cloth and then make a past of soup and hot water, use a sponge to clean all the dirt (pro tip: wearing them will help in cleaning it). Make sure you’re not over doing with the water and just dab extra water. After the cleaning process keep your gloves in a dry and cool place, you can also wear them after some time to make sure that they are not losing their shape.

Albums and Journals

Leather albums and journal must be holding some of your best memories so you need to take of them. First, clean your hand to make sure that you’re not causing any damage. You can also polish them to make sure they are not dehydrating and are always looking fresh.

While storing them make sure that you’re keeping them away from any heat or direct sunlight. Also make sure that they are neither too tight and nor too loosely kept. While taking your journal or album our try pulling it from the middle and not from the top as it can cause damage in long use.


Gloves are meant to protect our hands during harsh weather condition so they are exposed to many harsh metals. Your gloves will get wet in monsoon and winter season, let then dry naturally but not via sun, and keep them away from any other heat source.