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Styling Leather Trench Coat-What You Should Know

Trench coats are something which has caught the attention of many famous people from actors to businesspeople. Movies have played a vital role in promoting this lovely piece of clothing.

Trench coats does have some great features which are attractive like the practicality, appeal and the design as well.

Every year there is something new in terms of style and design and now trench coats are more than a raincoat.

History of Trench Coats

The trench coats were first seen during the WWI and it replaced all the bulky coats made out of serge. Trench coats came into fashion by Burberry which was a fashion house and they used gabardine fabric for their trench coats which was more comfortable and lighter. Burberry also made raincoats for army which saved then from heavy rain and winds when they were in trenches. These jackets went through some changes done to it like shoulder straps and some D-rings.

After WWII, a lot of countries started making their own style trench coats. Even after so many years trench coats are still in fashion and has a very respectable place.

Steps to buy trench coats:

Start your hunt by going with a leather trench coat and it does have some modern looks to it and is totally different from the old leather trench coats. If you’re someone who is shifting from leather jackets to leather trench coats, then the only difference you will face is the length of this coat.

There are different lengths for different looks like if you’re looking for something bold then you can go with knee length and for a more casual appeal you can go with mid-thigh.

You can pair your leather trench coats in the same way you do with your leather jacket and these coats are lighter than your regular leather jacket.

Features available in trench coats:

Double- breast- classic leather trench coats will have a double breast which pay respect to military.

Collar – trench coats do come with large collar that will help you in harsh climate.

Material – trench coats are resistant to water as most of the trench coats are made from leather or Gore-Tex. 

Length – in terms of length there are a lot of options from thigh length to floor length.

Sleeve Loops – there are some trench coats which come with tight sleeves or cuffs that helps in avoiding all types of harsh wind and rain as well.

Things you should consider with trench coats

There are different types of leather qualities available in leather trench coats but for trench coats made from cowhide are something you should go for. Cowhide is something which you should try because it has a soft texture and is durable as well.

Leather as a fabric tends to stretch therefore make sure that you’re choosing the size correctly.

How should a trench coat fit?

There are three different factors which you should consider while buying your leather trench coat:

Shoulders: whenever you are buying trench coats make sure that it is not skintight and your shoulders should have space from 0.5” to 1” as you will use trench coat as a layering apparel.

Chest: The chest of your trench coats should have some space as you are going to wear some clothes inside it without facing any tightness.

Sleeves: the sleeves if your trench coats should lengthen 2″ to 3″ ahead the blazer of jacket’s cuff but make sure that it is not reaching the middle of your palm.

Retail vs. custom:

Trench coats are something which you should have in your wardrobe because of its features. Getting a great fitted leather trench coats is not an easy thing as there might be something which will need some tweaking if you are buying from the retail shop. Therefore, there are is a custom option which you should try to get the best fitting leather trench coat and apart from fitting there are other customization options available like color, lining, leather, etc.

Styling with leather trench coat:

When you’re styling color is something which you will look after and there are a lot of options out there from the classics to some new bold.

In classic you will have color options like brown, black, creams and tan as well which is the safer side to go with. Another reason to go with the classic is that they can be paired with a lot of other apparels.

In case of bold colors you have different options like some bright and intense colors like some dark burgundy or blue.

When to wear a trench coat?

Trench coats are mainly used as a spring or summer jackets and are not warm enough to be worn in winters, but you can pair it with different apparels to have a warm and stylish outfit. Leather trench coats are versatile as well and you can pair them with a lot of different outfit ideas from date outfits to casual meeting with friends.