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Styling Distressed Leather Jacket For Men

When you are looking to buy some leather jackets, then choosing the correct one can be a little difficult to choose because of the different options and styles there are. You have the option from choosing something in casuals to luxurious looks. Nonetheless, you should make sure that you are looking through different and popular styles. when we are talking about men’s leather jacket it comes with a classic and unique style of its own which is something we cannot find in other jackets. By choosing leather jackets it will provide you an effortless and attractive appearance. We all know about the classic black color leather jackets but there is something new like the distressed leather jacket which you try.

The main reason why distressed leather jackets are getting popular is because of the look it gives like raw power and a leader. These leather jackets are mainly popular among younger people. Before you land on any type of leather jacket always check the fitting and the constructions of the jacket. After you have the best fitting, you can go on and style them.

Here are different ways you can try wearing your distressed leather jacket:

Distressed leather jacket falls under the casual style which is a no brainer. You can pair your distressed leather with some casual apparels like tees and jeans which works well with any casual attire. In the footwear sections you can wear some white trainers or Chelsea boots.

You can try using the basic combo and layer it with a heavy distressed coats which will give you an attractive and unique looking attire and is the easiest to pull off.

If you feel that going with the white tee is too nice look you can try adding a black colored V-neck for a better and attractive look. There are different combinations like going with a shirts paired with chinos or washed jeans which will give you that out of the crowd feel. To complete your look you can go with some accessories like bracelets and sunglasses.

You can also make the outfit look a bit playful by adding hats like fedora or just the boater hat. This might look like a simple addition to your attire but has a great impact on your attire.

When you are choosing your distressed leather jacket make sure it is the aright amount. When you are planning an outfit for your date you might be confused if choose a casual attire or have a tailored look, this is where distressed leather jackets come into the game, and you can trust them during these conditions without having any second thoughts.

The next question which you can have is what to wear underneath your reliable distressed leather jacket. You can start things off with a cashmere sweaters which comes with great level of class and style and works perfectly with your distressed leather jacket.

The colors of your outfit is important as well because you have to make sure that it goes well with your distressed leather jacket and in the bottom section you can just go with simple jeans. You can again just wear a basic white tee but underneath your cashmere sweater.

There are a lot of fashion enthusiasts who just love having a treated leather jacket. they come with high level of versatility which is something we do not see in most of the outerwear available. Whenever you are styling your distressed leather jacket always remember that the jacket should be the main highlight of your attire and the rest should just compliment your distressed leather. You can try adding some oversized jackets along with class tees for a relaxed and unique looking attire.

Nonetheless, you should also remember that there are a lot of things going on when you are choosing a distressed leather jacket so make sure whatever you are pairing is not too loud and flashy because it will just steal the show from your jacket and will just look too chaotic. Therefore you can go with a monochromatic or a patterned top which will just fit in well.

There are many people who try pulling off the denim on denim look but very few people can actually pull it off. The combination is a bit dreaded but can still be seen in some fashion shows. If you want, you can try going with a denim on denim look if you have what it needs to pull it off.