Classic Style Women Suede Leather Blazer


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Make your look smart and professional with this classy blazer. These women blazers are crated from classy suede leather. This suede leather will make your look professional and give you soft and comfortable feel. The features of this suede leather blazer are it has notch collar and paneled long sleeves. This suede leather blazer also has two side pocket and two button closure and it so amazing. This suede leather blazer is one of that trendy looking apparel that you can wear it in different place with different types of outfits and it still look stylish. You can wear it in parties, event, office place or anywhere. Pick up this classy suede leather blazer and get smart look.


  1. Suede Leather
  2. Notch Collar
  3. Paneled Long Sleeves
  4. Two Side Pocket
  5. Two Button Closure
  6. Fully Lined


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