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Perfecting Blue Suit and Brown Shoe Combinations for a Professional Look

One of the most well-liked suit trends right now is surely blue suits and brown shoes. This outfit combo has a distinctly dapper attitude that may instantly give your entire look a touch of refinement.

A traditional combination in men’s wardrobes is blue and brown. This wardrobe combination will fit you for any occasion, including a wedding celebration, a busy day at work, or a crucial business meeting.

However, it is not as simple as it may seem to dress in a blue and brown colour scheme. There are a ton of other things besides colour contrast that affect how you look.

Fortunately, if you have the appropriate fashion knowledge, you can look flawless in a blue suit and brown shoes in no time. You will learn everything you need to know here to rock a dapper blue suit and brown shoes ensemble. So let us get started!

Why Wear Brown Shoes With A Blue Suit?

Brown shoes are without a doubt the best colour to pair with suits, especially blue suits, to instantly elevate your appearance. However, before we go into the specifics of how to wear this trendy look, let us discuss what colors to avoid. Let us just find out why you ought to first. These critical components make this combination the best of the bunch.

Contrast in colour

The contrast is primarily to blame for why everyone’s favorite colour combination became this one. The brown shoes and blue suit are a pair of complementary colors that perfectly balance strength and sophistication.

The colour blue gives off a very striking and sophisticated image thanks to its many tones, including dark blue, navy blue, and light blue. While brown, with its neutral earthiness and polished masculine appeal, speaks for a man’s character and worth.

As a result, when you combine these two distinctive colors, you maintain the ideal harmony between style and personality and achieve the best of both worlds.

Effective For All Skin Tone

The adaptability of a blue suit with brown shoes outfit is another advantage. This combination is flattering on all skin tones, whether you have a fair complexion or dark skin.

Beyond skin tones, styling with blue hues has no issues for body type or hair colour. Every shape and ethnicity can be complemented by this color.

Consequently, if you are self-conscious about your physical appearance in any way and want to find the ideal suit for you. Without a second thought, choose an outfit that includes a blue suit and brown shoes.

Numerous Color Options

Men’s brown shoes and blue suits are available in many different tones and designs, making them a versatile choice to wear on a wide range of events.

There are several hues of blue suits. Each shade of blue, from navy to light to sky blue, has a distinctive vibe, yet they all go nicely with brown shoes.

Speaking of footwear, brown dress shoes are the best choice to wear with blue suits out of all the other sorts. You may match your blue suit with any colour of shoes, whether they are tan, medium brown, or chestnut brown, and look equally stylish doing so.

Occasions to wear combination of blue suit and brown shoes

The overall appearance of blue suits with brown shoes is absolutely amazing and versatile which allows you to wear it in almost any day of the year without even considering the weather. Nonetheless here are some occasions you can wear this combination:

  • On a sunny day with family
  • Some beach parties with formal touches
  • Cocktail parties
  • Wedding
  • dinner dates
  • Business Meetings
  • Event with professional dress code and many more.


If your line of work requires you to be a people person, like a politician or businessman, a blue suit with brown shoes is a smart clothing combination. The following styling advice will enable you to pull off the smart and fashionable blue suit with brown shoes combination.


Make sure that all of your accessories match the colour of your shoes if you plan to wear brown shoes with a blue suit. In order to match your formal shoes, it is preferable to choose a leather belt and folio case.

Additionally, wear a leather strap if you enjoy wearing a wrist watch to match other accessories and shoes. Since it might be challenging to get the exact leather finish for all of your accessories and shoes, you can choose from a variety of textures and colors.

When styled properly, brown leather accessories will go a long way for you, whether you choose suede loafers with suits or brown formal leather oxfords.

The Proper Fit

regardless of how nice your shoes and outfit are. They will not look anywhere close to as good as they should if they do not fit well on your body, and in certain situations, they might even make you appear outmoded.

The ideal suit should feel snug at the shoulders and have sleeves that are just long enough to reach your hand’s knuckles. Make sure there is enough breathing room inside the suit jacket so that it fits your torso easily.

Additionally, your trouser should fit snugly with a slight front crease line.

Clothes Color

Most guys make the classic fashion error of pairing a dark-colored dress shirt with a blue suit.

Never choose a dark-shade dress shirt when wearing a navy, dark blue, or sky blue suit; instead, go for light hues like white, nude pink, and sky blue for maximum style.

The sky blue and nude pink shirts are suitable for semi-formal events like cocktail parties or beach parties. To make a lasting impression, it is preferable to wear a blue suit with a white shirt to professional business meetings and black tie optional events.


The tie you choose has a significant impact on how your suit looks overall; it has the power to make or break your entire ensemble. Here are five tie colors that will always go with a blue suit and a pair of brown shoes.

Burgundy Tie

A burgundy red textured tie will be a perfect alternative to a red tie, which would be too bright with a blue suit and brown shoes. The majority of brown shoes, especially those with red overtones, will look fantastic with this colour contrast.

Lilac Tie

If you are having trouble choosing, pick a blue tie that nearly matches the hue of your suit. A safe option that usually works is choosing a simple, comparable shade.

However, choosing a tie with an incredibly opposite blue hue is a wonderful option if you want to add some contrast. Contrasting colors look best when worn together, such as a sky blue tie and a blue or dark blue suit.

How Do I Wear Blue Suit Shoes?

Now that you are fully aware of how to wear brown shoes with blue suits. You can indeed combine the different types of blue and brown hues shown here to create a stylish outfit.

Dark Blue Suit and Brown Shoes 

Taking a break from the usual business dress code, you can easily trust your dark blue suit for other occasions like parties and weddings especially during the night time. coming to the footwear section, then tan shoes will be good enough. Apart from this you also have the option of dark brown dress shoes as well.

Navy Blue Suit and Brown Shoes

You can start creating an outfit by going with some usual navy blue suits along with your brown shoes and it has all good reasons for being popular among a lot of people. Coming to the shoes section, then we can go with some dark brown shoes and you are good to go.

Final word

Brown shoes with blue suits are a consistently stylish outfit to wear to semi-formal events. A light blue suit and brown shoes are suitable for daytime weddings and parties whereas a dark blue suit and brown shoes are ideal for the majority of business executives and politicians.

A royal blue suit and brown shoes, however, are a smart outfit choice for gatherings and cocktail parties that take place at night. Finally, select the right accessories to go with your blue suit and brown shoes.