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Painting A Leather Jacket- What You Need To Know

Painting a leather jacket is a very unique and fun thing you can do to customize your leather jacket as per your requirements and there are different things which you can try to paint it like acrylic paints, metallic markers and spray paints as well which you can use to customize your leather jacket in whatever way you want to.

Before you start any painting make sure that you are cleaning the jacket and testing your paint somewhere before directly applying it on your leather jacket.

If you are looking for something which will last for long time then acrylic pants are the best thing which you can go for your leather jacket.

There are some colors which you should avoid like water colors, fabric paint or oil based colors as they are not suitable for your leather jacket.

You can get the angelus paint which is an acrylic paint which are made for leather.

Whatever color you are going with make sure that it has some contrasting feature to your original color.

You can color your whole leather jacket with one color or you can use a stencil to make some designs.

Spray paint is also a better way of painting your leather jacket as it will cover more area which is great if you are painting your jacket.

You can use a permanent marker to create some designs on your leather jacket.

Using a metallic permanent marker is something which you should use because it will show more on your leather jacket and will help in giving some good designs.

Before you buy any marker remember that a fabric marker will not work on your leather jacket.

Preparing your Leather

Start the preparation of your leather by cleaning it with an alcohol pad as cleaning it properly because any form of unwanted particle will affect how paint looks.

Repeat this a few times to ensure that all of the coating has been removed. You can also use a sandpaper to remove some hard particles.

After you’re cleaning is done use a sandpaper and rub it in circular motion but make sure that you are not harming the surface of it and after some minutes wipe it off with a damp cloth.

You should first start the painting on the inner flap of your leather jacket to test the color as it allows you to see how it looks on your jacket.

Along with the paint make sure that you are testing your markers as well as there are some which might react.

Before you start the main painting make sure that your area is well prepared and covered nicely in newspaper.

Don’t apply the color directly and start by applying it on a plate first and make sure that you have gathered all of your important panting utensils.

Making Designs

You can make some designs on your leather jacket to make the overall look a subtle effect. You can make some flowers designs on it like roses, daisies, lilies, etc.

You can either use a stencil to color a flower and if you are good at freehand drawing then go for it.

You can go with a classic red rose as it does looks good on a leather jacket.

You can try writing a message or slogan on the back of your leather jacket.

You can also add the names or logos of your favourite band on your leather jacket which is a great way of adding some personal touch to it to your customization.

If you’re a stan then you can try making some of his album covers on your leather jacket which is a great way of expression about your personality without speaking a word.  

If you are not into tattoo but want something like that then painting your leather jacket is something which you should try.

You can express feelings towards your special ones via a painting done on your leather which will be a sweet moment.

You can also paint something on your leather jacket and see if it looks good and then if you and other people like it you can get it tattooed in future. You can take some help of your artistic friend to do this if your drawing is not that good.

You can add some of your unique vocabulary to your leather jacket which will give a really unique and personalised look to your leather jacket.

Apart from the back side you can paint on some other places on your jacket as well like the sleeves, front and even on collar as well.

You can also add some of your own initials on your personalized leather jacket and the best place to add these initials are on sleeves and lapels of your leather jacket.  

A great message to write on your leather jacket is “it is better to laugh than to cry”.