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Men’s Fashion Guide: Heels For Men? A Trend From History 

It has been common for men to use heels for a very long time. It has been utilized for generations as a means of projecting power and masculinity.

The world today is seeing a return of this historic pattern, and for all of the correct reasons. From street men who have a unique sense of style to the famous people who walk the red carpet at the Fashion Show. This latest fashion trend has everyone swooning.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you enjoy wearing high heels as much as other men do. Let’s investigate when and how this fad started to take off and become the century’s hottest fashion.

History Of High Heels  

Heels were just an accepted part of the horse riding equipment and served practical reasons in the early tenth century, as horse and livestock carts were the only transportation method and a key component of military drills. The balance provided by these heels during the ride aided in keeping the feet in the saddle.

The military alliance between Europe and Persia against by the Ottoman Empire took place in the 16th century. when affluent European men began donning fashionable heels that were once worn by Persian cavalrymen as a sign of strength and manhood.

Who Invented High Heel Shoes?

There really is no specific person who can be given the honor again for invention of high heels in the history of high heel shoes. We must examine the customs and cultures of the Persian, Greek, and Roman eras in order to gain a greater understanding of how high heels for men were first worn.

Roman Heels 

Ancient buskin boots, which were mid-calf shoes for men made of leather or fabric, served as the inspiration for the Roman heel design. These footwear were largely worn by prostitutes in the nation to express their identity and line of work.

These shoes had the same style as contemporary gladiator sandals. It is a common misconception that the Greek, Egyptian, and Roman sex prostitutes stamped their names under the bottoms of their heels to promote their services and leave impressions in the ground everywhere they went.

Greek Heels 

Around 200 B.C., Greek heels, or cothurni, were created to be worn with theatrical costumes. The men’s platform heels were originally cut out of cork and measured between 8 and 10 cm, providing the important characters in the play a raised edge.

At that time, women were not permitted to participate in the arts, so the theatrical ensemble was typically made up of men who entered and exited the stage dressed in high heels and skirts.

Persian Heels 

The earliest evidence of men using heels dates to Persia, during the reign of the Persian king Shah Abbas. This eventually became popular among individuals in west Europe.

Shagreen, a sort of horse leather, was used to make the ancient Persian heels, which were then painted in hues derived from plants. Upper classes individuals embellished themselves with embroidery and other decorative elements to make themselves appear more visually pleasing.


High heels, the hottest trend that makes you appear taller and more feminine by sculpting your muscles, weren’t made just for women. In the sixteenth century, they were first created for men as horseback riding equipment.

But over time, these useful shoes became more well-liked in Europe and turned into a high-end male fashion fad.

A modern day high heel

Weren’t high heels designed for men? Yes is the obvious simple answer. But in today’s trend, would it be advisable for guys to wear high heels?

The statistics suggest that men’s heel footwear are back in fashion and sales started surging in 2017, even though wearing heels had fallen out of favour in the 18th century. These figures led fashion experts to foresee men’s heel shoes as the next big thing in fashion.

Despite they have long been linked with women’s fashion, males wearing heels are still not readily embraced by the wider populace. But due to famous people and other style icons who really are appreciating their distinct personalities and styles by continuing this trend.

It’s refreshing to see men wearing high heels while walking down the runway and to notice the men’s footwear section’s surprisingly wider selection of heels. Large fashion conglomerates are utilising this trend as a money making opportunity.

So the next moment you feel like sporting high – heeled footwear with a comfy jeans attire, just do it. You’ll make a fashion statement and look great doing it.

Frequently asked questions

Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?

Men donning heels have long been associated with strength and masculinity. But as time went on and women began to wear heels, they started to represent glamour and feminine elegance. It caused males to cease wearing heels entirely as this fashion became socially unacceptable.

Can men put on block heels?

Block heels certainly rank among the most widely worn types of heels for men. Among all the different men’s heel shoes, block heel shoes and dress shoes are the most in-vogue styles with the ideal amount of manly vibe, so men can wear them without hesitation.

Do Men Typically Wear High Heels?

Just few years ago, men wearing heels were ridiculed, but today, it is considered great fashion. While you won’t see many men wearing heels, this fashion trend has nevertheless become more common among men. In reality, this fashion was supported by famous people wearing heels, including David Bowie.

Were High Heels Designed With Men in Mind?

In simple words, high heels were actually made for men during the initial stages and contrary to the current situation, they were made for practical reasons. As the time went by, these footwear actually got popular and many men from the European region adopted it as fashion to showcase masculinity.

Final word

A historically rooted fashion trend is men wearing heels. Originally created as functional shoes to aid Persian soldiers in maintaining balance when riding horses while wearing strip-ups, such high heels for men subsequently developed into a high-end trend.

Modern fashion involves a lot of men wearing high heels. Everybody is enamored with this new craze, from huge corporations to celebs.