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Men’s Fashion Guide: Different Ways We Can Style Varsity Jacket

The best jacket for athletes is known to be the varsity jacket. But it is clear from of the 2022 fashion industry which you do not even necessarily need to be an athlete to wear this jacket. Continue reading to discover several methods to set up letterman jacket attires for a carefree and informal style.

These letterman and varsity jackets are indeed a subclass of something like the bomber jackets and feature the traditional stripe rib hem, sleeves, as well as collars. The sleeve of a garment frequently have a distinct fabric and colour than the body. Given that several varsity jackets were constructed utilizing the same fabric again for body & sleeve, this is quite obviously not really a style requirement.

The letterman coats frequently include patchwork with phrases, abbreviations, or emblems. The majority of the frontal fastener consists of snap buttons. These moderately baggy-fitted jackets are indeed a timeless wardrobe essential for men across all ages. Varsity jackets are useful for more than just the squad members who wear it on the pitch. It is an edgy jacket that dominates men’s autumn, winter time, and springtime trends.

Fashion Letterman Jacket

There is a backstory to the jacket that has been currently ruling the world of popular style. The varsity jacket probably originated in American athletics. Students who met the requirements to join the school or college sporting event were given the jacket.

The evolution of American style was significantly influenced by graduates from prestigious universities. Varsity jackets were not accepted as acceptable style until the 1960s. The jacket served as an emblem for several eighties fashion subgenres, most notably hip hop.

One of most popular varsity jacket design includes a core composed of wool and polyester and sleeves crafted from leather. Although there are various colors to choose from, the most common ones are red, black, white, and cyan. The best varsity jacket colour combinations are unquestionably white or charcoal, cyan and white, red, and white, or teal and white. Varieties in various colour schemes dominate the streets.

Styles of Varsity Jacket

Regarding jackets that appear the same, the words “varsity,” “letterman,” and “baseball jacket” can be used interchangeably. The format and fashion are identical. They are only differentiated from one another by a few minute details. Each style may employ patchwork or embroidery differently.

Understanding the perfect match for a varsity jacket is crucial. Although you are purposefully looking for an enlarged form, it should not be overly saggy. You should be able to layer a sweatshirt or sweater underneath if it fits you well enough.

Whereas high school seniors sport letterman jackets, college players normally wear varsity jackets, which are bomber style coats. The huge characters on the letterman jacket’s torso are whence it is given its name.

Baseball jackets

Baseball jackets vary slightly from varsity jackets in that they have a spread collar as opposed to the traditional ribbed one. They are therefore the ideal men’s bomber jackets because you can effectively layer it. The shortened length of a baseball coats is yet another distinguishing aspect. They go well with many casual shirt styles, trousers, as well as cargo pants.

With what should You pair a varsity jacket?

It is indeed your birth right while creating letterman jacket attires. Although bigger versions are in style right now, we equally recommend putting a sleek jacket on hand for contemporary letterman jacket combinations.

There is no reason to second guess what and how to dress with such a varsity jacket when you have a fantastic hoodie. For some of those elegant outfits, the varsity jacket pair with something like a hoodie as well as trousers is an ideal choice. Alternately, you might wear denim shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts, or cardigans underneath the jacket.

Understanding which trousers to pair with something like a varsity jacket is a terrific way to demonstrate your fashion savvy. In addition to trousers, you can also wear blue jeans, khakis, sweatpants, and trousers. For a more attractive appearance, choose bottoms with a tapered, slender fit.

Put on sports shoes, long top sneakers, boots, as well as baseball caps to complete the stylish look of the letterman jacket.

Men’s Letterman Jacket Outfits

Here are a few incredible outfit suggestions if you are wondering how to wear a letterman jacket infallibly. The varsity jacket gives off an athletic, sophisticated vibe when worn with an attire. You can frequently reach for this kind of jacket to complete traditional and vintage looks. Below are a few ideas for varsity jacket outfits that include just one colour and a handful that feature the finest varsity jacket colour combinations.

Attire in a red varsity jacket

We are all reminded of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” by a crimson varsity jacket. Worrying over something to dress with a red varsity jacket is not at all necessary. To guarantee a sharp appearance, consider the below pairings with the red letterman jacket.

Put on a crimson varsity jacket with something like a solid-color black tee and black cargo pants. The colorful patterns on the jacket’s sleeves would serve as a great finishing touch to keep this outfit’s youthful vibe. Add black long top sneakers to complete your varsity jacket look.

Combine your red letterman jacket with something like a black and red flannel, blue gray form – fitting trousers, and red shoes. A black baseball cap and a pair of black and white sneakers are the perfect finishing touches for this attire.


Your choice ought to be a cyan varsity jacket if you want to make a bold fashion statement. Consider the following clothing combinations with it.

Combine charcoal dark wash jeans and a white creative t-shirt. Add a matching blue varsity jacket as little more than a layer to elevate this plain attire pop out. Put on a pair of clunky sneakers in blue and white.

Want to wear a casual outfit and appear super stylish? Put on camouflage pants, a navy varsity jacket, and a white band collar casual shirt. Brown suede boots can be used to finish the look.

Outfit in a Black Varsity Jacket

A black varsity jacket is a terrific option for easygoing attires that tend towards to the sharper side and works well both during the day and night. You may make sense of the costumes below.

Put a thin V-neck cardigan over a greyish button-down shirt. Combine it with grey jeans, a black varsity jacket, and black suede shoe boots to complete the attire.

The introduction of something like the black varsity jacket elevates the look of a white sweatshirt as well as black trousers. Choose white sneakers to finish off the relaxed attire.

Letterman jacket outfit in black and white

A versatile option is a letterman jacket in black and white. It will slickly combine with other essentials to make sophisticated attires. Put a black pair of trousers as well as a white scoop neck tee for an instantly stylish outfit. To complete the look, add a black and white varsity jacket on top and select high top sneakers.


A baseball jacket with a wide collar and a cropped length might look great worn over layers of clothing. Choose an emerald and white outfit to put on with a white tee and a pair of faded off-white jeans. Converse shoes in a green colour look great with this attire.

Varsity jacket in light grey with black sleeves

For something like the letterman jacket, blueish gray and black leather sleeve is a very fashionably perfect combo. It is unquestionably one of the most appealing varsity jacket colour combinations, bringing off a modern appearance. For a voguish style, wear it with dark blue trousers and a grey rollneck. Choose a pair of gray suede boots if you are seeking for the right shoes to go with this attire.


You really should have acquired by this point a lot of tips about how and when to dress this bomber jacket. You might produce stylish, modern styles for business and informal wear by learning how and where to decorate a letterman jacket. This booming trend can be entered without any deliberation. You can duplicate the costumes mentioned above by picking one of the letterman jacket designs and adding a little bit of your personal flair.