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leathertopLeather Tops are one of the fascinating and stylish outfits among all. Crafted from all several types of leather these tops make your style more extravagant and keep your look stunning. There are several styles in leather tops and you will learn here how these styles will make your look awesome and trendy. Leather tops consist the style such as halter neck tops, sleeveless tops, tees, short tops, cropped tops, the jackets, boleros in leather , vests etc. It is you who should select the one which will suit your body.

  1. Peplum Leather Tops– Peplum tops were introduced a few years back and they got fame very soon. These types of top are found either sleeveless or short sleeves which make them look stunning. The layered part at the waist divides the top into two and this is called peplum. You can match the peplum top with pencil style skirt or pants or a Capri will work. Peplum leather tops can be added zippers at back or if a wide neck then the style changes. These leather tops are available in several colors and styles. Many of the celebs try such feminine and curvy style of clothing.
  2. Leather Halters– Leather halter style of tops emerged in the western culture and is known for the cowboy style for women. Various styles of leather halters are available and they feature the laced tie ups or well crow fastening and even some times zippers. You will get the bold and sexy look in these halter tops. The halter tops are found to be teamed with short or mini style of skirts and fancy fashion pants. The cropped length works great with these leather tops. A cow boy hat completes your style.
  3. Leather Tank Tops: The sleeveless silhouettes are the tank tops. Most of the times these tank tops are made in suede leather as it’s more attractive with the premium leather skin. The tank tops rather start at the neck line and cover the complete bust part to the waist length or even some of the necklines are plunging U or V. Denim pants are the best to team up with these styles.
  1. Tube Leather Tops: A tube top is known as boob top in UK. This type of top is sleeveless as well as strapless. It only wraps the part of the upper torso and fits over the bust. There is sometimes a strap of elastic band at the top and bottom hem which hold the top tight. Zippers back are also found in some of the leather tube tops.
  1. Tunics– There are various styles of tunics available and in different styles of fabrics. A hi low hem style or a knee length style of tunic tops in leather looks great style. Also these leather tunics have different style of sleeves which flaunt the style. The leather tunics are good to wear with the style of the shoes and other footwear. Tunic tops are available with different leather textures and they look good when matched with proper accessories.
  1. Leather Tees– Unlike the jersey and other T shirts we have leather T shirts with different styles of designs and fabric. The leather t’s are found in different styles of sleeves such as short sleeves, long sleeves, capri sleeves and many other styles. The cropped length as well as the long style of leather T shirts is available.
  2. Perforated Tops– The perforated is the new style of leather texture and thus are the perforated style outfits. The perforated represents the mesh style fabric with a variation such as large and small details. The perforated leather tops varies with the many styles of silhouettes and with various lengths and sleeves style.
  3. Printed Leather Tops- These are the new styles of tops arrived. The prints were available only in some of the styles with fabrics however now the styles of prints are also available. The floral prints, animal prints are more famous. Other than these prints abstract styles are also common with these styles. The printed leather tops are in fashions now and I am sure you will like one among it. The dual color prints combinations are also seen as new fashion styled.
  4. Embroidered Leather Tops: Some of very new styles are the embroidered tops. The leather fabric is either patched or the designed with embroidery threads. There are very different of designs in embroidery which can be done to get the best look and style.
  1. Studded Leather Top: Studs make the style more alluring and stunning. Make your style shining and premium with studded leather top. The different studs and stones can also be added. Some stud buttons are also added to make the tops unique. Especially the leather coats are featured with awesome styled buttoned.
  1. Leather and Lace: The other newly arrived style of tops is the leather and lace style. The leather tops are now mixed with the half leather and hem consists of lace fabric or tulle.

 Besides many other styles of leather tops are readily available online these days. Grab such different styles so that you make a change in your style and fashion. Keep a change in your wardrobe.