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typesofleatherLeather is counted to be the final result of the processing taken place by the hides of the animals or skins. Leather is widely used today’s for clothing and accessories and therefore it’s a need to understand and learn the types of leather and its textures to get what you are looking for.
Leather is obtained from the skin of animals such as cow, sheep, goats, buffaloes etc. Leather is available in a wide range and is used for making clothes, shoes, upholstery etc. Different types of raw hide of leather are processed, tanned and colored according to the use. There are grains on the skin which differ the leather hide from one to another. Grains are seen on the leather hide which takes place once the hide is processed and the hair is removed. These grains can be further divided into two the top and the split grain. The split layer is counted to be the lower layer of the natural grain as it does not have a natural grain.

Here are some the types of the leather which you use very common.

Full grain leather is observed by processing and removing the hair which are present at the epidermis of the hide. That is most natural form because no polishing and finishing takes place in it. The name of the two methods which helps in proper finishing are the aniline and semi aniline. The aniline finish is the leather which is dipped in the transparent dye giving you a uniform leather color which is natural. If the leather hide is given extra coating for preventing the stain then that is called semi-aniline finish. The full grain leather is very popular due to its durability, strength and the full grain leather remains thus a demanding leather hide. Also the products made from full grain leather are very expensive than others.

The next popular type of the leather is the TOP GRAIN leather which is produced from the outer layer of the hide. The main difference between the full grain and the top grain is that in the top grain leather the hide is processed by removing the imperfections via sanding and buffing of the surface hide. Many a times this leather is also imprinted by the artificial leather which covers the scars, or scrapes on the skin and also covers the unbroken finish. These types of leather are equally strong to others however not so durable as compared to the full grain leather variety.

The corrected leather refers to the leather which is obtained by the full grain leather when used to polish and removed and corrected on the scratches which are present on the grain. These leather hides are available in inferior quality. There are two finishing techniques which can obtain by these are the semi aniline and the pigmented leather. Pigmented leather is sometimes suggested to be the better for correcting the scratches.

The split leather is produced by the part remaining from the hide after removing the top grain leather. The split leather is thus cheap and hard than from the full grain leather. This leather is easily destroyed and gets damages easily if you do not handle with care. Split leather is widely used to get the suede leather texture.

The suede leather is obtained by the splitting the layer of the grain and hide. The surface of the suede leather is buffed and created to be the soft one. This type of leather is cheaper than the others or full grain leather. This leather is to be taken proper care as it is fragile naturally and gets damages very quickly and gets stains if contact with any liquid. The surface of this leather is like velvet. The other type of suede is the Nubuck suede.

This leather is a synthetic type of leather which is made by adding the polyurethane to upper surface. This leather is more durable as compared to other types. This leather is widely used for the shoe industry however now used for other uses such as furniture and upholstery as its found to be durable and affordable.

The faux leather is the man made leather and is durable as it is made from synthetic material. Most of commercial furniture is made from faux leather as it is available at cheap rates. The look of this leather matches to the original one and does not get damage easily.

Vegan leather is the leather tanned using the tanning of the vegetable matter and tree barks. This leather is supple and obtained brown color however chemicals are added to get the other colors. This leather is not stable in water, it may discolor or shrink. Vegan leather is now used for making leather clothing in different colors but not yet widely used.

The different leather textures and types have their own peculiarities and characteristics. They are used differently for the processing and for different purposes. Leather is into fashion since a very long time and is very classic and durable and you can get many fashionable articles from leather.