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How To Revive Your Style Using Clothes In Your Closet 

Are you in need to look different from yesterday? What I mean is, do you want to change the way how you style? There can be many reason why you want to do so. You may be bored with your existing styling pattern or you are not satisfied with the way you style, there can be any reason possible for doing so.

There are two ways in which you can change the style of the clothes you wear. First is to change the kind of clothes you wear by simply buying dozens of new clothes to fill your closet with them. Another thing you can do to make the use of same apparels by creatively changing the way you style them. In this article, we are going to discuss the second way in detail.

Most of you may be choosing this method to save money or you just don’t want your existing clothes to go in waste or you just don’t have enough budget to buy all new clothes. Regardless of the reason let us know in detail what you can do to make new styles with your existing clothes.

In this article, you will get to know some simple ways to improve your styles without consuming any amount of money. With this, you will also learn to be creative with your clothes so that you can style it in amazing ways.

Following are some steps you should follow to use your existing clothes to make new styles.

Collect all your clothes in one place:

You should collect every piece of clothing you have whether it is in our closet or in any corner of your house. You must collect every cloth you can in one place. Don’t just collect the outfit you wear often, you have to collect everything. The best way to avoid buying new clothes is to look for every potential apparel in new way so that you can style them differently from before. Pull out every cloth and place them evenly at one place.

Observe your clothes:

Now that you have gathered all you clothes at one place, you should observe them attentively. First of all look for items which have similar style or repeat items. Set aside the item which are similar in patterns and styles in many ways. If you observe that the repeat or same items are very similar and you will only use one of them, it is better to donate the other. This will help you in narrowing down the amount of clothes and will clear up your closet efficiently.

Now separate the clothes which you don’t want to wear any more or they don’t fit you anymore and donate them. Now the main thing in this step is to take the clothes out which are good to use but you don’t like a certain feature of them. For example, you have a shirt but you don’t like the collar. You can cut the part out and reuse it as a new piece of clothing. Restyling your existing items is a great way to wear them again as if they are new.

Separate the outfits you often wear

To get a better idea of what your style is like, you should separate the outfits you normally wear. For example, you wear a graphic tee with jeans very often then you should keep them aside together. This will help you to know your style better and how you can avoid pairing your outfits in similar way again. In this way you will be able to think something creative.

Try something different

Now that you know what you should avoid, you should pair your existing items differently than before. Try to add some different accessories with it and pair some good footwear with it to give it a new style. Pairing your clothes differently can have the same effect as wearing new clothes. The change the way you look, you can also work extra on your hairstyle, your make up and your overall posture too.

Be creative

 Even if you are not into creating new things, you can still try to make some minor changes you can make to your clothing to make them look different from before. In this way you can give new life to your old clothes. You can spray colors on your plain white tee or you can create some fun textures on your clothes using different methods. You can sew some embroidery on your clothes. You can even use scissors to make some changes in your clothes. If you are not able to do sewing and cutting work then you can go to an expert tailor.

Clean the closet

Clean your closet and remove every unwanted item in your closet which is only taking up your space. Keeping the closet clean will help you to set your clothes in an orderly manner and you will be able to avoid wearing same outfit many times.

Organize the clothes

After cleaning your closet, you should organize your attire in a way in which you will be able to keep it organized for a long time. Segregate your clothes in many columns such as shirts, jeans, dresses, accessories, scarves, bags, footwear, pants, jackets, tops, blouses, etc. it will make your everyday styling process easier and will make you save time on searching for desired pieces.

Little difference can bring a big change

Even if you are not up for a big change at least try to make some small changes in your style. Like try to add jackets on blouses you never did before or try to go with some colors you have not worn before.


Accessories are a big part of our style. No attire or outfit can be complete with the accessories we pair with the clothes. Try to make your outfit interesting to see so that it can look attractive.

It may take some time to change you overall style, but it is not very hard to do so. Make sure to never lose your essence regardless of how much style you have changed in yourself.