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When it comes to your style it’s more important for you to check out some dos and don’ts for your gorgeous look.

Here are some of the important steps which you should keep in your mind.
1. Show off your skin however strategically. It’s the mystery to understand what is to be shown and what should be kept wrapped. Always keep in mind show off only one part of the body. Either shows your cleavage or the legs, both will never work.
2. To be safe avoid the white. White acts as a sheer fabric therefore select your style and color as required. Check yourself match your wardrobe.
3. Go for bright colored accessories such as black, navy color, camel or grey colored which will make your energy enthusiastic. Be bold and wear neutral color with complimentary shoes or bag. Not just stick to green color satchel. Be versatile while selecting accessories.
4. Keep multiples. Check your closet and add different styles of dresses in it. Add some sheath styled or mini dresses, long dresses, sun dress etc. Just don’t stick with a single piece garment.
5. Keep use of selective fabrics such as chiffons, satins, cotton and be attentive while selecting the outfits made Lycra or jersey as they stretch out. They should be fit in size or else loose outfits won’t suit you.
6. Match your heels with your dresses or pants. The biggest mistake made is wearing such types of pants which will not suit the shoes. Hem your pants until heels or just graze the top of the shoes from ½ inches to the floor.
7. Scarf is alternative accessory which you can match for your wardrobe. You can add it in your purse and use it when required. You can even knot it and use it when required. Scarves are available in various styles and prints. You can get the styles that you need.
8. If you are planning for an evening party or evening outfit then try to be free handed rather than handling a bag or purse plan out and select the bag with chains or belted bag. Especially the current styles are for the body cross bags.
9. It’s also important how you maintain your clothes. After a few wash many of the outfits shell off the colors and other embellishments. It’s therefore important that you never hand wash such outfits and take utmost care.
10. The other important point to be discussed is the silhouette. Select a proper silhouette which will flatter your curves and feminine.  Shape accordingly and be defined in your shape. Select A line if fail to understand or get confused. Get some suggestions from the stylists which will help you better way.
11. Decide and list up all the things which you will be considering before you select the outfit such as think about the silhouettes, designs, prints etc. Or else you will be confused when you are shopping.
12. Always carry your make up kit such as lipsticks, hairbrushes, foundations etc to get the final touch up. It’s essential for you to keep yourself updated.
13. Ignore the baggy styles and go for a good looking casual style fit denim pants. They always work when you are more confused.
14. Bring a change in your closet. Donate the clothes which you are not in need or you haven’t used so long and grab some new styles.
15. Make some change and add stripes to your closet. The colors such as red, navy, with white and the boat neck or a bateau will work the best.
16. Sometimes grab a jacket with buttons in a cropped style. Get the antique or silver studded buttons style jacket or tops which will make you feel change in style statement.
17. Get some prints as these are available in various textures today. The most common and well known are the leopard prints which will make you look awesome and sexy. Combine different scales and patterns which will make the style dynamic. The prints style are available in various styles such as repeated prints, diagonal prints, seasonal style prints, ancient prints style and many more are available.
18. Understand the colors which will look good on you. Get suggestions however still try on bright color clothes which look very classic. Do not match up red and yellow or yellow with some other colors which will not suit you.
19. Vintage are the styles which you even get today however they have just become trending. Grab some vintage style outfits such as jumpsuits. If you just match the jumpsuits today and those of earlier you find a vast change. So to make a change in you just select the jumpsuit and get the silhouette which will suit your body.
20. If you are looking for a corporate style outfit or may be an official outfit then not only blazers work but also shirts look great. Get the blazers with new styles may be a leather blazer or classic suede blazer. The bottoms will be trouser which will look cool.
21. Your seamstress is the one which will take your care against sizing and measurements. Therefore it’s necessary that you keep a good relationship with those. The more you respect and understand the person the more the tailor will help you and guide you.
22. Grab a western look with a denim pant and white T shirt with elegant motorcycle jacket which will make you look stunning and beautiful.
23. Chokers and bracelets are new to the style today’s. Wrap a set of chain or lariat around the wrist. Long earrings or loops are also cool set of jewels that you may admire.
24. Always keep your emergency fashion kit which includes such as safety pins, bra clips, rollers, sponge for your makeups. These help you when you are in loophole just in case anything goes wrong.
25. Studded styles are in trend today’s. Be it leather or any other style of fabric studs work good.
26. Check by every angle before you leave yourself. Be sure that you look perfect with all the accessories and outfit. Trust in you rather others.

No matter what you age is fashion never fades. It’s upon you what you do to keep your look always gorgeous and glamorous. Just think your way and be your way and style up.