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Different Jacket Styles And Outfit Ideas You Should Try

Jackets have been in men’s fashion world and has helped in making some really fashionable and stylish outfits. Jackets are popular when it comes to winter outfits, but you can still wear some jackets in springs as well.

Here are some jacket styles and outfit ideas which you should try

Bomber Jackets

There are different styles and designs you can get your bomber jacket and there are options in colors as well and you can wear these jackets to almost any occasion which makes it versatile.

Pairing bomber jacket

In terms of designs and styles there are a lot of options in bomber jacket and it can get a bit difficult to find the correct jacket.

Casual Jacket Style

You can go with the classic black colored bomber jacket and pair it with some ripped jeans and a solid tee. In some colder months you can use your bomber jackets for layering over other winter apparels like sweatshirts. If your top are is oversized and packed then make sure that your bottoms are skinny and finish you attire with some converse.

Formal Jacket Style

When it comes to formal attires bomber jackets are not the first thing which comes in your mind, but it can be great enough to make a formal outfit.

To make a formal outfit you can pair your everyday trousers and shirts and you’re good to go but in terms of color make sure you’re going with neutral colors.

Smart Jacket Style for casual meetings

When it comes to smart casual attires it can get a little tough because bomber jackets are on the casual side of the spectrum, therefore you should pair then with some light colored chinos and dress shirts. In terms of fit don’t settle for anything except slim fit.

The Denim Jacket Style

Making an outfit with your denims is not a tough job to do. If you’re looking to pair your denim jackets then causals and smart casual outfits are the best type of style to go for.

The question which almost every man wants to know the answer of is what the different styles and outfits are you can make out of this jacket, well here are some ideas which can help you:

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim mean wearing denim jackets with denim jeans which is a great combination to with and the chance of you going wrong with this are really low.


A quite simple but stylish outfit you will get by pairing a solid tee with your denim jacket and this outfit will give you that clean look as well. If your have a black denim then you can pair them with black jeans for an attractive outfit.

Grey Denim Jacket and with slim-fit jeans

You might feel that grey denim jackets might be going out of fashion world, but it is not true as they will be here for some good amount of time. Grey denims are versatile and can go with almost anything and can help you a lot to make an outfit when you’re in a hurry.

You can still pair your grey jacket with some white shirts and black jeans to have a nicely balanced jacket.

The stylish leather jacket

Biker leather Jacket

Leather jackets are something which a man should have in his wardrobe irrespective of the age because it gives a ton features which most of the other jackets in this list just can’t give you.

Leather jackets are really popular among biker because of the protection it provide alongside style and fashion. You can still get these jackets even if you’re not a biker as they are really stylish. making an outfit with biker leather jacket is not a big job to do as you just have to pair blue jeans along with a basic tee and that’s it and in case of footwear you can go with classic boots.

Varsity Leather Jacket

Varsity Leather Jacket is a great way of creating an attractive outfit which will highlight your style as well. The dual fabric of varsity jackets do make then look unique and stylish. The other fabric in a varsity leather jacket will be cotton. You can layer these stylish varsity leather jackets on a hoodie and pair it with some skinny jeans and trainers.

Brown Leather Jacket

This is a classic jacket to go with and does holds some historical value as it was seen on many army pilots. One rule which you should keep in mind when pairing items with brown leather jacket is if you’re going with other brown apparels make sure that it is the same as your jacket.  For an outfit you can go with blue jeans and brown boots.