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bcd298b0a65ca685ba44e70ad84b1a10Whether it is your favorite leather motorcycle coat or your leather couch, it is essential for you to take proper care of them so that they last for a long time. There are many leather maintenance products available in the market. So let’s talk about the best ones which will remain with you for long time.

People have this thought that leather items, be it garments or accessories or furniture and furnishings are not durable. But the thing about leather items is that they can last for a long period and look as good as new if you take appropriate care. Cleaning leather products the right way is vital if you want to maintain its sheen and flexibility. Dirt and debris on the surface area of leather should be cleaned immediately because if they remain on the surface for a long period, it can break the protective covering leading to breaks. A perfect leather maintenance product is one that not only cleans the surface of superficial dirt and oils, but also provides the life of the leather items. Leather maintenance product are generally of three types; they are leather cleaners, leather conditioners and leather water resistant items. Select a cleaning, conditioning or water resistant item depending on what kind of leather item you want to clean and maintain.

Types of Leather Care Products
Leather care products are of three types, leather cleaners to clean surface dust, oil and waste. Leather conditioners, that maintain the shine, gloss and flexibility of leather and leather water resistant agents that help in making a leather item water resistant. For daily maintenance of leather goods, cleaning them is very essential. For this, you need to select good leather cleaner. Leather cleaning solutions are generally of three types; water leather better, oil based leather cleaner and alcohol based leather cleaner. Water based leather cleaners clean the leather items without effecting or getting inside the pores of the leather. It clears the leather from the surface only and does not damage the protective outer covering. Oil based leather cleaning contain some form of oil like mink oil or any other animal oil. Alcohol based cleaners, contain alcohol which is a main ingredient in the cleaning product. Alcohol based cleaning should be used occasionally since it might dry out the leather and cause it to shrink and crack.

Leather conditioners are helps to keeping the leather looking bright and shiny. Leather conditioners or leather lotions contain some form of plant or animal oil. You should choose a leather conditioner that contains mild oil in contrast to a heavy one as heavy and oily oil in the conditioner can block the pores of the leather. The third type of leather maintenance product is a water resistant agent. Not all leather products require water resistant. Indoor leather furnishings or leather home decorating products can very well do without water resistant. However, to prevent cracks and damage to leather shoes and leather outfits like jackets and coats, you need to apply a water resistant agent. A leather water resistant agent functions as a barrier to water and is used all over the surface area of the leather. A mixture of beeswax and mild oil are the main components of a leather water resistant agent.

Tips for Using Leather Care Products

  • Leather conditioner or leather lotions should only be applied on smooth leather.
  • Leather conditioner should be applied every three months in order to keep the item looking clean and new.
  • Before you use any leather maintenance product it is sensible to first test the item in an inconspicuous area of the leather garment or furnishings.
  • This way you can create sure that the item you are using is appropriate for your leather products.
  • Never use common household cleaners like furniture polish, vinegar, shoe polish, nail polish remover and any acetone or ammonia based cleanser on your leather products. These items might damage the leather.
  • In case of scuff marks on patent leather shoes, dab the area with a cotton swab that has been dipped with alcohol and wipe with a clean micro-fiber cloth.
  • In case of stains and spills on leather jackets and upholstery, use a bit of leather cleaner on the place.
  • Avoid aggressive cleansing of leather items while using leather cleaner. Leather is a fine and delicate material and you might harm it with excessive force.
  • Leather maintenance product are important for extending the life of your leather items as well as protecting its overall look. Select these items with care to make sure that you enjoy your leather goods for years to come.