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Colors To Pair With Purple Apparels- Understanding The Color Wheel

Purple is a color which we can get by combining red and blue. When you wear purple color, it will give you that royal feel. When it comes to the overall appeal of purple you can get that confident, powerful, and royal feel. Purple is a color which is linked with femininity mainly because of how vibrant and soothing they are. Apart from the purple is a color which is rare mainly because of how rare it is to find in nature.

You can definitely trust your purple apparels to make an amazing outfit with the help of different techniques like color blocks and pairing them with different colors.

When we are talking about pairing purple color, then things are a bit more complex because if you go wrong with the color, then your outfit will be ruined. however even if you are going with an all purple outfit, if you go wrong with accessories, then your outfit might be in the mud.

Understand Color Wheel

Whenever you are styling with any color, there is one thing which you should always remember which is the color coordination. There are different shades and undertones which you should consider that can help in getting that elegant and unique look.

As we are talking about color, you should not underestimate the color wheel. without going into the complex side, you just have to remember the complementary which present to on the opposite side and can be paired without any second thoughts.

When it comes to purple, you can find yellow, green, and orange on the opposite side of the color wheel. These colors also come in different shades ranging from lither ones to deep from which you can choose depending on the purple shade.

There if you are planning to go with some leather items like pants or jackets, then when it comes to the underneath items you can go with a color like orange or yellow.

However, it is not mandatory for you to stick to these colors only while styling with purple, but you can definitely trust them when you are not sure about what to wear.

Different shades of purple

Just like any other color out there, even purple comes with different shades which can be brighter or lighter in shade. The different shades of purple can range from lavender to violet. There is a huge range of shades from which you can choose from depending on what you are looking for.

If your requirement is to have something bright, then you have the option to go with magenta and if you want to have a bit darker and deeper look in your outfit, then you can go with violet. if you want to have something light in your outfit, then there are different options like iris, orchid, mauve, etc.

Colors to avoid with your purple outfit

When it comes to fashion things are pretty free and there are no particular choices that you should always stick with, but you have to be aware of choices which can just ruin your outfit. For example, you cannot just wear sport shoes with a formal suit. Coming back to purple outfits, there are some shades of white and blue that you should keep your purple outfit away from.

Colors to choose with your dark purple outfit

Whenever you are styling with any shade of purple, just make sure that you are not pairing them with a similar shade. In case you are planning to go with purple skirt, then make sure you are pairing them with a color which has some contrast and try going with something undertone. You can try going with a darker shaded leather jacket or just a basic white tee.

Colors to choose with your light purple outfit

When it comes to lighter shades of purple make sure you are not pairing them with something light because it might not give the best looking outfit. Therefore, whenever you are styling with lither shades of purple try going with a littler darker shade for the rest of your outfit. For example, if you have a purple top, then pair it with a darker bottom like brown pants or skirts.

Outfit ideas with purple color

When it comes to your purple outfit things are a bit easy considering you are not afraid of that royal and luxurious feel. You are always free to try experimenting with different colors but in case you are not sure which color to pair with your purple apparels, then just go with a color which is contrasting in nature. There are different types of shirts as well which you can get in many shades of purple.

Purple And Black Outfit

The right tone and vibration can make or break a look. Create a gorgeous look using baggy black leather pants with metallic hardware and an oversized plum blazer and matching footwear. Add a grey cotton tee underneath and you’re good to go.

Purple And Beige Outfit

Start making an outfit with the help of some high-waisted pants in darker purple shades along with a crisp white shirt and top everything off with a trench coat and you should be good to go. If you are not a fan of a trench coat, then you can try replacing it with a blazer. If you feel there is still room for something, then you can try going with a leopard printed handbag.

Purple And Brown Outfit

If you are looking to have something unique and trendy in your wardrobe, then you can try going with high waisted leather pants. When you are going with a brown and purple outfit combination, then make sure that you are highlighting both the colors. Start making an outfit with the help of brown pants and pair it with a lavender sweater. When it comes to the footwear you can try going with something lighter shades of pink.

Purple And Red Outfit

Purple is a color which is made when we mix two primary colors like red and blue this is one of the reasons why you can easily pair your purple apparels with red color. With correct planning you can definitely get an amazing outfit. Start making an outfit with the help of a purple colored turtleneck and pair them with some red pants. Finish off your outfit by layering with a long coat and in the footwear sections you can try going with some basic white sneakers. When it comes to accessories you can try going with some shades and handbag.

All Purple Outfit

When it comes to having an all purple outfit, you have the option to go with different shades of purple. Start making an outfit by getting a tank top and high waisted bottoms in the same shade and layer it off with a jacket in a dark purple color. When it comes to accessories you can try going with some golden jewelleries like a necklace or bracelet. This combination just works magically for your late night parties.

Purple And Blue Outfit

When you want to have something smart and casual at the same time, then you can definitely trust your straight fitted blue jeans and pair it with your little purple turtleneck and layer everything off with a leather jacket. Finish of your out with the help of white sneakers and in the accessories, you can trust your black leather bag.

Final word

When it comes to combining different colors for your outfit, the main objective is to have something that looks and feels amazing. From the wide range of color options, purple is one of the rare colors which can help in achieving that powerful and royal look and if you have enough confidence, then always feel free to get into experimenting and wear it in different ways like turning it down or get all flashy.