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Classic Trench Coats And How To Style It

There are very less fashion items which hold a great history like a trench coat. Trench coats are waterproof and lightweight and comes with some great practical features like pockets and straps. Trench coats are something which were really popular and trendy in the first world war as it was pretty useful for the soldiers as it helped in protecting them from rain and muds.  

What is Trench Coat?

Trench coats are lengthened version of coats and comes with other vital and practical features like waist belts, double breasts and epaulets. In the initial stages trench coats were made of Gaberdine which made them resistance to different climate issues. In terms of colors these were made in khaki and for men. As the years went on these coats had gone through some changes in their shapes and forms but apart from these there are no major changes. Today, there are different types of colors and design which helps in bringing versatility to the trench coats.  

If you’re looking for a formal coat then trench coats are something you should opt for and it can provide you great luxurious feel to which ever outfit you’re pairing it with.

Here are some styles which you can try with your trench coats and different outfit options:


the main thing about making an outfit you should make sure that the color matching which you’re going with is good and complements your other apparels of the outfit. if you’re going with a black colored trench coat then your other clothing items like shirt, pant and shoes should not look out of the place.


Color blocking

Here you’re focusing on a single piece of clothing and your other clothing items should not interfere that. You can achieve this by choosing a lighter color for your other apparels then the focused one. For example if your trench coats has is a bright color then it is your focus, and your other apparels should be of something lighter than that. By doing this you’re making our trench coat the epicentre of your whole attire.  

Here are the different ways you can style with your trench coats:


Trench coats does have that formal feel to it which makes it perfect for formal events. You can start making an attire with your dress shirt and tie or you can go with a full suit as well and just layer it with your amazing trench coat. Trench coats are big and has an adjustable waist as well.

The Casual office

If you’re looking for some causal but office friendly look then there are different options which you can opt for like a flannel with some dark toned trousers and some loafers in footwear.  

A sweet evening

This look will provide you some comfort without messing with your fashion. You can start things off with some casual shirt and fitted trousers and if needed you can also add some turtleneck as well and then layer everything with you trench coat.

Relaxed look

For your weekends you can choose a more comfortable and relaxed style by adding casuals like hoodie, jeans and some of your favourite sneakers as well. In your trench coats you can go with a short cut trench coat as it is goes well with casuals.

Different prints

There are different types of patterns and textures which you can opt for your trench coats attire. you can play with different patterns like a checked trench coats paired with a shirt with stripes of different color. These combinations are great and will help in creating some amazing and fun outfits which can attract a lot of eyes.

Different colors

If you’re someone who wants to get all the eyes in the room and has the guts to take it then you can go with some super bright colored trench coats like neon as well paired with a bright top as well. There are some good chances that you can over-do things so make sure you take good care of it.


Bright neon is not the answer to every occasion therefore there are other colors as well in trench coats like neutral color which does allows you to fit in a variety of occasions and events.

The classic black and white

A black and white combination is classic, and you can rely on it for any occasion and has that neat and minimalistic look to it.