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Age does not matter even whether you are 18 or 40 for fashion. Fashion never ends it is always impressing people until our last breathe. And when it’s the age of 40yrs it is said forty is naughty, so why not impress yourself and make your style statement.

Leather Exotica here helps you to understand this fashion and helps you to make your style statement.

Colors for You:
You know that you have grown old and it’s time for grey locks. Take a pride that you lived so long and just make changes in your wardrobe and style. There is no need to faux your hair style which does not belong to your age. Just improve your dressing sense. Select the colors for your wardrobe such as browns, burgundy, blacks, beiges etc. These colors best suits your age and style.

Avoid Fashion Fads:
You must avoid fashions fads as that’s not for you. Fashion goes on changing accordingly every season. Style never changes. There is a vast difference between a style and fashion. It’s said that fashion fades but style remains the same. You cannot do what’s in trends now as if the skinny jeans are worn now a day’s then it’s not possible for you though to do it. You need to think what we can match that style to look in trend. Think of something timeless and mature styled. Just polish your equation with styling.

Make sure you select the quality fabrics such as pure cottons, linen or wool. This will make your look sturdy and neat. Keep the dressing simple and classic. Do not grab a shiny tie or cufflinks which glitters or even shimmering accessories. Decent is the word used for your styling in ages and you should admire this truth for an excellent look. Keep your look overwhelmed and well groomed. Keep yourself clean shaven. Most women like such men. Set up yourself with a classis wardrobe and showcase your style to whole world.

Clinch Up Gentleman Appearance:
You need to grab the gentleman look which will respect your age. Denims and T shirts won’t suit you and neither should be your first pick. You need to embrace your attitude for being a gentleman look. Go for the customized tailored suits rather standard clothing for the perfect fit and look. The selection of the fabric and the fitting of your clothing is really important for you. When both go perfect you get a slimmer and younger look. Grab a legendary fashion of black over jacket and white shirt for dressing.

You also need to understand the comfort and maturity of the clothing. This is the key for your stages of fashion. Cotton and linen trousers makes the best of your style and fit well. You need to show your modern look within these trousers and off course the fitted shirts. Do not pick the colorful shirts. Please select the elegant appearance. If you select the sweaters then cashmere is the best and that is the luxurious apparel. Select the vests which are buttoned pick and v neck styles. Always get a relaxed and fresh style look. The other option is the trench coats. Trench coats and overcoats are the other apparels which in depth make attire eye-catching. Select the coat style with better look and that which fits well.

In accessories get the pair of gloves with awesome fitting and smooth style. Woolen gloves are another style of comfort however these style are the best for winters. Pair of gloves also adds a sophisticated look. Scarves can be the best and this pop ups your style and attire. Some other accessories such as neck ties or bow ties or cufflinks also add an important element in styling. You can select the classy color tie or textured or pattern design. Select casual colors such as black, blue and brown color. Grab a leather belt instead of the watch. Get the modern and minimalist look of the outfit. Leather belt suits on formal or casual style of clothing. So you can grab it. After the belts you can select the right pair of sunglasses it can add a charm on you. Grab the sunglasses on your face according to your shape and age. Be classic.

When it comes to the sneakers do not go for it. For the formal look the best are the black lace up shoes. Other than that you can select the gray colored or even brown. The pointed shoes look great and slimmer therefore you can opt for those.

It’s your choice and age you can and you need to select the correct outfit. Just do not mix the casuals and business wear together. Do not keep boyish haircuts.

This way even in the age of 40’s you can grab the stylish look and be fashion stylists. Make your own style statement and be the one of your ages.

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Learning Fashion Collars

Counting on the collars there are some authentic rules of clothing.Now a day everything works with any kind of pairs however still it’s necessary to learn and understand the basics of clothing how it works. The most common element in clothing is the collars.

A collar is the element which encircles the neck and adds a frame to the face. There are various designs for collars which makes the look awesome. Collars can be developed too high or too away from neck. They can be narrow or wide, flat or stand collar. The edge of the collars can vary from the round to curve or scalloped hem or square may be pointed sometimes. When you select the collar it should complement the style of the jacket or other wardrobe.

Collar is also known as the other additional joint to the neckline. The width of the collar varies accordingly to the variety of dress. It can be a single piece or a two piece. The collar gives a unique impression to the wardrobe. Just like a shirt is known by its collar and the Polo is defined by its unique color.

The collar is defined by its stand which is counted from the neckline seam to the roll line. The next is the collar fall in which the collar from the roll gets to the outer edge. The other part is collar points which are the end points on the outer area of the collar edge. The last is the spread of the collar which is the distance between collar points.

  • Basic Collar :

The basic collar is convertible collar for shirts which can be opened or closed. This collar stands around an inch at the back. The width of the collar varies between 2.5 inches to 3 inches. This collar can be developed with seam with collar edge or can be folded.

  • Straight Points Collar :

A straight point collar is one of the conservative collars with narrow points with small spread. These styles came into run due to the century military uniform styles. If you got the wider face then these will rock on you. You can use a skinny tie with it.

  • Spread Collar :

The spread collar features the variety in the width among the moderate and radical cutaway. It can be extreme one. This collar was very popular among the Britishers and now opted by the Hollywood personalities. You can combine a wide tie with a wide knot and add a blazer with the shirt style.

  • Button Down Style :

The button down collar expresses the sporty style outfit which also has the pointed collar and has buttons at the apex. This can also be defined as the American style collar. You can add this style with crew neck top or sweater.

  • The Club :

The club collar is described as the rounded collar which is also known for the tennis or golf corner. This style of collar existed long back during mid of 19th century. It depends upon you to tie or not.

  • Mandarin Collar:

The mandarin style of the collar is defines as a branded collar with no points. This collar originated from the Chinese culture of clothing. However it gained popularity over the world and became fashionable trend among the western culture. Mandarin collar was also known as the stand up collar and used for corporate level or military level clothing widely. The height of this collar ranges to 1 ½ to 2 inches height approximately. This style of collar can be overlapped or buttoned or closes at the front or even it can end at any point around the neckline. This can be counted as the basic style of collar.

  • Wing Collar :

Wing collar is the formal style of the collar with worn typically white or black and has got points folded out which look like wings. This type of collar came to the style due to the British Prime Minister William Gladstone a relative of Gladstone collar, during the late 19 century. This tie can be combined with a bow tie with this collar.

  • Peter Pan :

The peter pan style defined the principle of full roll or the flat roll style of collars. This is very popular style and it is named after the collar of costume of Maude Adams in the play Peter Pan. Many of the dresses or tops define this type of collar.

  • Sailor Collar :

Sailor collar has been inspired by the uniform of the sailors which is based on instructions for a non convertible collar.

  • Roll Collar:

Roll collar are the bias fold collar which can be developed for any kind of necklines and finished length should be shorter to adjust the stretch of bias fabric.

  • Notched Collar :

Notch collar is a unique designer piece of collar basically found in the jackets and coats or mainly blazers. This is a four piece collar with a notch at the joint part of the two lapels. There are variations in the shapes with various designs. The variations such as L shaped curvy shape etc.

Besides these collars there are many other style of collars which fascinate the look of your wardrobe however these are some basics listed above one should learn.

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When it comes to your style it’s more important for you to check out some dos and don’ts for your gorgeous look.

Here are some of the important steps which you should keep in your mind.
1. Show off your skin however strategically. It’s the mystery to understand what is to be shown and what should be kept wrapped. Always keep in mind show off only one part of the body. Either shows your cleavage or the legs, both will never work.
2. To be safe avoid the white. White acts as a sheer fabric therefore select your style and color as required. Check yourself match your wardrobe.
3. Go for bright colored accessories such as black, navy color, camel or grey colored which will make your energy enthusiastic. Be bold and wear neutral color with complimentary shoes or bag. Not just stick to green color satchel. Be versatile while selecting accessories.
4. Keep multiples. Check your closet and add different styles of dresses in it. Add some sheath styled or mini dresses, long dresses, sun dress etc. Just don’t stick with a single piece garment.
5. Keep use of selective fabrics such as chiffons, satins, cotton and be attentive while selecting the outfits made Lycra or jersey as they stretch out. They should be fit in size or else loose outfits won’t suit you.
6. Match your heels with your dresses or pants. The biggest mistake made is wearing such types of pants which will not suit the shoes. Hem your pants until heels or just graze the top of the shoes from ½ inches to the floor.
7. Scarf is alternative accessory which you can match for your wardrobe. You can add it in your purse and use it when required. You can even knot it and use it when required. Scarves are available in various styles and prints. You can get the styles that you need.
8. If you are planning for an evening party or evening outfit then try to be free handed rather than handling a bag or purse plan out and select the bag with chains or belted bag. Especially the current styles are for the body cross bags.
9. It’s also important how you maintain your clothes. After a few wash many of the outfits shell off the colors and other embellishments. It’s therefore important that you never hand wash such outfits and take utmost care.
10. The other important point to be discussed is the silhouette. Select a proper silhouette which will flatter your curves and feminine.  Shape accordingly and be defined in your shape. Select A line if fail to understand or get confused. Get some suggestions from the stylists which will help you better way.
11. Decide and list up all the things which you will be considering before you select the outfit such as think about the silhouettes, designs, prints etc. Or else you will be confused when you are shopping.
12. Always carry your make up kit such as lipsticks, hairbrushes, foundations etc to get the final touch up. It’s essential for you to keep yourself updated.
13. Ignore the baggy styles and go for a good looking casual style fit denim pants. They always work when you are more confused.
14. Bring a change in your closet. Donate the clothes which you are not in need or you haven’t used so long and grab some new styles.
15. Make some change and add stripes to your closet. The colors such as red, navy, with white and the boat neck or a bateau will work the best.
16. Sometimes grab a jacket with buttons in a cropped style. Get the antique or silver studded buttons style jacket or tops which will make you feel change in style statement.
17. Get some prints as these are available in various textures today. The most common and well known are the leopard prints which will make you look awesome and sexy. Combine different scales and patterns which will make the style dynamic. The prints style are available in various styles such as repeated prints, diagonal prints, seasonal style prints, ancient prints style and many more are available.
18. Understand the colors which will look good on you. Get suggestions however still try on bright color clothes which look very classic. Do not match up red and yellow or yellow with some other colors which will not suit you.
19. Vintage are the styles which you even get today however they have just become trending. Grab some vintage style outfits such as jumpsuits. If you just match the jumpsuits today and those of earlier you find a vast change. So to make a change in you just select the jumpsuit and get the silhouette which will suit your body.
20. If you are looking for a corporate style outfit or may be an official outfit then not only blazers work but also shirts look great. Get the blazers with new styles may be a leather blazer or classic suede blazer. The bottoms will be trouser which will look cool.
21. Your seamstress is the one which will take your care against sizing and measurements. Therefore it’s necessary that you keep a good relationship with those. The more you respect and understand the person the more the tailor will help you and guide you.
22. Grab a western look with a denim pant and white T shirt with elegant motorcycle jacket which will make you look stunning and beautiful.
23. Chokers and bracelets are new to the style today’s. Wrap a set of chain or lariat around the wrist. Long earrings or loops are also cool set of jewels that you may admire.
24. Always keep your emergency fashion kit which includes such as safety pins, bra clips, rollers, sponge for your makeups. These help you when you are in loophole just in case anything goes wrong.
25. Studded styles are in trend today’s. Be it leather or any other style of fabric studs work good.
26. Check by every angle before you leave yourself. Be sure that you look perfect with all the accessories and outfit. Trust in you rather others.

No matter what you age is fashion never fades. It’s upon you what you do to keep your look always gorgeous and glamorous. Just think your way and be your way and style up.

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Scarves – Accessory of Glamour

ScarvesThe main origin of the scarves is the Ancient Rome. This is the only place where the fabric or garments are kept clean rather than used for warm. Scarves specially were described as the swear cloth used to wipe the sweat from the neck or face during the hot climate. The scarves are widely worn around the neck or they are tied at the waist. Scarves came to fashion when the style changed of making the scarf in the other types of fabrics rather than wool. Scarves previously during the Chinese emperor came into existence for knowing the ranks of the officers.

Now the scarves have become an essential style of accessory. It matches any wardrobe with any style and color. The style of the scarves keeps changing accordingly. Some of the famous brands such as couture etc has designed the scarves are such colors and fabrics that you will love these designs. You should have the knowledge of the scarves which one you should adopt and which will suit your style. Here are some special types of the scarves which you can select for your wardrobe.

Square Scarf:
Square style of scarf was introduced in France by the haute couture and is made from cotton, satin, wool, cotton, linen etc. Square style scarf are the one which are worn around the neck, over your shoulders or heads. Square shape scarf can be accessorizing for any of the occasion and you can change the patterns of wrapping around you every day.

Infinity Scarf:
This type of scarf is the loop style and is chunky and circled around the neck. Infinity scarf is made from various fabrics and available in all colors. This scarf is made from cotton specially or wool or fur. Get the casual look by wrapping it around the neck and even trendy style is possible with this infinity scarf. You can make a wondrous loop scarf from this by making knots at the end of the opposite sides.

Rectangle Scarf:
This types of scarf is easy to wear when it comes with denims or short dresses. This scarf helps your neck keep warm and gives you a unique touch to your look. Also this type of scarf can be used as a tie or you may simply wrap it around the neck. If you select for the casual style, this scarf will look elegant and defined style.

Shawls / Wrap Up
Shawl is one of redefined types of accessory. It is wrapped in traditional style and around the head and shoulders. It is widely known for the romantic style and elegance cool It varies accordingly to once style and traditions. Shawl was once only made from the concerned fabric according to the traditions of once reign. However know the style has changed even for the traditional clothing the shawls are available in trendy and is made from all types of fabrics. A wrap up is one which can be wrapped around the neck or wear on head.

Printed Scarves
The newly arrived are the styles of the printed scarves that will add a charm on your style. The printed scarves are available in mixed as well as solid colors. The printed style goes off with any styles of wardrobe. You can try out the neutral style of colors are those colors which set up your style and these set of colors go easily with any other wardrobe. Most of them counted are the tan, grey, white, beige, black etc. They combine each two and make the one. The best scarf in these is the combination of the two prints or striped.

Neutral Scarves
These can be toned with a full colored outfit as these are available in patterns or prints. These types of scarves balance the color and style of the outfit. Some color combinations among the neutrals are the dark blue and brown, blue and brown, gray brown etc.

Scarves are available in many shapes and size same way they are also available in many fabrics and textures. There is change in every appearance depending upon the climate and it’s very important then to comply upon the fabric that you select while you shop. To understand and to select the correct fabric here are the some types of fabrics.

1. Cashmere
The best known fabric and very famous is the Cashmere Fabric. It is very soft and luxurious style of fabric. This is because it’s made from Cashmere goat wool and is very light weight. It’s handled with utter care and becomes soft with the long period of time.

2. Cotton :
This is very easy, soft and classic style of fabric. Cotton is the staple fabric for every laundry and it’s durable. This is the best fabric to be selected for summers.

3. Alpaca :
Alpaca is found in South America from the South American camelid. These scarves are made from those wool of alpaca which are lustrous in look and look alike the sheep wool. Those are also soft and warm.

4. Linen:
Linen is cool in nature and is well-known for its coolness. Its breathable fabric and is made from the fibers from the plant named flax.

5. Pashmina:
This typed of fabric is widely used in making shawls and scarves of classic style. This is made from the wool of Pashmina goat.

6. Wool:
Wool is the warm fabric which is durable and we need to take care of this fabric. Also this is obtain from the fleece of sheep or may be some other animals.

7. Satin:
Satin is very glossy, soft style of style which gives a unique shine. This fabric can be obtained from silk or polyester. Satin has different variations and is weaved in very different forms such as mate finish, shiny finish, some are thick and flexible.

8. Silk :
Silk is the fabric which is obtained from the worm known as the silkworm and is always shiny textured or may be matter finish. This fiber should be taken utterly care.

You have many choices in scarves that you can select and match with your wardrobe. So decide and get the best.

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Your Dressing Sense Reflect Your Attitude

shopFashion is the wonderful way to be evidence for your exclusive personality to the all over world. People with good style pay attention the color, cut and fabric of their clothes, choosing items that look modern and in vogue. The options are endless such as you could get some funky trainers, try out some awesome skinny jeans with a drapery top, or wear a tutu with Goth makeup. Experiment to find out what clothes flatter your figure and express your unique personality. After all, great style is style that is truly your own.

Dress sense applies to everyone whether we are considered to be slim or not, we all suffer dressing wrongly to compliment ourselves, it may be wrong length skirts, wrong color clothing in contrast to our skin tone, flat heals instead of heal shoes. it’s so important to know that slim people the dress sense code too, once you get the basics of knowing which underwear to wear that is comfortable and properly sized to your body contours, you will instantly feel contented, which will help you out to have confidence to wear dresses that will give off confidence and self-respect, for the reason that you will look and feel comfortable and confident, which is so imperative for one’s self admiration.

Look more into Shape wear products to help out trim down those areas that you feel uncomfortable or else self-conscious regarding and get that self-confidence running all the way through your body over again. Other than out of all the bothersome problems in clothing the bra is the number one concern which you have to determine by getting your sizing right.

Center of attention on what to wear as a replacement for of what not to wear. It is the feel-good factor, when choosing the right clothes to fit you. You should feel good in what you are wearing. For the most part widespread mistaken belief people have regarding dressing slimmer is they have to wear black. At the same time as black does endow with an overall sleek appearance, it is not the only path to a graceful look. The first piece of recommendation, be acquainted with that you are normal and everyone’s body is dissimilar. Once you initiate looking at yourself all the way through a less critical lens, fashion can be a lot of fun.

Build up your manifestation with better dressing sense. Delicate changes in style can compose a major difference in the way others make out you and can make you feel better concerning yourself. Women are bombarded with commercials and fashion proposals from many outlets, and it can be complicated to make a decision whom to listen to. The right fashion sense can help you out showcase unsurprisingly beautiful features.

Do not wear frumpy clothing to hide from view your body. As an alternative, choose your favorite physical aspects and sketch concentration to them. Such as, if you have an aversion to your tummy other than be aware of you have shapely legs, wear a flowing top with shorts, a skirt or tight pants.

Always be adventurous and experimental. Don’t put yourself in a confusion of what is to be wear or don’t get confused. Buy the clothes which will match your accessory and will gain confidence in you for your boost. Impressions are formed within seconds and as said first impression is the last. So it’s better not to take risk. While going for an interview or your first meet always be careful that your clothes are wrinkle free or else the interviewer will think that you are careless about your clothes.

It depends on your dressing style how healthy you are. Your physical appearance expresses the depression of you. The way your clothes are you are counted on and it’s not always that you dress up professionally however you should boost your confidence and try to achieve success in your life and its all fashion. You express your style and you when you select your clothes. People really think and talk about your clothes the way you dress up. It is also said that your character is defined with the way of clothes you dress up. It’s human nature that some people claim on the behavior to outrule the clothing when reflecting the person’s image. The way we dress up matters a lot when it comes to a locality, or work place. It’s the clothing which makes us unique and defined our personality. It’s the people around us which judge us. It is also very important for us to understand the color which suits us. It is always the human nature which comments on us. After the speaking accents, positions in society, styles it’s your fashion and clothing which describes us and others judge on us.

It happens many a times that people are unaware of what they should wear so that they look or get proper appearance. The style of clothing is your style statement therefore it’s necessary to take suggestions from your stylist and get up likely. It is not always that your reflection is your clothing however still dressing up properly and getting your style statement represents you.
Remember style is a reflection of your personality as well as attitude. You should create your own style visually and make it unique and identifiable for others by you. Style is nothing but describing more about you.