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Leather Fashion for the year 1980s

In the 1980’s designers created luxury clothing in leather and suede that consumed vast amounts ok skin, using it as if it were fabric. Skin size was no longer a limitation-larger pig and cow skins became increasingly popular as tanneries around the world began to copy the rich, luxuries hand of the finest European tanned lamb leathers and suedes.

French, English and Italian designers led the way, designing and inventing some of the most creative and saleable leather clothing. Giorgio Armani, Claude Montana, Azzedine Alaia, Emanuel Ungaro, Valentino, Anne Marie Beretta and Vivenne Westwood were at the vanguard. There seemed to be no limitations. Anything that could be done in cloth could be done in leather. The various weights and choices, treatments, embossing and prints, made it a designer’s dream. Leather became a design material that signified wealth and taste, thereby entrenching its position in the designer market.

Meanwhile, some American designers, including Lisandro Sarasola, North Beach Leather, Francesca Sterlacci, Adrienne Landua, Alicia Herrera and Michael Kors, worked heavily in leather, creating some very interesting techniques, such as Sterlacci’s leather lace, Sarasola’s leather painting, and Landau’s woven fur and leather scarves.


Cluade Montana’s 1980s bold, shouldered black leather jacket was paired with a black leather full skirt, capturing the ‘touch girl’ image for which the designer is still remembered.

Those designers who used smaller lamb and goat suede skins became more adept at engineering cut lines in creative ways, as demonstrated here in Anee Marie Beretta’s voluminous coat in 1984. Beretta turned the necessity of creating the garment from small pieces of skin into a design feature, by embellishing each of the seams in red.

Valentino used shearling, dyes yellow, to create a striking flared topper in 1989. The pieceing together of the lambskin can be seen clearly on the sleeves.

The striped leather top from Georgio Armani’s 1980 collection also makes a virtue of the necessity to cut from small pieces of skin.

Azzedine Alaia’s suit from 1984 demonstates how the trademark wide shoulders of the decade were successfully translated into leather, while the use of decorative stitching on the seams again highlight the construction of the skirt, with its fishtail godet hem, and jacket from small pieces of leather.

The fine leather used to make Emanuel Ungaro’s above the knee, double-breasted coats from 1985 show how leather can be eased gebtly to create fullness at the armhole line.


Vivienne Westwood explored the sculptural qualities of leather in this bodice and skirt from 1988. Using a number of sources of inspiration, Westwood took a corset and added elbow crash-pads, combining these with a gathered skirt and upper sleeves from the Victorian era in an eclectic mix that is her trademark style.

While big-name American designers such as Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta began dabbling in leather, it was the hip-hop movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s especially the ‘8-ball’ jacket, that caused the biggest stir. This multi-colored leather jacket by Michael Hoban, manufactured by North Beach Leather in autumn 1989, with the “8-ball” motif associated with drug slang for the crack heroine, was so popular that young people were being shot for their jackets.

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Adding Leather Appliques To Any Clothing

One of the trimmings we can be adding to our clothing sewing pattern is leather appliques and slogans. Here today you can learn and see the technique for sewing leather to almost any fabric, stretch or woven.

This technique clearly lends itself beautifully a new sewing pattern, but you can give this a try with any clothing that you’d like to add leather patches to.


Firstly you can do is to cut out your design or make a stencil. A large heart and two slogan appliques (AWE-SOME // LIKE YEAH) are involved with the design, but you can effortlessly make your own by hand or computer.

Significant! When drawing your design on to the back of the leather be sure that you reverse it, then all will be towards the back when you casual it the right way rounded

AND NOW for my special trick: ADHESIVE! Find yourself a stick of even old water-soluble glue. If you have kids, raid their craft goods – if you don’t, you can notice normal glue sticks in basically any store. Supermarket, target, craft hubs – everywhere.

You can put on glue to the backside of leather and stick it in required place on your t-shirt. For this class, we will put the leather on after had made the whole t-shirt, but over-all it’s coolest to do your applique before you concept your tee.

Leave it to dry. I know that’s going to take about patience, but it values it.

Once the glue is dry, topstitch about the advantage, straight through the leather and the t-shirt. I use a systematic thread and a medium to long stitch length. Do not use a short stitch length as you will basically cut through the leather. You need to wound and attached, not cut a line.

A walking foot will help, but in entirely honest, I didn’t use one for any of these appliques. Just go steadily, and if you can control the foot pressure on your machine, then decrease the pressure a bit. You can see three t-shirts I made – two I prefer a single needle and a straight stitch, and for the third, I used a twin pointer just for somewhat different. You may also prefer a zig-zag stitch or decorative stitch!

Generally being a backstitch – but for this, I discover it best to use a needle to carry your threads to the exclusive of the clothing and tie a knot – it results in a kinder clean finish.

When your t-shirt is washed all the glue will rinse away sendoff your flawlessly devoted applique!

Significant! If you choose to apply leather to any t-shirts please treat it with a bit of care. Do not tumble dry, and wash in a cool subtle wash. It’s completely fine to use leather patches on kids clothing (I do it for my kids all the time) just be sure you wash it kindly, and later, redesign the leather and let it dry flat. Don’t tumble dry (I know I said it previously, but it stands repeating).


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Leather Dresses – Why Superstars Just Love It So Much

Leather has an optimistic demand to it – and raw, released sensuality that releases from its very spirit. It demands to everybody from rough bikers to professional office goers to style aware, chic superstars. It’s somewhat informal to wear leather – you do not ever appear to get it mistaken. There is a leather dresses out there for everybody and personalities are no exemption. Since the start of 2011, there are over 15 findings of leather wore celebs – all on the red carpet – seeing bold, courageous, sexy and oh so beautiful!

Here are the celebs in some astonishing leather dresses:

  1. Maggie Q


Maggie Q is looking mad hot in the leather outfit.  There is unconditionally no doubt around it. She appearances blazing in whatever she wears and if there is anybody who can transmit off a leather dress deprived of the least bit of worry; it has to be Maggie Q. Everyone loves the glittery, one-shouldered black studded dress she wore to sport at the “People’s Choice Awards” The mid-thigh hemline and the art-deco, hip ruffles all together added to the most mind-blowing merger of fabrics materials to make the most stunning opinion!

  1. Rosamund Pike


Sheer leather and cosmic sparkles – A lovely combination!! Actually, Rosamund Pike’s designer created this lovely combination and really this is absolutely something which everyone likes. The leather bodice appears to soften into a nonconcrete cosmic print which is absolutely revered! Add to it her mixture of the cool tights and very attractive shoes and you must yourself a champion! Fantastic selection and fantastic flavor when you look Pike.

3. Zoe Saldana


When Zoe Saldana selects to wear leather, we all are aware that a hundred boutiques are standard to raise their collection of leather attire. Saldana, other than being actually elegant has a faultless taste in clothing and an ample envied style intelligence. Her choice visibly comes over in this outstanding nude-colored, strapless mini leather dress. She looks wonderful, to say the least and her excellent of accessories to match the dress is extraordinary. A fashion goddess is what she is – a fashion goddess dressed in leather!

  1. Carey Mulligan


If anybody can carry off such a vintage look, it is, of course, has to be Carey. Her selection of dress looks like it’s been taken from the 70s. What could have twisted out to be a then drab dress has rapidly been protected by her choice for the clothing to be in leather. The rich leather texturing through the clothing is just excellent. The whole dress is different from life and the basic style leather belt at the waist was like frosting on the cake. The retro-prim thing unconditionally works for Carey. The purple metal shade of the dress makes me want to graze anyone in fashion to get to it!

  1. Katerina Graham


Just gaze at her. Need you to want to say more? About this bold look??  If this doesn’t result that leather is just sexy then I can firmly gamble that Harry Potter has no fans.

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LeatherExotica’s Best Selling Christmas Special Leather Attires for Men

In this article is you will receive our bestselling Leather Trench Coats and Leather Pants signifying them as good gifting leather outfits for Men this Christmas.

Confused?? What to buy for him this Christmas? What Gift will make this Day?

This query has distressed many of individual particularly women who can’t even imagine themselves in men’s shoes. Well, stop getting confused, as in this article we are going to recommend some truly tried and tested right gifts for the fabulous men in your lives.

Well if your man has a desire for leather, our up-to-date leather trench coats and tapered leather pants are sure to please him. Out of our group collection of 2000 attires, this   Christmas on our trench coats and leather pants are our top selling products and also the best choice for you to select.

Let’s examine in this content over how trench coats and leather pants have changed to fix a trending fashion declaration between Men.

Reading through them should give you a suggestion on why leather gifting is appropriate for men.

cc6d69ffa834192fda119b12da8c45adTrendy Trench Coats To Complete Your Man: Matrix Trench Coat

Firstly crafted for British officers in the form of a Tielocken coat, trench coats have grown from their useful purpose which was to safeguard the wearer was relaxed and dry to start a self-confident style statement nowadays.

A good indication to show this can be clarified in the fashion descriptions in the sci-fi movie matrix where Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne both wore stunning leather trench coats featuring their own set of fans. One truly can’t visualize them without their trench coats!

Gifting your man a trending trench coat will deprive of a hesitation add an additional stylish coating to his character. Our newest collections of trench coats are obtainable in materials of both leather and cotton if you are eager to buy a couple they will help for both summer and winter seasons.

Smart Leather Pants For Him Leather Pants

Leather was previously worn as chaps by western cowboys to defend them when driving cattle as well as for land gear. With slow modifications in western fashion as well as European effects leather soon found it being distorted as being often used pant material.

Our leather pants are selling and in wide demand! If your man prefers to bold personality then men this could be a great Christmas gift for him.

In end, both leather trench coat and leather pants can be considered as outstanding leather gifts for him this Christmas.   So what are you waiting for ?? think about  Leather Attires for Men for shopping this Christmas?

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Leather Biker Jacket Best Choice For Rider


Leather biker jacket is one of the important outfits of men clothing and every men want this leather biker jacket in their wardrobe. Leather biker jacket is designed in a very unique way by giving it a rugged finish at the outer portion and it lined from soft fabric which will give comfort feel when you wear it.

When it going to buy leather biker jacket always check the quality of leather. Leather biker jackets are designed in various styles, you can put in different colors, style, pattern and size. If your bike rider and you always go ride in winter season then you have to try it. This jacket not only give you stylish look but also keep your body warm in cold winter season and give comfort feel when drive a bike.

Bike just need to wear leather biker jacket which will protect them from all natural climate and road accident. Rider can wear it with classy denim jeans or leather pant for stunning look.

Men’s leather biker jackets are very comfortable to wear. Leather biker jackets have their own unique style and it perfect apparel for driving. Leather biker jacket is fashion statement and it will help you to get a bold and unique look. The mean aim of this leather jacket is protection. This jacket will protect riders from road accident and cold climate. Look fashionable and stylish with this stunning looking biker leather jacket.

Biker leather jacket are also designed for women who really loved to go for ride. Women Biker jackets are little bit different from men biker jacket, the quality are same in both jacket but the features of both biker jackets are different .Women biker jacket more stylish and fashionable as compared to men. This jacket is available in various leather like, faux leather, buffalo leather, ostrich leather, crocodile leather, cowhide leather. Women biker also available in some classy pattern and design like, notch collar biker leather jacket, Single breasted leather biker jackets, fringed leather biker jackets, classic collar leather biker jackets, cropped leather biker jackets, double breasted leather biker jackets etc.

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halloweenThe most awaited fun festival, Halloween eve is coming soon. Rejoicing on this event in hot leather fashion pattern isn’t a bad idea. With the increase trend of leather outfits in modern era, one can’t forget the entertaining Halloween event. This day of year is recognized with all those terrifying and crazy techniques. Displaying off your outfit and getting applause for it is the most anticipated time for which the whole outfit up is done. With rising trend of leather, Halloween eve becomes a most focused day for displaying that special outfit which is enough to woo people. From outfits to accessories to shoes leather is a single most thing which can cover up all these specifications.

Leather doesn’t mean boring and gull these times. Rather it’s a hot way to provide that elegant look that get people too really like your outfit and of course you too. Leather look doesn’t mean a large head to toe, hard stone outfit, but easy and light clothing that can provide you with lovely as well as ravishing look. It may be a lovely small outfit or elegant color of stone or a game look with pierced leather material. Leather can make anyone one looks different yet stunning. The trend of paper thin leathers and vegetarian leather is becoming a anger these times together called as “pleather” or artificial faux leather.

Leather jackets can do a lot of miracle over your clothing. A black leather coat put over an easy to understand clothing can make the clothing look more horrible yet wonderful. With an improving demand for services of these amazing clothing, one can get a variety in various colors, designs and styles for these overcoats. Smoking hot and beautiful leather clothing can add amazing things to that dull basic look.

Those who desire for impressive and unique outfits for Hallow’s eve should definitely consider designer leather clothing as one of their prestigious choices. This pattern has something for everyone satisfying every requirement according to their respective tastes. Flower printed leather outfits have also been in great demand. These types of outfits are easily added into category of show stopper outfits. For an individual to capture the pattern in the very first step should make its first choice with floral printed leather outfits.

Leather outfits have not only gained large popularity but also gives a justification of their choice. With increase in prices of day to day requirements, people tend to prefer season less outfits. They want to buy outfits that are not limited to any particular season. The outfits which they can be use eight to nine months of annually. Leather is a material which the customer can use most of the season. This makes it more economical yet stylish.

So, next time you go for buying a Hallow’s eve outfits, make sure that you can use it even after the event. Leather outfits will definitely confirm to the best choice you can ever had.

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Be Like Glamorous Celebrity In Leather Apparels


You envy superstar and celeb enhance leather outfit. Even though it is well known summer, many celebrities seem to be enjoying this season in sexy leather knee dress at their happening parties and events. Not only dresses but leather is trousers, legging up boosting celebrity trend.

Late James Dean, Late Elvis Presley and late Michael Jackson are best example to make everyone realize what does a really leather iconic style mean to lookalike a celebrity. James recommended leather jacket, Elvis hammered fashion of colorful leather jumpsuit and leather pants whereas Michael’s red leather jacket haunted style. All these wear just unisex style. Surprisingly all this leather apparels even after so many decades and the stars passed away is still ruling in world of fashion without any doubt.

Bomber leather jacket is very much liked by both men and women celebrities. David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Rihanna many such excellent stars use to wear. Bomber leather jacket. Bomber leather coat is one of finest and expensive jacket. In compare all other leather jacket it is more soft and flexible yet fashionable. To lookalike fashionable like celeb pair up bomber leather jackets it with simple preferably black or white t-shirt and nice fitting pants or couple it with sexy legging overcome it with mini denim skirt and cover the collar with stunning scarf.

Would like to tell this time on red carpet celebrity cum singer Vanessa Hudgens wear seen wearing mini shimmery black dress flattered with sexy zip bomber leather jacket. Short mini dress with bomber leather jacket was standing up her in best dressing list on red carpet eve.

Sexy amazing long leather dress has hypnotised hot Angelina Jolie. Most of event and awards Jolie was caught in black leather dress with sexy high cunt cut. You can go for leather dress and make distinct famous spotlight attention in crowd. You can also go for strapless neckline leather dress just like Angelina at these years Oscar red carpet.

Grab the glamour of Miley Cyrus in leather fitting trouser flattering with lace sheer top. She looks really very chubby in leather trouser pants with nice white or cream color full fleshlight sleeves top. It is fairly cool and young look. You will look sweet as well comfy in this outfit.

Try these above recommended leather clothing in your daily routine. To get actual and perfect celebrity look keep their unique clear photo right in front of your dressing on a costume desk while getting ready for function. So you can’t keep a single pin point of their look. Bluff your friends or any crowd becoming an incredible imitation of the best celebrity.

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Winter season have always been a boring idea when considered with the idea of fashion in hand. With winters on full swing, one will for self-evident reasons go for black, white wines and neutral shades. The apparent reason is the similar outfits’ accessibility in almost same color options. With the people fed up with shades of black and white wines, this article will definitely help in making you clothed in wonderful strong shades in a authentic winter outfits without any in your comfort in winters.

This winter seasons instead of going out in that same tedious outfits of hundreds of years, try some mix coordinate of new an awesome colors that can make you look completely different but truly wonderful by boosting the style along with a rise to character and assurance. It is obvious in the fact that enjoying winter seasons in black and fairly neutral colors is obviously the most secure game instead of ruining yourself as a joke to laugh upon. But if the strong and wonderful is your declaration this winter time, you should definitely try out some unique mixtures in order to choose the best for you.

It is said that personality is the eye to smartness of every individual. Selecting some skip coordinate for spice up is not a sightless believe in activity. The most important thing to be noted the personality your bring along. Selecting apt outfits according to personality will never make you don’t succeed right in front side of viewers and will always help you bring yourself in smashingly eye-catching and comfortable way.  Here are some choices to help you out this year.


State Grey and Emerald

Grey has always been a main issue with outfits in winter seasons. But coupling it up with Ruby is not only a unique mixture but also a high quality one to carry along. In purchase to begin it safe, this shade mixture is the perfect way to begin winter seasons with start-up shade method. This mixture not being a brilliant one will progressively change your look in stable but slow manner.

Apt for formal outfits, coupling up an emerald jewelry rock with grey stole is a good option. Also in order to come before a step further, emerald bermuda with grey upper or the other way around can look excellent. Even a cover in emerald with grey storing can help in an excellent makeover.

dresses-party-mt1-d0773rbluemultiPink and Royal Blue

Pink and Blue mixture has always been in demand in youth’s. Coupling the lovely pink with sexy blue in royal can definitely make appeal even in winter seasons. A pink sweater and blue leggings is a good choice to look upon. To try whole new blue outfit with pink shoes is exclusive mixture to try out.

5b6ff356d4d0e6c245c8419eec313ac7Berry and Eggplant

The mismatch of these strong(bold) shades is definitely a wise decision to try out. To make it even excellent, strong pushes are the ideal for coupling it up wisely.

Theirs is no such to make any color as the greater part one as both shades will look good in same or reverse mixtures.

Other shade combinations to definitely look for are cobalt with orange, jade  and lime, navy blue with fuchsia and last but not the least citron with flax.

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Once winter arrives, everyone starts upgrading their closets according to the year. Winter is all about clothing that keeps you comfortable as well as makes you look stylized. Going simple will not make you stand out this winter and Christmas, but will definitely make you go unseen.

Winter is comes along with Christmas, which is a special occasion that everyone is patiently waiting for. People wear new clothing, buy presents for each other, prepare delightful foods and decorate homes for guest. Fashion never seems so much important, until you recognize that everyone around you is investing lots of money to look extremely fashionable on a particular day, when they have to fulfill their family members, co-workers and friends; everyone in a single day.

Getting fashion guidelines and ideas is just a click away. But then again, one should be aware of their body shape, and dress up accordingly, following a particular fashion pattern. You cannot always follow your favorite celebrity, besides this you can always get various fashion ideas and can then decide to buy clothing, shoes and accessories that fit you and your personality the best.

This Christmas, to maintain the soul alive, go for greens and reds. Spend money on stylish coats, long sweatshirts, skinny jeans, printed leggings or tights, scarves, leather dresses, cardigans, wool head gears, printed socks and safety gloves and winter shoes to look stylized and trendy. Gone are the days when men and women recommended big sized cardigans and sweatshirts. This Christmas is all about looking fit and wearing in outfits that make you look smooth and fresh.

Black has always been large for any occasion. Women and men loved and still really like dressed in black and dull colored clothing. But, now around, go for something brighter. If green and red does not motivate your imagination, go for purple, greyish and hot pink.

Women should use a short fur, leather or wool coat over a long fitted sweater or a top. If you select to put on a long jacket, you can use printed leggings, along with your favorite knee length shoes. If you decide to put on a top, you can wear a knee length skirt underneath, with printed leggings and lengthy winter shoes. Do not forget to get the most important Xmas evening essential, scarf. Once you are all ready, wrap a cashmere headscarf or wool headscarf around your throat. Wear accessories that make your Xmas clothing look trendier. You need to spend money on cool clutches, belts and jewelry that can be used during the day as well as in the night. Christmas jewel items are available easily in the store all around you.

This article contains enough about what to wear and how you look; you should equally concerned about your partner, dad, brothers and male friends are dressed in this Christmas. Men should prefer shiny and bright colored cardigans, along with neutral colored blazers or a leather jacket. Women can use denims beneath and winter season shoes. They can use a scarf; it will make them look elegant. Men do not have many options to select from accessories; therefore, they should use a designer watch and a brooch, once they are all ready.

All in all, this Christmas, the idea is to opt for the right color, the right cut, the right accessory and the right texture, creating outfit that is exclusive and that enhances your enterprise.

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Suede is back again with a bang! This smooth, soft, light weight material can be part of your clothing collection in several interesting ways. So now, you don’t have to get wonder how to wear suede leather outfits.

Wear Suede outfits in stylish ways
Suede Jackets or Coats
Suede jackets as well as coats look very elegant on both, men and ladies. You can couple with them with tops, shirts, jeans, or even dresses. You can opt for a stylish biker coat or a short sleeveless jacket or coat. A formal design leather jackets or coats would look great too.

Suede Belts
Brownish suede leather looks really stylish yet classy. But you need not adhere to just brown, cause suede belts come in various shades now. Go forward and research with shiny and bright shades such as red and green.

Suede Bags
Formal or informal, suede purses and bags are available in various types. You can also select a small bag which has frills. It looks amazing on you.

Suede Gloves
Keep your hands warm, soft and smooth with suede safety gloves. There’s no lack of option, as they come in wonderful colors and styles.

Suede Shoes
Suede shoes are one of the most famous and preferred by all most everyone. From knee-length boots to heels, loafers to footwear, both men and women can use it to change their style statement.

Suede Dress
A suede leather dress looks very classic, and will take your official look several steps higher. Thinking what to put on with such dress? Then you must go for a sling bag, chunky bracelets accessorize, with high heels as it will make your look chic.

Outfit Ideas For You

Suede in Casual Style
A informal collection with a jeans dress and a easy top will look amazing when combined with suede footwear. A throw bag in bravo or brownish will complete the clothing completely. Just right for day use when you want to be fashionable, yet comfortable.

Suede Boost Comfy Level
When you have to be out the whole day and need something really comfortable, simply put on a couple of shorts with a T-shirt, and look out of this world with a suede jacket and coat.

Suede For Warm Season
For more innovative clothing, opt for a lengthy, elegant coat in suede leather. You can couple it with denims, or just use it over a maxi outfit dress.

Suede For Cowboy Style
People can display a suede leather jacket and coat with a couple of denims, and a T-shirt or an official clothing. Daring souls out there can rock the western look with a hat and a couple of cool shoes.