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OBI Leather Belts Complete Guide

Are you sick of using the same boring belt to accessorize your outfits every day? Although there are several belt variations, most of them share a similar appearance. A long strip of material with loops and a buckle makes up each one. However, there are a few various designs of belts available, with obi leather being one of the most well-liked. You can advance your sense of style by wearing an obi leather belt. Continue reading for a detailed explanation of obi leather belts, including how to wear them.

An Obi Leather Belt: What Is It?

A belt with a solid, all-leather sash is known as an obi leather belt. Obis have existed for many years. Some of the earliest obis were worn by both men and women in Japan in the 17th century. Back then, Japanese men and women wore obis, which were made of a ribbon that was wrapped around the waist.

This design is also present in obi leather belts. The main distinction is that they are totally constructed of leather. They are still worn by tying an obi around your waist and are still sashes (followed by tying the front or back into a knot). Obi leather belts are only made of top-quality leather. That is essentially how they differ from conventional obis.

Advice on How to Wear an Obi Leather Belt

An obi leather belt should be worn by wrapping it around your waist and tying it in a bow or knot. It does not require any belt loops to be inserted. As opposed to this, obi leather belts are made to be used without belt loops. Simple: just encircle your waist with them.

You can put a bow or knot on the obi leather belt after you’ve wrapped it around your waist. Take the obi leather belt’s two ends and tie them together. You don’t need anything else to wear an obi leather belt, so I apologize if you were hoping for more.

Cleaning and conditioning your obi leather belt will help it last longer. Use a wet washcloth to clean your obi leather belt after you’ve won it for the day. Your obi leather belt could have some dirt or particles on it even though it appears clean. You may get rid of this dirt and debris by wiping it with a damp washcloth.

You should condition your obi leather belt in addition to cleaning it. The process of conditioning leather entails the application of a conditioner. Creams or lotions called conditioners are made specifically to hydrate leather. Your obi leather belt could become drier over time. This isn’t only restricted to obi belts, either. Instead, all genuine leather clothing and accessories have the ability to dry out.

Wearing an Obi Leather Belt Has Many Advantages

There is no disputing the stunning appearance of obi leather belts. They offer a completely different appearance than conventional belts, as seen in the image below. Belts made with obi leather are easy, stylish, and adaptable.

An obi leather belt is suitable for use with dresses. Of course, traditional belts are normally only worn with pants and other clothing with belt loops. A conventional belt cannot be worn with a dress, at least not without seeming strange. Obi leather belts provide a remedy. Since obi leathers are solid, you may wear them with almost any outfit, including dresses. You only need to cinch the obi leather dress around your waist to be ready to go.

Durability is another advantage of wearing a leather obi belt. Aside from cotton, you can also find obi made of linen and even silk. These materials have the drawback of being more prone to damage. If your obi is made of both silk and linen, it could tear or get damaged in some other way. Fortunately, obi leather belts provide a higher standard of defense against harm. They are sturdy and long-lasting, just like all leather accessories. In actuality, with the right care, a leather obi belt can last for many years.

Obi leather belts are not only durable but also simple to maintain. You already know how to care for a leather jacket if you’ve ever owned one. The same leather used to make coats is used to make obi leather belts. As a result, maintaining them involves the same tasks.

How to Pick a Leather Obi Belt

You must pick the appropriate kind of obi leather belt if you plan to wear one. Start by ensuring that it is made of high-quality leather. Obis are not exclusively made of leather. They were all made of thin ribbon-like material in the past. These conventional obis are still available for purchase. But it’s advised that you go with a premium leather obi for the greatest degree of adaptability.

The leather used in some obi leather belts is napa leather. Because of how supple it is, Napa leather is highly appreciated. Its grain is among the finest of all leathers. The supple napa leather has a delicate texture. The combination of softness and toughness that napa leather offers in the manufacture of an obi leather belt is ideal.

The appropriate colour obi leather belt should be chosen. The colour, like with other belts, will dictate what clothes you can wear with it. You can only wear clothes that go well with brown if you choose a brown obi leather belt, for instance. Obi leather belts come in almost all colours, which is fantastic news. You may certainly locate an obi leather belt in the colour of your choice, whether it’s brown, black, red, or white.

Apart from all of this you also have to focus on going with the correct size with your obi leather belt. When you wear a leather belt, then it should be big enough to wrap around your waist perfectly, neither too small nor too big. Therefore, choose your obi leather belt properly.


Obi leather belt is a very unique piece of fashion which you should include in your wardrobe especially when you want to have something that is rare while being very stylish. These were some basic yet important information that you should be aware of even before purchasing an obi leather belt.

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Fashion Guide: Amazing Ways To Style Leather Pants For Beginners In 2023

If you have your eyes on leather pants and feel pretty inspired to prepare an outfit with it, then you have landed on a very beneficial articles for you especially if you are a beginner. Learning is a very vital factor no matter what you are doing and the same thing can be said when it comes to fashion.

Leather trousers are one of the most flexible wardrobe items to acquire, despite the fact that learning how to style them may seem like a difficult challenge to achieve. Leather pants are the trendiest item to invest in since they are versatile, flattering, and easy to dress up or down.

Leather trousers have a terrific rock’n’roll edge to them, much like your favorite leather jacket, giving practically anything, you pair them with a directional twist. Leather trousers are a chic option for the office and evenings out as well, making them a wonderful fashion building block for your capsule wardrobe. They are just as wearable as the best jeans for women but with added polish.

Although the fabric has advanced significantly since that Friends episode where Ross gets stuck in his leather pants, they are still a terrific alternative for daily use. You may discover leather pants in attractive wide-leg cuts and mom jean high-waisted designs, as well as full leather trousers with extra stretch, leather trousers with jersey backs or side paneling for flexibility of movement, and leather trousers with jogger-like silhouettes for a sports-luxe twist.

There will be leather pants for every body type in the upcoming year. When it comes to how-to style leather trousers, they really are wearable almost all year round because they come in a variety of colors, from cool creams to traditional black. They match everything, from tees and sweaters to tailored clothing. Additionally, the most recent harvest of vegan leather is also looking better than ever if real leather isn’t your thing.

How To Dress In Color With Leather Pants

Nothing brings more happiness than a vibrant color, so for a lively approach when donning your leathers on the weekend, try matching with bright color clothes like a statement sweater or colorful tee. Dopamine dressing, a key fashion trend for the upcoming year, is all about using colour to elevate your mood. The color in your clothing will truly stand out when paired with timeless black leather pants, which are the key investment element in your ensemble and are ageless due to their neutral color. If you don’t like color, try introducing stronger hues through your accessories; a pair of hot pink or yellow strappy sandals or one of the best crossbody purses would work.

Denim And Leather Pants Styling

Learn how to wear a denim shirt with leather trousers or add your best denim jacket to a leather pant and t-shirt pair to bring distinct textures to your leather. For a polished weekend outfit, leather in either black or brown looks excellent with denim. For a cool, androgynous appearance, try tucking a denim shirt into some high-waisted paper bag leather trousers and finishing with casual shoes like a pair of loafers made of leather or suede.

Leather Pants With Shirts Style Guide

Your nicest shirt can give a pair of leather pants a cool twist. A traditional striped shirt or a sassy animal design are two print options you can choose from if you want to keep things basic. Keep the shirt tucked in to streamline your figure, or master how to wear big shirts by opting for a half-tuck for a more carefree look. You’ll wear this style frequently for both work and the weekend.

How To Dress In A Blazer And Leather Pants

The greatest blazer is well worth having in your wardrobe because it always looks great and instantly elevates a pair of leather pants. A blazer and leather pants ensemble makes for a great pairing, whether you make it office-ready by adding a smart shirt, keep it casual in a plain white tee, or layer over a silky cami for a fashion-forward nighttime appearance. To make it adaptable, stick with a neutral color scheme like blacks, creams, and soft pastels.

How To Dress In Monochrome With Leather Pants

If all else fails, you can always rely on a straightforward color scheme of black and white to put leather pants together quickly. Try a boxy white t-shirt with the best white trainers for a casual yet stylish off-duty outfit, or match your best black leather trousers with your best cream cashmere sweater and a pair of the best designer shoes. Gold jewelry should be layered for added interest.

Denim And Leather Pants Styling

Learn how to wear a denim shirt with leather trousers or add your best denim jacket to a leather pant and t-shirt pair to bring distinct textures to your leather. For a polished weekend outfit, leather in either black or brown looks excellent with denim. For a cool, androgynous appearance, try tucking a denim shirt into some high-waisted paper bag leather trousers and finishing with casual shoes like a pair of loafers made of leather or suede.


Leather is an amazing fabric to have in your wardrobe and having it in the form of pants is a great option to have. Leather pants are very stylish, attractive, and durable as well which can guarantee you for many coming years and decades as well considering you take great care of it. These were a few outfit options which you can try with leather pants and experiment which different things and choose whichever suits your personality in the best way.

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Breaking In Your Leather Jacket Correctly

Everyone is aware of leather as a fabric and the amount of products you can get from it. However, there are a lot of people who are not aware of the fact that there are different types of leather as well. When it comes to leather jackets there are other factors to be considered apart from the animal that leather comes from.

The quality of the leather basically depends on its grain. Here is a brief about different types of leather and why they are different.

Different Types Of Leather

When comes to your leather jacket, then there are different types of leather and different types of animal they are derived from. These factors help in determining how the leather will look and feel. However, coming to the types of leather, the most popular options which you can have is cow leather and lambskin but there are some other animal derived leather which are as follows:

  • Deerskin
  • Goat
  • Suede
  • Horse
  • Bison
  • Pig

Leather Quality

There are some quality options from which you can choose from for your leather jacket:

  • Full grain
  • Top grain
  • Genuine
  • Corrected

The leather quality is mainly decided if the leather goes through a lot of alteration or is close to the natural state which does has an impact on the overall feel of the leather.

Here Is A Description About Different Types Of Leather

Full Grain Leather

Full grain is a leather which does not goes through any splitting and is a made from the whole hide. Apart from no splitting, full grain leather does not go through and sanding as well which will give you a leather with all the imperfection.

Full grain leather will maintain that natural grain and texture which is pretty unique. Apart from this, full grain leather also comes with breathability mainly because of the natural pores which it comes with. This leather also comes with natural oils as well that helps in having a soft leather.

Another great feature of full grain leather is the ability of developing patina as it ages. If you are not aware of patina, then it is an additional layer which you can see on top of full grain leather as it ages. This additional layer, patina tends to have a glossy appearance. Having the ability to develop patina shows that full grain leather is the best quality of leather which you can have. 

Full grain leather is on the expensive side as well, but you are paying this price for the best leather quality which will last for decades considering you take care of it. If you are someone who loves leather and has a good budget, then going with full grain leather is a no brainer.

Top Grain

Top grain is a leather which is usually made from the bottom layers of the animal hide. When it comes to top grain leather, then it is made by sanding the top side of the leather which does take some of the natural grain away. However, to get that uniform look the leather tends to go with stamping. This process gives leather a thin look while getting some of that weight off because in reality leather is heavy which does not sound like the most comfortable thing as an apparel. This is one of the main reason why a lot of people tend to go with top grain leather.

If you are looking for a leather which is high in quality and is very common as well, then going with top grain leather will not disappoint you.

The surface of top grain leather goes through sanding which is followed by a finishing coat that does gives the leather a plastic feel which does has an impact on the overall breathability.

After the finishing coat it impacts the ability of developing natural patina which is a feature which you can find in full-grain leather. Top grain leather is more on the affordable side and is stain resistant as well.

Corrected Leather

Corrected leather is a leather which does not comes with any imperfections. The sanding process does takes away that original grain from leather. There are different types of products like oils, dyes, etc. which are used to treat corrected leather which has an impact on the overall appearance of the leather. When it comes to corrected leather, then they are made from top grain leather but not every top grain leather is corrected.

Genuine Leather

To explain genuine leather is the simplest way, then it is the lowest quality of leather which you can have. When we split a full grain leather, then from the top section is used for top grain whereas the bottom section is used for genuine leather.

Any type of leather which is not high in quality can be termed as genuine leather. Genuine leather is still leather, but it can be made from leftover scraps.

Breaking In Your Leather Jacket

You have finally got your leather jacket and the time is here to break into it. When you are breaking in your new leather jacket, then things are a bit similar to the way you break into some new shoes.

When you got a brand-new leather jacket, then it will be a bit more on the stiffer side. Getting your leather jacket stiff is a completely normal thing because as the time moves and you wear them frequently, then the jacket will start getting soft.

There are different ways which you can consider to break into your new leather jacket and here are some of them which you can consider:


If you want to break in your leather jacket, then moisture can come in handy as well, but you have to be careful about it because if you go overboard with moisture, then it can damage your leather jacket. However, if the weather is a bit misty outside, then you can just wear them outside. However, if it is raining outside, then it is advised to use an umbrella because it will help in breaking the leather jacket.

If you are sceptical about the weather, then you can try having a humid atmosphere in your house. You can try using a damp cloth to have some moisture for your leather jacket but make sure you are not overdoing it.

One way to assure that you have overdone is by checking for any dripping on your leather jacket and if you see any, then use a towel to remove them.

If the leather jacket is in contact with moisture or liquid for a long duration, then it will damage your leather jacket. Another way to remove the moisture from the leather jacket is by wearing it and just move.

Wear And Go

One of the easiest way to break in your leather is by wearing it frequently. Wearing a good quality leather jacket does not require a lot of reasons to wear even if you are someone who tends to live indoors. Even if you are staying indoors you can just wear your leather jacket and just continue with your day.

If you do not want to wear your leather jacket, then there are some other things which you can do that has the same effect as wearing and moving in it. Using your leather jacket as a pillow can actually have a similar effect. Apart from this you can also drape the leather jacket.  

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner is usually used to take care of the leather and provide some lubrication to the leather fibre. However, leather conditioning can also help in breaking in your leather. leather conditioner will condition the leather skin which is dry to make sure it is softer.

When you are using leather conditioner always read the instruction before applying them on your leather jacket because there are different types of animal hide used to make leather jacket and leather conditioner are made according to the leather used.

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Styling Leather Pants With Ease-Spring Summer 2023

Styling Leather Pants With Ease-Spring Summer 2023

The present article aims to provide guidance on how to style leather pants in a manner that exudes effortless coolness. The leather pant, considered a staple of fashionable women, is renowned for its ability to confer a baddie-on-the-gram status and catalyze girl band aspirations. With an extensive array of styles available, including joggers, flared, straight-leg, baggy, and oversized, in a multitude of colors, leather pants, irrespective of whether they are real, faux, or vegan, remain an ideal attire to showcase a captivating appearance.

There can be a situation where you have some good pair of leather pants and just cannot wear them because you have no idea about how to style it. Irrespective of what the situation is we are here to help you can you going with some styling leather pant outfit. In case you do not know a pair of leather pants, then after reading this blog you will your cart with a lot of them.


A fantastic idea for a sunny day would be to match your beautiful tan leather pants with equally stunning sunglasses. To complete the outfit, pair it with a casual sweater, wrap coat, and loafers.


Including different types of colors to your outfit is a great idea especially when you are board of usual colors and to have something adventurous. Start creating your outfit with the help of a vibrant sweater and pair them with leather pants that have a shiny texture. Coming to your footwear, then going with some oxfords will do the job.


For those who love pink, it can make them feel like an “it girl.” The presented peekaboo top is a complete look on its own. To create a fashionable ensemble, match it with taupe leather pants and comfortable slip-on shoes with cushy platforms.


To add texture to your outfit, a fringe coat is an excellent choice. Fringe is a playful way to make your style more interesting, even if you prefer neutral colors such as brown or black.


When you are completely out of ideas for your idea, then going with the classic all black outfit will be an amazing idea. The outfit is an easy one to create as you can start things off by a long black coat along with a black turtleneck while finishing the outfit with amazing leather pants.


Today’s power suits appear different, and these girl gangs’ interpretations make it very clear that they know exactly how to draw attention. You’ll stand out if you wear a cream jacket, a white corset top, and black wide-leg pants.


This outfit is an excellent choice for holiday celebrations such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Its tasteful and sophisticated appearance is complemented by a relaxed vibe, rendering it suitable for spending time with loved ones in the comfort of one’s home.

For hosting a dinner party, we suggest pairing straight-leg leather pants with a shearling top and black flats. To elevate the outfit, accessorize with some beautiful jewelry, and add a pop of color with red lipstick. This ensemble is sure to impress your guests with its stylish yet comfortable appeal.


It’s likely the secret to your killer new outfit is already in your closet. Throw on a comfy sweatshirt, a blazer, black leather trousers, and combat boots and you’re good to go.


Even if you can’t locate a leather coat with sherpa details, a shaggy coat like this adorable one from ASOS would suffice because black and pink go so well together! Of course, black trousers and lug-soled shoes are required to complete the look.


a decent old-fashioned camel s coat, eh? It looks fantastic with balloon pants or leather joggers. Spice up your wardrobe with a highlighter-bright sweater or scarf casually placed over your shoulders.


Leather pants are a terrific choice if you want to look extremely stylish while running errands, dressing up for a date or holiday meal, or simply going about your daily business.


This outfit is great for catching up with friends over brunch or hitting up happy hour. It’s got a classy vibe with a touch of casual coolness thanks to the green shirt jacket.

But if you’re feeling like toning it down a bit, no worries! Just swap those pumps for some black sneakers and rock a basic white t-shirt under the shirt jacket. Easy peasy!


Leather joggers are a great addition to any wardrobe, especially if you want to rock a cool and casual look. The elastic waistband and straight or elastic cuffs make them comfortable to wear all day long, especially when paired with trainers or basic sneakers.

One outfit we’re loving is the one above, featuring leather joggers, New Balance sneakers, an oversized blazer, and a casual ball cap. It’s a stylish, cool, and laid-back ensemble that you can wear while out and about. So, if you want to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time, this outfit is definitely worth trying out!


When you want to add something unique and stylish, leather pants are a great option for your office outfit. Start things off by going with leather pants in beige color which is slim fit. Continue with the outfit by going with knitted top and finish the look with some loafers.

This ensemble is elegant and polished and ideal for a lunch meeting, a workday, or a luncheon. To make the outfit even more appropriate for the office, another choice is to replace the sweater vest with a neutral or plaid blazer.


Causal outfits are pretty easy to create with the help of leather pants because of the overall style leather pants come with. Creat your outfit by pairing your leather pants with your favorite causal top and finish the look with converse sneakers.

If you have no idea about what top to go with, then going with some shirts will give you the best outcome. Apart from a classic shirt you do have the option to go with some attractive sweatshirts or just a simple long-sleeved top.


During the spring season or later stages of summer, then having something which is simple yet elegant in the form of monochrome leather pants will be a great option to consider. Start creating your outfit with some knitted tank tops, leather pants and finish it off with solid black loafers.

You may wear this ensemble almost everywhere and attract attention (in a good way!). If the weather is cooler, add a knit sweater draped over the shoulders, a denim jacket, or a sleek wool blazer.


Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to try out this outfit! All you need is a cozy long cardigan or a wool coat in a rich camel color, a ribbed black top, some leather trousers, and ankle boots to complete the look.

It’s a stylish and chic outfit that’s also super comfortable, making it perfect for many different occasions. Plus, you can switch things up by trying out different leather trouser styles like straight-leg, wide-leg, or even flared crop trousers. The possibilities are endless!


Try wearing army green instead of your typical black leather pants for a difference. Green is one of the subtle colors that leather pants look amazing in.

This outfit is polished and professional when worn with a simple black top and stylish black ankle shoes. This dress is suitable for both the office and a happy hour afterward.


All the suede, please! This sophisticated ensemble of suede brown leather pants is one that we adore.

Suede pants look great paired with a cardigan or sweater made of cashmere since they are cozy and silky. We also adore how the ensemble is kept casual and easy while still being really stylish with the addition of sneakers.


This outfit is perfect for a date night or a night out with friends. It’s both sexy and chic, while still being classy and put-together.

The black leather pants paired with a fitted black top with a henley detail creates a stunning look that is completed perfectly with dainty sandals. However, if the weather is too chilly for sandals, ankle boots with a higher heel are an excellent alternative. Adding a teddy jacket would also make this outfit look fantastic for a night out in the fall or winter.

Speaking of winter, leather pants are a great choice for the season. They pair well with long sleeve tops, knit sweaters, chunky turtlenecks, and a warm wool coat, blazer, or teddy jacket for layering. For footwear, ankle boots, combat boots, or lug boots are suitable options, and a scarf or beanie can add extra warmth.

In summary, leather pants are a versatile option for winter, providing both warmth and a chic look for any winter outfit.


Having an oversized shearling jacket layered under a crop top and styled with some leather pants will be a good enough combination to achieve an attractive and modern look. Coming to the footwear section, then going with some heels or even ankle boots will do a great job for you. This outfit is a great option to have when you have some plans during the colder times.

This leather pants outfit exudes a sleek and classy vibe that’s perfect for a date night or a casual evening event. The full-length leather pants create a lengthening effect for the legs, while the tucked-in, slim-fit turtleneck top maintains a polished appearance for the entire ensemble.

For a subtle touch of elegance, dainty gold earrings are an excellent addition to this outfit. Completing the look with a small clutch or crossbody bag is a great way to keep it sleek and classy without sacrificing practicality.

In summary, this outfit featuring full-length leather pants, a slim-fit turtleneck top, dainty gold earrings, and a small clutch or crossbody bag is the perfect choice for an elegant and sophisticated evening event.


We’re obsessed with this brown leather pants outfit! It’s got a super cool and casual vibe, while still looking polished and put-together.

The brown leather pants pair perfectly with an ivory knit turtleneck sweater and a long plaid trench coat. Throw on some sneakers to keep the look laid-back, but not too casual.

This outfit is perfect for a day of running errands, dropping the kids off at school, or even for a casual work meeting or ‘Casual Friday’ at the office.


Black and neutral-colored apparel, such as ivory, beige, or cream, go well with brown leather pants. Brown leather pants look great with a knit sweater or long-sleeve blouse and a coat or blazer in a neutral plaid pattern.

For a stylish monochromatic look, choose a brown leather jacket that matches your outfit.


In the fall or winter, layer up with a long wool coat, leather pants, and combat boots. When it’s freezing outside and snow is predicted, wear this outfit to stay stylish and comfortable.

We adore the edgy vibe this clothing exudes, and a nice beanie and some sunglasses round out the ensemble.

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Styling With A Baggy Leather Jumpsuit

A great apparel which you can opt for this coming winter is a baggy leather jumpsuit. If you are not aware of what leather jumpsuits are, then they are one of the most comfortable and stylish items you can have during the winter season. Apart from all of this leather jumpsuits are pretty easy to pack and light in weight which makes it a great option to use. If you are looking to add a statement piece of fashion in your wardrobe, then going with a jumpsuit will never disappoint you. Jumpsuits might be a bit tricky to pull off, but when you take the correct tips, you will be successful.

Choosing The Correct Jumpsuit

The first thing which you should be focusing on is to choose the correct leather jumpsuit. There are different types of styles ranging from casual to formal from which you can choose as per your requirements.

You can also find leather jumpsuit in different sleeve lengths as well and in off shoulders too. Apart from this there are leather jumpsuits that are wide and narrowed legged depending on what suits you the best.

How to Wear a Baggy Leather Jumpsuit?

No matter if you are short or tall, there is a stylish jumpsuit which you can choose as per your personality and preferences. If you are more on the taller side, then going with a wide legged jumpsuit will be a great option. For shorter people, having a slimmer and cropped jumpsuit will help in getting more height in terms of appearance.

Accessorising Leather Jumpsuit

After getting the perfect leather jumpsuit as per your size and style, it is time to start accessorising. Here are different ways you try adding accessorise to your leather jumpsuit:

The first thing which you can start with is a belt which will help in highlighting your waistline and is helpful to have additional color to you overall attire.

If you are new to jumpsuits, then layering is a great idea to understate the overall look of a jumpsuit. For layering you can go with a jacket or blazer of your choice.

In terms of jewellery section, you have different options depending on the occasion you are planning to attend. If you are planning a fun and causal day, then going with something chunky would be great whereas for an evening look try going with something grand.

Another thing which you remember is not every husky jumpsuit falls under casuals. Your footwears also pay a vital role and choose footwear according to the occasion. For footwears try keeping it dressed down by going with flat pumps or sly boots.

If you are going for an evening style, then try going with high feels which will give you some additional style and height. If you want to have a constant polished look, then going with slim heels will help.

Shoes to wear with your leather jumpsuits

You can dress jumpsuits for different occasions ranging from casuals, black-ties to glamourous as well. A great thing about leather jumpsuits is that it is just one whole thing and you do not have to worry about mixing and matching different things. One thing which you should always consider before finishing your style is what shoes goes with your baggy leather jumpsuits.

Here are different types of footwear you can wear with your leather jumpsuits:

Flats: if you are planning to attend a party, then you can rely on flats irrespective if your leather jumpsuit is tapered or straight. Going with flats does helps in avoiding any problems related to your ankles and are much safer than other footwears like boots.

Heels: heels have a great appearance and are one of the easiest footwears which you can pair with your leather jumpsuit and works well for any formal occasion. If you have a slim leather jumpsuit, then going with heels is a great option.

When to Wear a Baggy Leather Jumpsuit?

Casual Occasion

Overlooking a causal leather jumpsuit is something you should not do and is a great option if you are looking to have that additional style for any casual occasion. If you are planning to go with other fabrics like cotton denim, then choose something which goes well with your overall style. You can try going with a lace up sandals as well.

Formal Occasions

Whenever we talk about formal occasions, the first apparel which pops up is a just a dress, mainly because they are more on the safer side. This is where a leather jumpsuit comes in, therefore whenever you plan for a formal occasion, you should try getting a leather jumpsuit as well.

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Plus Size Fashion Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

Those who wear larger sizes than what is generally available in mainstream fashion are catered to by the plus-size fashion segment, which is a significant one within the fashion business. It includes a variety of looks, from streetwear to formal clothing, and has grown in popularity recently as body positivity and size inclusion have received more attention.
The absence of larger-size or plus-size options and availability is one of the main issues facing plus-size fashion. It can be challenging for those who are plus size to find clothing that fits well and is fashionable because so many fashion manufacturers only provide a small range of sizes. Due to this, there is a growing number of plus-size fashion businesses and retailers that cater to their client’s demands by providing a greater selection of sizes and styles.
Fit is important when it comes to plus-size clothing. Wider straps, longer hemlines, and larger armholes should all be included in clothing that is made to fit larger body shapes. The comfort and stretch of the fabric should be considered, as long as it is also strong and of great quality. Numerous plus-size clothing companies also carry shapewear and undergarments that smooth and accentuate the body’s natural curves.
Plus-size clothing is exactly as diverse as other types of clothing in terms of style. Both casual and formal attire, such as dresses, suits, and gowns, are available. Examples of the former include jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Customers have many options to pick from because of the inclusion of trends like athleisure, boho-chic, and streetwear in plus-size apparel.

The plus-size fashion market has advanced significantly in recent years in terms of size inclusion and representation. There is a growing trend in the fashion industry towards body positivity and self-love, and many manufacturers are now using plus-size models in their advertising and marketing efforts.
In general, plus-size clothing is a significant subset of the fashion market that has the ability to empower and valorize larger body shapes. Plus-size clothing puts an emphasis on fit, comfort, and style, which is assisting in lowering barriers and fostering greater inclusivity in the fashion industry.


The act of opening one’s wardrobe and dressing should evoke a sense of delight rather than a source of frustration. It would be wise to promptly part ways with outdated garments that no longer serve a purpose, such as those intended for a future, theoretical weight loss journey or those with an unflattering, shapeless silhouette. In doing so, one can make room for new pieces that bring joy, instill eagerness to dress and elicit an enthusiastic “yes!” in response to a subsequent invitation. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your physical stature through your sartorial choices.
The horizontal nature of weight gain is evident in its ability to increase dimensions across the bust, waist, hips, and thighs. Conversely, the dimensions of one’s height and limb length remain constant, regardless of fluctuations in weight. Therefore, regardless of one’s height, it is possible to achieve a more flattering overall appearance by creating the impression of a longer, more elongated silhouette. This can be accomplished through various means, such as dressing in a single color from head to toe, opting for higher-rise jeans if one is partial to waist-accentuating styles, showcasing one’s ankles and wrists through 3/4-sleeve tops, ankle-cropped pants, or midi-length garments instead of full-length pants and maxi dresses, and selecting footwear with an elevated platform or sole, such as chunky lugs, low block or kitten heels, or pointy-toed shoes that are not constricting at the toe box.


Do not conceal the contours of your curves in ill-fitting, loose garments; instead, showcase them with pride. Embrace the fashion-forward approach of donning form-fitting dresses, bodysuits, and knits that delicately skim your silhouette, which merely necessitates the correct undergarments and a self-assured disposition to pull off.


28 Button Down Dresses And Skirts For Plus Size That Won't Gape | HuffPost  Life

After menopause, many svelte women abandon belts and tucked-in tops due to belly weight gain. Yet, a belt can help you shape up. A belt reveals right away whether your bosom, midriff, and belly are not one continuous structure, especially if you have an hourglass figure or a bigger middle that has lost its indent. The point is made using shirtdresses, wrap dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, jumpsuits, paper-bag waist pants, and belted pants. Although many styles have their own “cinchers,” think about spending a little extra on a few unique belts to add some personality to your collection. Or else you can just go with something relaxing like flowing Tunis.
Incorporate some one-piece dresses devoid of belts into your wardrobe, featuring either an A-line or a relaxed, straight silhouette. These styles effortlessly glide over the midsection without interrupting the waistline. Additionally, consider long, untucked shirts that pair seamlessly with flat-front, elastic-waist pants, and jeans as an alternative option for an appearance that does not emphasize the waist.


When you’re shopping for clothes, keep your body shape in mind and choose items that enhance your figure. It’s totally cool to mix and match sizes, like wearing a plus-size bottom with a regular-size top or the other way around. Take out a tape measure and find out your bust, waist, and hip measurements in inches. Most plus-size and size-inclusive clothing websites have size charts, but they can vary depending on the brand. Don’t just go for your usual size when you’re shopping online. Instead, use your measurements to find the size that will fit you best. And when it comes to style, go for relaxed pieces that will make you feel comfortable and at ease.
The plus-size fashion boom is more than just bigger sizes. Women with curved bodies have learned to enjoy, layer, and pair comfortable looser garments with longer skirts and dress lengths thanks to athletic wear like joggers, oversize hi-low tees, and cozy sweats. Wide-leg slacks and jeans with elastic waists, roomy tunics and hi-low tops, midi dresses, and generously cut sweaters and cardigans are more examples of this new ease in fashion. Put these on a regular basis.


Plus Size Womens Dusters | Shop The Largest Collection | ShopStyle UK

Structured blazers, long cardigans, and dusters are must-have items for women of all sizes. Whether you prefer the structured shape of a blazer or the graceful lines of a duster, these toppers provide an extra layer of support or coverage on days when you’re not feeling particularly confident about your body. Layering with a second or even a third piece is an excellent way to elevate your outfit and give yourself an extra boost of style and confidence.


Plus Size Under Armour Infinity High-Impact Sports Bra
Shape wear and body hatred are two things that many women are throwing away. Yet, this does not imply that you should lounge around in lacy bikinis and do nothing barrettes. Regardless of size, seamless underwear that gives your garments a smooth line and a bra that lifts your breasts are vital. To accentuate your torso and raise your chest, use chic contemporary support bras. Whether you’re wearing a jacket, dress, fitting sweater, or tunic top, your bust should “sit” around halfway between your elbow and shoulder.
It’s not uncommon for women to dress in clothes that are nondescript and unexciting, hiding their bodies in the process. It’s time to break free and show off your unique style. You can still play around with proportions, match tops and bottoms, and add volume where it’s needed most. These timeless “dress-slim” tactics are also fashionable moves, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Buy that hot pink blazer or that purple coat instead of settling for black. Embrace that sequined hoodie and that winter white jumpsuit. Ultimately, the only person you need to impress is yourself.


Size label for clothes Model TL-M225 | Clothing size labels - BestLabels™  USA

Right, dressing might be difficult when you are plus size. Don’t worry about the size of the clothing; instead, consider whether it suits your body type. I realize how important that number may appear, but sadly, each clothes manufacturer brand, designer, etc. may use a slightly different measurement to identify each size. No two people are alike!
Try going up or down a size if you know what size shirt you typically wear but it doesn’t fit to see if it helps. Seeing oneself in multiple sizes, each entirely dependent on the specific brand can be useful.


7 Women's Body Shapes - What Body Shape Are You?

When seeking fashion advice for plus-size women, it is important to recognize that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to style and fashion. However, it can be beneficial to analyze why certain clothing styles flatter specific body types.
For instance, women with a pear-shaped figure, characterized by a smaller waist and larger thighs, may find empire-line dresses to be an excellent choice. Conversely, women with an apple-shaped figure may want to avoid empire lines, as they can accentuate the waistline and create the impression of a pregnant belly. Additionally, it is recommended that pear-shaped women opt for dresses with higher necklines and shorter sleeves, in order to emphasize their curves in the most flattering way possible. Ultimately, the key is to choose clothing that instills confidence and comfort, while highlighting one’s unique features.


Don’t try to hide by wearing oversized, baggy apparel. Put on clothing that is the right size.
Crucial Tip: The secret to appearing your best is to dress in clothing that fit you in the best possible way.
You might think that the only thing “covering” you are something baggy.
Avoid making the mistake of thinking that the only way to look good is by donning form-fitting clothing out of dissatisfaction with your physical appearance, out of modesty, or just out of fear.
Finding clothes that fit you well and choosing the right style of clothing that flatters your body shape are the two most crucial elements in looking your best.

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Simple And Easy Guide To Korean Fashion-2023

Korean Fashion is Simple but Difficult. Korean fashion is made up of a variety of various ensembles when viewed as a whole. from a skirt and sweater to coordinated patterns and a tonne of jewelry. Despite this, every look has the same mood. The majority of street fashion consists of long denim pants and a striped top or skirts and jumpers. They typically wear plain garments with accessories to draw attention to particular features of the outfit.

But occasionally, things might become really challenging. Unique accessories, bright, strong colors, and interesting patterns are all used in Korean fashion to add flair. I really like Korean Fashion because of these characteristics.


I sometimes think that most Korean apparel is large. It can go with anything, which is presumably why it’s a classic outfit. In street fashion, oversized jumpers are frequently worn with skirts or as part of an ensemble with a regular top and a pair of big jeans. This gives the outfit, in my opinion, a more relaxed mood, and many people, I believe, favor that look. It’s unquestionably a go-to style. Observe the huge jumpers.


I have seen skirts in around 60% of the outfits related to K Fashion. This, in my opinion, is one of the key reasons I find it so appealing. I don’t get to wear skirts that much in my life, but I’ve fallen in love with them now. All styles of skirts are worn, but mostly form-fitting ones in mid-length. But you may modify the skirts to do whatever you choose.


You already know that you often base your clothing selection on an accent hue. But Korean fashion greatly raises the bar. The use of bold hues like blue, purple, and yellow grabs your attention. I was actually shocked by this when I initially started studying Korean fashion. Sometimes, an outfit is made up of one color in a variety of tones.


A must-have is accessories. They add flair to your clothing and raise its level. Earrings and spectacles are two examples of accessories that can make or break an ensemble. Sometimes, these accent pieces serve as the focal point of the ensemble and give it vitality.


In South Korea, people are not scared to match patterns, and it usually works. The combination of various patterns, including stripes and checkered garments, results in a stunning attire that astounds many onlookers ( including me). Many people take advantage of this opportunity to meet new people. In often incredibly intricate arrangements, you find siblings, brothers, and partners matching with one another.

I discovered that my personal sense of style was developing in real-time when I was traveling to Seoul, which is an infinite, evergreen source of fashion inspiration. I started to take more fashion risks than I had ever done before. Rarely did I encounter a lady who wasn’t dressed in the newest fashions, with flawless hair and makeup. Korean girls aren’t hesitant to put their best foot forward every day.

In light of this, I wanted to provide you with a breakdown of the main Korean fashion aesthetics and trends I saw in Seoul. I’ll be concentrating on a traditional and feminine Korean wardrobe this week before switching to my preferred Korean fashion look, edgy street style.

Young women’s fashion choices in Seoul appeared to fall into one of two categories:

Classic and Feminine: This subgroup includes goods like girly blouses, schoolgirl check skirts, pastels and beige, romantic floral pieces, tailored coats, and tops and skirts in exquisite, flowy materials. It also includes pastels and beige.

Athleisure pieces, unusual coats, and jackets, oversized things, flashes of neon, street-wear accessories, and grunge footwear all embody the edgy and on-trend look.

The Components of a Traditional & Feminine Korean Wardrobe

It’s crucial to keep the following in mind while you construct your Korean-inspired wardrobe: To create a K-Fashion style, you must feel at ease “dressing up.” We’ve gone into great detail about the advantages of dressing up every day, especially in the current climate when some college students continue to believe that wearing pajamas to class is okay (it’s not, so don’t do it!).

In light of this, we can learn a lot from Seoul’s women about how to look effortlessly stylish in daily life. Here are some of their picks for a traditional, flirtatious, and feminine Korean wardrobe.


The trench coat was by far the most common fashion accessory I noticed while people-watching in Seoul among all the gorgeous apparel pieces. This particular style of jacket was worn by women of all ages on every street, indicating that it is a popular addition to Korean girls’ fall outfits.

One more thing to keep in mind while drawing fashion cues from South Korea: fashionistas in Seoul adore neutrals. Seoul is leading the fashion pack with its love of all things beige, cream, and brown, despite the fact that neutral apparel is currently a huge trend. In fact, a few of the boutiques I visited (such as Indibrand) were devoted to simplicity and had no colored clothing at all. A dream for minimalists!

The ideal K-Fashion addition to your winter collection is this trench coat from Zara. Given that Korean design is all about the finer details, this trench’s sleeves make it a Seoul-worthy piece of clothing. Look at the awesome cuffed sleeve design! I love it.


This style of blouse is a mainstay in the business (and casual) wardrobes of many girls. Its versatility is what makes this feminine item so fantastic; I’ve seen collared blouses worn with fall dresses (like the one pictured above), with adorable miniskirts or straight-leg jeans, and even layered under casual sweaters with the collar poking out just over the neckline.

Although I don’t really like preppy clothing, I did buy a stunning cream-collared blouse from Mixxo for work. Any profession that calls for a business dress will go well with this straightforward, crisp shirt and some black pants.


A traditional and feminine Korean wardrobe has evolved to depend heavily on midi skirts. Perhaps the most adaptable “bottom” imaginable, these items can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

Ladies choose patterned, pleated, and satin variations of the traditional midi in Seoul. When it comes to fashion, I’ve seen that ladies frequently pair a lovely skirt with a sweater or jumper. Let your sweater hang loose for an oversized appearance rather than tucking it in to define the waist.


Do you feel like tiny jeans are so 2012? Korean women would concur. The majority of the Seoul fashion set prefers straight and wide-leg jeans, and despite how intimidating they can appear, I’m here to tell you that these jeans are absolutely appropriate for everyday use!

I especially like the way wide-leg jeans look with a heeled bootie, but they also look great with Vans or Chuck Taylors, or other flat sneakers. Wide-leg denim may give your outfit a truly fashionable and contemporary makeover, depending on the mood you’re going for.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you undoubtedly already know how much I adore Topshop jeans. Therefore, when I finally make the purchase of an intriguing pair of (non-skinny) jeans for myself, I will be contacting my preferred denim company. Wish me luck as I take a fashion risk!


We now turn to the last component of every outfit: footwear! Since I traveled to South Korea in October, the weather abruptly changed towards the conclusion of my trip, ushering in boot season.

Black sock boots are the go-to footwear choice around here since they are both comfortable and fashionable and, depending on the style, can either lend edge or elegance to any ensemble.

These ASOS black sock boots have a broad flared heel that gives them a retro feel, making them a wonderfully unique way to test this style. Additionally, they stand out from all the other pairs you’ll see on the streets this season thanks to their square toe.

When it comes to Korean goods, people living outside of South Korea may be more familiar with cosmetics. Don’t be misled; Korea has had a sizable fashion culture for a long time, despite the fact that Seoul Fashion Week may be a recent phenomenon for non-Koreans. Korean women’s fashion is booming here, and fashion in general has been rapidly gaining importance in Korean culture.

Nowadays, a growing number of Korean retailers and shopping centers offer international shipping. Thus, the global craze for Korean fashion has started. Perhaps you are also interested in what a Korean woman would wear.

We’ve compiled a list of common streetwear in Seoul to help you get a handle on the fundamentals of Korean women’s fashion. Though you may have caught a glimpse of fashion in a few Korean dramas, you might be shocked to learn that it differs significantly from what you see in music videos.


Who doesn’t enjoy wearing a dress, especially when trying to come up with an ensemble idea, and doesn’t want to think too much about what goes with what? Because Korean ladies never just wear a dress—always something extra goes with it—they have to get creative when it comes to their attire.


This Korean fashion trend is simple and adaptable. Just a top and a dress to wear over it will do! Having patterned products is typically a lone “no no,” as it will readily clash. Sets that include the top and the dress are readily created and available in many street shops and online marketplaces.

However, you are free to combine and match however you like! Maybe you feel like wearing a simple black tank dress with a simple white long-sleeved top today? You might wish to wear a ruffled flower blouse underneath your dress tomorrow.


Dresses are also frequently incorporated into Korean fashion by being worn underneath a knit or a sweater. Additionally, there are other ways to accomplish this appearance. either a sweater or a knit of standard length with the dress showing through as a skirt. Alternatively, you may wear a knee-length sweater with a large side slit through which the dress will peek out.

One particular style involves wearing pants underneath the dress while sporting the knit appearance with a transparent, occasionally lace, dress. What else is mastering layering if not this?


The majority of the time, we just consider the color of the bottom in relation to the top when deciding what to wear with it. Already ready to leave are we. But not with Korean fashion. Even with basic wardrobe essentials like jeans or skirts, they are able to come up with creative ways to make it look more complicated. Let’s look at various ways they dress up these bottoms.

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Colors To Pair With Purple Apparels- Understanding The Color Wheel

Purple is a color which we can get by combining red and blue. When you wear purple color, it will give you that royal feel. When it comes to the overall appeal of purple you can get that confident, powerful, and royal feel. Purple is a color which is linked with femininity mainly because of how vibrant and soothing they are. Apart from the purple is a color which is rare mainly because of how rare it is to find in nature.

You can definitely trust your purple apparels to make an amazing outfit with the help of different techniques like color blocks and pairing them with different colors.

When we are talking about pairing purple color, then things are a bit more complex because if you go wrong with the color, then your outfit will be ruined. however even if you are going with an all purple outfit, if you go wrong with accessories, then your outfit might be in the mud.

Understand Color Wheel

Whenever you are styling with any color, there is one thing which you should always remember which is the color coordination. There are different shades and undertones which you should consider that can help in getting that elegant and unique look.

As we are talking about color, you should not underestimate the color wheel. without going into the complex side, you just have to remember the complementary which present to on the opposite side and can be paired without any second thoughts.

When it comes to purple, you can find yellow, green, and orange on the opposite side of the color wheel. These colors also come in different shades ranging from lither ones to deep from which you can choose depending on the purple shade.

There if you are planning to go with some leather items like pants or jackets, then when it comes to the underneath items you can go with a color like orange or yellow.

However, it is not mandatory for you to stick to these colors only while styling with purple, but you can definitely trust them when you are not sure about what to wear.

Different shades of purple

Just like any other color out there, even purple comes with different shades which can be brighter or lighter in shade. The different shades of purple can range from lavender to violet. There is a huge range of shades from which you can choose from depending on what you are looking for.

If your requirement is to have something bright, then you have the option to go with magenta and if you want to have a bit darker and deeper look in your outfit, then you can go with violet. if you want to have something light in your outfit, then there are different options like iris, orchid, mauve, etc.

Colors to avoid with your purple outfit

When it comes to fashion things are pretty free and there are no particular choices that you should always stick with, but you have to be aware of choices which can just ruin your outfit. For example, you cannot just wear sport shoes with a formal suit. Coming back to purple outfits, there are some shades of white and blue that you should keep your purple outfit away from.

Colors to choose with your dark purple outfit

Whenever you are styling with any shade of purple, just make sure that you are not pairing them with a similar shade. In case you are planning to go with purple skirt, then make sure you are pairing them with a color which has some contrast and try going with something undertone. You can try going with a darker shaded leather jacket or just a basic white tee.

Colors to choose with your light purple outfit

When it comes to lighter shades of purple make sure you are not pairing them with something light because it might not give the best looking outfit. Therefore, whenever you are styling with lither shades of purple try going with a littler darker shade for the rest of your outfit. For example, if you have a purple top, then pair it with a darker bottom like brown pants or skirts.

Outfit ideas with purple color

When it comes to your purple outfit things are a bit easy considering you are not afraid of that royal and luxurious feel. You are always free to try experimenting with different colors but in case you are not sure which color to pair with your purple apparels, then just go with a color which is contrasting in nature. There are different types of shirts as well which you can get in many shades of purple.

Purple And Black Outfit

The right tone and vibration can make or break a look. Create a gorgeous look using baggy black leather pants with metallic hardware and an oversized plum blazer and matching footwear. Add a grey cotton tee underneath and you’re good to go.

Purple And Beige Outfit

Start making an outfit with the help of some high-waisted pants in darker purple shades along with a crisp white shirt and top everything off with a trench coat and you should be good to go. If you are not a fan of a trench coat, then you can try replacing it with a blazer. If you feel there is still room for something, then you can try going with a leopard printed handbag.

Purple And Brown Outfit

If you are looking to have something unique and trendy in your wardrobe, then you can try going with high waisted leather pants. When you are going with a brown and purple outfit combination, then make sure that you are highlighting both the colors. Start making an outfit with the help of brown pants and pair it with a lavender sweater. When it comes to the footwear you can try going with something lighter shades of pink.

Purple And Red Outfit

Purple is a color which is made when we mix two primary colors like red and blue this is one of the reasons why you can easily pair your purple apparels with red color. With correct planning you can definitely get an amazing outfit. Start making an outfit with the help of a purple colored turtleneck and pair them with some red pants. Finish off your outfit by layering with a long coat and in the footwear sections you can try going with some basic white sneakers. When it comes to accessories you can try going with some shades and handbag.

All Purple Outfit

When it comes to having an all purple outfit, you have the option to go with different shades of purple. Start making an outfit by getting a tank top and high waisted bottoms in the same shade and layer it off with a jacket in a dark purple color. When it comes to accessories you can try going with some golden jewelleries like a necklace or bracelet. This combination just works magically for your late night parties.

Purple And Blue Outfit

When you want to have something smart and casual at the same time, then you can definitely trust your straight fitted blue jeans and pair it with your little purple turtleneck and layer everything off with a leather jacket. Finish of your out with the help of white sneakers and in the accessories, you can trust your black leather bag.

Final word

When it comes to combining different colors for your outfit, the main objective is to have something that looks and feels amazing. From the wide range of color options, purple is one of the rare colors which can help in achieving that powerful and royal look and if you have enough confidence, then always feel free to get into experimenting and wear it in different ways like turning it down or get all flashy.

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Beatnik Fashion – 101 Fashion Guide

Beatnik fashion was at its peak during the 60s and was loved by everyone who were looking to restore their dull life and want to stay away from obedience. Beatnik style was also very popular among artists as well like Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, and many more.

Today we will be looking at what exactly beatnik is and what are the different trends which you can consider making an outfit. The generation in which Beatnik got popular was also known as the beat generation.

What exactly is a Beatnik?

During the early years of 1950s, adapting to the majority was a huge thing and can be seen almost everywhere from the foods they eat to the outfits they wear. Similarly, if look at men’s fashion during that era, then it consists of the typical fashion pieces like black suits, dress shirts, etc.

In any place consists of adaptation to the majority, then it reduces the chances of being rebellion, which brings us to the beatnik fashion. The main change in fashion was actually brought by different artists, novelist, musicians, etc. which just hit America like a storm.

This change in fashion was effortless and didn’t have any features of adapting to the majority fashion sense and was eventually known as beatnik in 1958.

To explain male beatnik fashion in simple words, then it is a fashion which allows you to express your creativity with a touch of rebellion. When it comes to the style of beatniks, then it consisted of different pieces from turtlenecks to rugged jackets.

Dressing like a beatnik

The beatnik style can be considered as timeless a creative which just sounds like something which fits in today’s fashion world. After so much information about beatnik you might be wondering how you can pull this style off.

Fortunately, this style is pretty easy and simple to pull off. Therefore, here are some essential items which you will need to have a Beatnik outfit.


Turtlenecks are an essentials in today’s fashion world mainly because of the versatility and class it offers. You can style a turtleneck in different ways depending on what style you are looking for. Coming to the Beatniks, then turtlenecks were popular during that era as well and continued to be a part of men’s fashion world.

You can wear a turtleneck on its own or layer them with different outerwear without facing any major problems. The best part about turtlenecks is that you can wear them the whole year without worrying about looking out of the place considering you pair them with correct pieces and fabric.  

If you are looking to have that beatnik fashion, then start things off by getting a turtleneck in darker shade which fits you perfectly to have that masculine appearance.

Dark and Oversized Glasses 

If you are looking to add some accessories in your beatnik outfit, then always remember that less is more. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions here, oversized glasses. These big glasses were a big part of 80s men’s fashion, and they still hold some class in them.

If we look at different outfits from the 60s, then you will find a lot of them with a classic wayfarer shades, cat eyeglasses, and basic ones with black rims. If you are looking to have an outfit which just stands apart from others, then playing with some of these shades would be a great idea.

Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants is an underrated piece of fashion because it offers great level of comfort along with a casual look. For a beatnik styled outfit, you have to consider wide-legged pants as it was seen in a lot of artists of that era.

This outfit will give help in getting that relaxed look without affecting the style of your outfit. Pair your wide-leg pants with some simple apparels and you are good to go. To make an outfit with wide-leg pants you can try pairing them with a printed shirt and layer some loud accessories.

If we look at today’s fashion world, then we can see that flare pants are popular in different shades of white and are paired with a contrasting top. However, it is not necessary to follow this color combination when you are styling in beatnik.

Striped Shirt 

As we are talking about classic apparels, then leaving behind the striped shirts might not be the best thing which you can do. These are iconic piece of fashion coming from the beatniks. For the striped shirts you can try looking towards some monochromatic striped shirts. These shirts were seen as something which is straightforward in terms of fashion while being super refined.

You can style a striped shirt solo or just layer it with a jacket. For striped shirt you do have different option in the sleeve length ranging from short to long. For the color section it is advised to stick to the classic option of white and black.

Black Jacket

If you have googled beatnik fashion before, then you must have come across some images which consisted of people pulling off some stylish and fitted black jacket. Having a classic and stylish black coat is really important because it acts like the finishing touch to your outfit. This is one of the main reasons why you should include them in your outfits.

You can try going for some practical peacoat or the classic leather jacket depending on what suits you in the best possible way. Irrespective of what type of jacket you are going with always make sure that it fits you perfectly. For the color of your jacket try sticking to shades of black or grey.

Skinny Jeans

When we are talking about skinny jeans then we are talking about something which is slim and smart. As we are styling in beatnik fashion, then the main idea behind the outfit is going against the usual traditions. Therefore, skinny jeans were used in the beatnik style because it was a rebel against the usual loosely fitted pants.

The best part about skinny jeans is that you can easily add them to today’s modern wardrobe without having any second thoughts. You can just go with any washed skinny fitted jeans and pair them with a basic turtleneck, and you will be good to go.


Footwears are considered as the finishing touch to any outfit which also makes them very important. when it comes to footwear in beatniks, then they are more on the relaxed side but do come with that trendy feel. Coming straight to the point, loafers are great option to have to finish off your beatnik outfit. You can try going with some black loafers which are comfortable and offer great style as well.


If you have seen a lot of beatnik outfits, then you must have an idea that beret is a common item in most of them. When we are talking about beatnik fashion, then it did focus on being minimal, but this does not mean you cannot add accessories in your outfit.

For the beret, then you can stick to the classic black option which is classy and goes perfectly well with most of the beatnik outfits. Apart from berets you do have the option to go with some fedoras as well. This change will help in adding that modern touch to your beatnik outfit.

final word

Beatnik fashion was at its peak during the 60s and this was an article with some of the important factors which you should know about beatnik fashion to pull it off.   Obviously, there is always enough room to add some of your own fashion touches to the outfit to have that retro and stylish looking outfit.

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All About The Jeans Types Complementing Wardrobe And Styling

All ladies should own the following styles of women’s jeans, which range from boot cut to barrel leg. Are you unsure of the variety of jeans for women you require for your wardrobe? With these varieties of women’s jeans, there is a pair that will complement every event, style, and silhouette. Jeans have evolved into a bit of a wardrobe essential.

You may choose to select the different sorts of women’s jeans that best fit your preferences and way of life. It’s crucial to remember, though, that each pair of jeans can contribute to a capsule wardrobe and be worn for various events and moods. The denim trends of 2023 will unavoidably push some designs to the pinnacle of style, but if your favorite pair of jeans don’t match the latest catwalk trends, don’t worry.

These women’s jeans are classic and may serve as the foundation of your capsule wardrobe time and time again. Learning how to wear different-shaped jeans will give you access to a completely new style, allowing you to mix and match essentials for maximum adaptability and eradicating those occasions when you have nothing to wear. Understanding the many sorts of jeans available could also help you revitalize your denim aesthetic if you’ve felt stuck in a rut with your denim choices.


Different fashion trends have come and gone over the years, but these styles appear to be here to stay for good reason. A variety of jean styles expands the possibilities for your clothing. While you don’t need all 9 pairs, including a few various styles of women’s jeans in your wardrobe will make it more adaptable. For instance, the tops you would wear with skinny jeans or jeggings will really differ from those coupled with flares or mom jeans.

For various times, different styles and washes are appropriate. Dark wash or black straight jeans are appropriate for some jobs, while ripped, light wash jeans are ideal for more laid-back occasions like concerts or friend picnics.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, it’s always a good idea to determine your body type first because certain styles suit different forms better than others. For instance, high-waisted straight jeans that cinch around the midsection are ideal for apple forms. For tiny women, boot-cut jeans and flares are ideal because of their outstanding leg-lengthening capabilities.

What is the best advice for locating the ideal jean style? To find the look that best suits you, try on a variety of styles. Make sure the fit is proper for your body form and that you feel comfortable when purchasing high-quality, better-quality items. A quality pair of jeans is an investment that can be worn all year.



The popular ’90s look is still in style today. As with many retro fashions, the mom jean has evolved through time and is now one of the trendiest trends for 2023. It is a favorite among moms all over the world.

Mom jeans are a fit that has changed from a high-rise big loose fit to a more slim-leg, mid-rise shape today who believes there is a type of mom jeans for everyone?

Hourglass shapes benefit from the larger leg and tapered waist, but the original full-volume mom jeans can draw attention to your hips if you’re conscious of that area. Instead, choose the modern mom jean. However, most body types will benefit from a smaller waist and leg.

The greatest mom jeans outfits are more laid-back because of the informal vibe of mom jeans, but a jacket or sheer top worn with heels can raise the glam quotient and make them appropriate for dressier situations. The best mom jeans come in light or vintage washes, which is appropriate given the classic vibe of these jeans. However, if you want to update the appearance for 2023, try patchwork or two-tone for a fresh spin on the style.


Slim jean still has a place in any woman’s wardrobe, even though they probably won’t reach the dizzying heights of their popularity back in the mid-Noughties.

The slim jean is still a timeless and very wearable shape, despite not being as trendy as the larger styles that are currently taking over the market.

In addition to being universally flattering, thin jeans are one of the few jean types that look well tucked into your favorite ankle boots or knee-high boots. The proportions must be balanced for them to work. If you’re looking for fashionable clothes to pair with slim jeans, try a roomy shirt with a French tuck or an oversized long coat. In order to provide volume to the top because the bottom part is so thin, trendy ruffles and full sleeves are a good choice.


The flare, particularly a cropped version for the warmer months, will remain one of the primary trends this year. In their fall/winter shows, designers like Dior and Alberta Ferretti brought back the flare, and it’s expected to last for the rest of 2023.

They are adored for their ability to elongate the legs and can be seen on superstars like Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez, but how should flared jeans be styled? The secret is to maintain your top half looking more svelte.

To emphasize the profile that the flares’ exaggerated leg shape generates, flares look best when worn with a tucked-in or shorter top.

To avoid overpowering your shape when wearing an oversized garment like a blazer or shacket, pair it with a cropped top, bodysuit, or tucked-in shirt.

Darker denim looks incredibly sharp, especially when paired with a matching denim jacket, while lighter washes are ideal for summer picnics and more laid-back occasions. You’ve never seen a Canadian tuxedo like this one, and it will take you to many occasions. For complete ’70s retro flair, either go for a jacket that is somewhat cropped or one that belts at the waist.


A pair of authentic straight-leg jeans is a need. They fit better overall and are both comfy and attractive.

This particular jean style is extremely popular for a reason—invented Levi’s as the very first kind of jean style back in 1873. The straight leg is the sort of denim for women that best complements all body types. Do you have style questions for straight jeans? There are a lot of options.

Straight-leg jean is a flexible addition to any wardrobe and may be worn with sneakers, boots, sandals, or heels. Wear it with an oversized shirt or sweater or with a t-shirt tucked in.


High-waisted jeans have a waistband that sits just above your belly button, around the narrowest area of your natural waist. Because they define your shape and create a waistline, they are the most slimming jeans you can buy and are ideal for people with athletic or apple-shaped bodies. However, they essentially apply to all silhouettes.

Since it only talks about the waistband, it goes with many different types of jeans, including mom, straight leg, flared, and slim. Dark wash denim in this shape can be worn to dressier situations because of the high waist, especially when paired with a blazer and heels. Make careful to emphasize your waist while styling high-waisted jeans in order to look your best.


With the resurgence of the bootcut jean, Y2K fashion is still on the rise. From Mariah to J-Lo, celebrities wore low-waisted clothing, which was reserved for people with washboard abs. The waist is higher and the flare is thinner in the 2023 reincarnation, which is thankfully much more flattering for everyone.

They are ideal for pear-shaped bodies since the flare evens out the shape, tapering slightly in the thigh area and getting wider from the knee to the hem. They’re also the greatest petite jeans since the little flare effect lengthens the leg and gives the wearer a taller appearance.

For a sophisticated finish, choose a pair of jeans with dark indigo or black wash so you may wear them to work or include them in those crucial birthday outfit ideas. Make sure your upper half is sleek and elegant while keeping the flare in mind. Tuck your shirt in if your pants have a high waist to assist in maintaining balance.