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Buying And Styling With Your Leather Corset

Corsets are one the essentials which you should have in your wardrobe. They come with some good amounts of historical values as it was worn to cinch for your waist. In today’s fashion world corsets are used as a fashion piece and is seen at different places from red carpets to streets.

If you are reading this article, then you might be looking for some corsets for your waist trainings or for just fashion purposes.

Irrespective of your motive there are different things which you should consider as they are basic things:

Corsets are used to fit the midsection of your body but there are two major designs which you can choose from, the first being the over bust which will cover your bust while the other being under bust which will be right below your bra line. You can choose anyone depending on what type of look you are looking for.

There are different types of styles from which you can choose the best one as per your style and body type. Having a corset which doesn’t fits you perfectly can be one the worst thing which can ever happen therefore always check the size and make sure it fits you perfectly.


What are the different parts of a corset?

Splits busk, this is the front side of your corset and comes with two long steel bones.

Spiral steel bones, these bones allow you to move your corset in different ways. These spiral bones are seen on the sides and on the bustline.

Flat steel bones, these are the bones which you cannot move in every direction and can move in two directions.

Shell fabric, this is nothing but the external part of the corset which looks great and is durable as well.

Grommets: these are nothing, but simple holes made for laces for your corset.

Lacing guard: these are also known as modesty pane which is a flap made out of a fabric of 5 to 7 inches in width and is fixed at the backside of your corset. These guard or panels are made with the same fabrics. The main function of these panels is there to provide some good amount of protection from any type of lace burns and adds up to the overall look as well.

Channels: these channels are also known as bone casing. Channels are used to create some more aesthetic in the form of pockets and channels which also help in proving some support to steel bones.  

Strength Layer: these layers are like linings which hare mostly made from cotton or any other fabric which helps in providing good amount of durability.

Waist Tape: this tape is here to give some added durability to your corset and will also help in providing some support to your waist especially while cinching.

Nobs: these nobs are on the are present on the front side of the corset.

hooks: these hooks help in holding the nobs in their place in the front side whereas they help in fastening at the back of the corset.

Boning: During the initial stages, corsets consisted of actual whale bones which were used to provide a better shape. In today’s modern world, corsets are made with the help steel bones and are available in different types as well.

Working of corsets

The main work done by corset is compressing the waist. When you wear your corsets properly you can see the difference in your body especially in your waist area and will have a more hourglass shape.  

When you wear your corsets frequently you will see some changes in your waist size. This happens because they move your floating ribs for a temporary time. When you wear corsets, it can help in reducing your weight as it can work like an LAP band which will make you eat less.

There is no doubt that leather corsets are great when it comes to fashion and it is a must in your wardrobe. leather as a fabric comes with some great features which is rare to see in other fabrics. Leather is fashionable, trendy and comfortable as well and is great when paired with a cotton lining.