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Leather Dresses – Fun and Gorgeous

A leather dress is something which only girls can have fun with as it is like a privilege which only we girls can have! There are a lot of different leather dresses from which you can choose the best one which suits your comfort zone and your style as well.

Leather is getting a lot of eyes and is used in many clothes and styles because it has almost every features you wish to have in a fabric. Leather dresses are something which are very stylish and attractive and can be worn in a lot of different occasion from late night parties to casual meeting with your friends. If you’re not used to get a lot of attention and want to achieve that then you should go with leather as it is the easiest way of achieving it.

Leather has a lot of respect in the fashion industry as it is very successful in making a lot of different styles and attires which has ruled the fashion industry for many years especially in the ladies section. Leather has also been a favourite for many celebs and fashion show as it is a very unique and beneficial fabric. Even you can pull off some celebrity look with help of some gorgeous and classy leather dress. Now days there are a lot of different colors available in leather so you can try mixing different colors with different styles and look to make sure you’re getting the most of this fabric.  Leather is a very versatile fabric as well as you can look super professional to supper attractive just with the help of one dress which is the leather dress and there is no other fabric which can do this.

Aside colors there are a lot of different designs and prints available as well which makes it really easy for you to choose the best dress according to your style and personality.

If you’re a fitness freak and have decent curves then you should go with some super sexy stretchy pants but if you don’t like tight clothes then there are a lot of different options available for you like a line leather dress which looks great and is elegant as well. In colors you can go with some classic black or brown but if you’re cool with some bright colors then you can go with some red, blue and even pink.

Leather dresses are one of the best dress a curvy girl can ever wear as it showcases your body in the best way possible.


There are dresses like the one which has a diagonal cut on your wait which shows your belly which looks really attractive and is great in enhancing your curves while giving a naughty girl vibe but make sure that you’re getting the correct size and it shouldn’t hand out loose.

You can also go with some gowns and full length leather dress which sweeps off the floor which will give a really classy and elegant look; make a bun and add some heels and you’re all set to get all the eyes on you.

Leather dress are good enough to make your day but if you still want to add some class do it with the help of some jewellery and keep it simple and light.

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Take Care Of Your Leather- Ultimate Guide

No matter what leather product you own you should take care of them. Even if you’re working in a leather industry you need to take care of it.

This article will help you in taking care of your favourite leather pieces from maintenance to fixing small problems.  

If you start taking care of your leather pieces you will make them last more than you have expected.


If you store your leather properly than you can avoid many damages and it will also help in maintaining the quality of the product. First step which you should follow is to keep it away from sunlight as it can dry its natural oils.

Store handbags in a breathable bag instead of plastic as they aren’t breathable

Don’t keep any leather near you radiator, heater or any other source of heat as they can cause some cracks and reduce their oil.


If you start taking care of your leather pieces every day you will avoid many small problems and can extend its life-time. You should remember that leather is still a skin and it can stretch so just don’t overfill any leather accessories like purses and handbags as they can change its shape which won’t look good.

If you’re a rough user and use any leather piece everyday than you should try cleaning it every week with a soft cloth. Beware of scratches and avoid any contact with sharp objects and jewellery.

Try to keep your leather free from water so whenever it rains, take an umbrella with you. If you don’t want your leather to stink than you should take it out for a small walk.


It is good to keep your entire essential in a place before your day start but if you’re using a leather purse than it is better to keep your bag empty to keep it safe from any wrapping. You can maintain the shape of your purse by keeping some acid-free tissues in it.

If you’re looking to store them for a long time than you need to take care of the other hardware like the zips and clasps, so just wrap them with the same acid-free tissue paper.

Next you need to keep your handbag in a breathable bag or the bag in which it was wrapped as they are made for your bag. If you don’t have any bags than you can grab cotton pillow case which is a great alternative.

 After covering your handbag make sure that they are placed away from the sunlight or any other source of heat. Don’t just hang than as it can make the handles lose, instead keep them on a stand or a base. Also make sure that the handles are in correctly stood without any restrictions as it can cause some change in their shapes as well.

It is better to use a handbag hook which are made to keep you’re handbag correctly and safely.


You should maintain your leather briefcases to keep its professional look preserved. Try to stand it on its metal base to protect it from any scratches. Try not over filling your briefcase to keep its shape in proper condition and make sure that you’re using a protective cover while travelling.

Travel bags

Travel bags are made durable enough to handle almost all sort of minor damages which can happen while travelling. There are a few steps which you should remember to keep your travel bag safe from any sorts of damage.

Make sure you’re keeping your bag on its wheels or the protective stand it comes with to keep your bag safe from the scratches it can get by coming in contact with the ground.

While traveling you can use the cover to make sure that your leather bag is not getting any scratches when it is kept with other bags. 


There are a lot of shapes and sizes in the purse section from which you can choose the best one as per your needs. If you have a lot of things to keep in your purse than look for a purse which has many compartments and pockets that can fit all of your essentials easily and without any overfilling. 

If you’re going to carry your purse in your handbag than make sure you’re keeping it in a different compartment to keep it safe from any scratches or damage. It is better to clean your purse daily with cotton cloth to cry over unwanted scratches.


Belts are something which are used every day and are most prone to some damage. So make sure you’re rotating your belts to increase their life. Choose the correct fit as it will keep than safe from stretching.

If you’re not wearing them so just clean them with a clean cloth. After cleaning hang them by its buckle away from sunlight or any other heat. Hanging your belt is better than rolling it as it will keep it safe from any imprints and shape damage.

If you want to clean your gloves than start it off with a clean cloth and then make a past of soup and hot water, use a sponge to clean all the dirt (pro tip: wearing them will help in cleaning it). Make sure you’re not over doing with the water and just dab extra water. After the cleaning process keep your gloves in a dry and cool place, you can also wear them after some time to make sure that they are not losing their shape.

Albums and Journals

Leather albums and journal must be holding some of your best memories so you need to take of them. First, clean your hand to make sure that you’re not causing any damage. You can also polish them to make sure they are not dehydrating and are always looking fresh.

While storing them make sure that you’re keeping them away from any heat or direct sunlight. Also make sure that they are neither too tight and nor too loosely kept. While taking your journal or album our try pulling it from the middle and not from the top as it can cause damage in long use.


Gloves are meant to protect our hands during harsh weather condition so they are exposed to many harsh metals. Your gloves will get wet in monsoon and winter season, let then dry naturally but not via sun, and keep them away from any other heat source.

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Fashion Tips on How to Dress Well For Men

There are a lot of people out there who think that they are pulling off the most fashionable clothes ever but the actual scene is totally opposite because there certain rules which you should follow whenever you’re dressing.

You might be in a situation where you see a guy wearing amazing an outfit but the occasion is just not suited for his outfit therefore you need to always dress according to the situation.

Every age group has a different collection of clothes which are best suited for their age for example you cannot pull off a trendy bright colored hoodie if you’re over 60 as the best type of clothes for your age is something more formal and chilled and not bright.

Alongside clothes you should always pay a lot of attention to grooming and taking care of your body especially your hair and skin.

Here are some fashion tips which can help you

1. Dress With Authentic Style

If you want to be the boss whenever you enter a room then you need to make sure that you’re dress accordingly which should be “op”.

There is no benefit if your wardrobe is filled with expensive clothes but none of them make you feel comfortable. Therefore instead of looking at the price tag make sure next time you’re looking at yourself and thinking “will I be comfortable wearing this”

Always go with the comfort and never with the looks or brand because if you’re not comfortable wearing it then you whenever you’re wearing it you won’t be 100% comfortable and confident. You should also make your wardrobe according to your lifestyle because you cannot wear a simple tee to your office meeting. Also the worst thing you can do while getting dressed is thinking about what people will think about your outfit. Such type of situation happen only when you’re trying some new trends therefore make sure that your wardrobe is filled with clothes which suits your personality perfectly.


There are very less time when you buy something without any previous research and it turned out good. Whenever you’re buying new stuff make sure you know that they should be useful as well. If you’re buying new clothes when you’re bored of your old ones then don’t forget to donate them. Always buy clothes considering things you’re going to pair them with.

3. Quality over quantity

Always remember that going with quantity will only help in filling your wardrobe and not your heart therefore you should always lean towards quality because it will make you feel good and confident and will also stay with you for a long time.


No matter how expensive clothes you buy if you get the fit game wrong you will end up looking like some weirdo who wears his dad’s clothes on the farewell. Therefore if you’re getting any suit or other clothes try to get it tailored if it doesn’t fits you well if you cannot find the perfectly fitting clothes. Also make sure that whenever you’re getting your clothes altered try to get perfect.  

Body Shape

Whatever clothes you’re going to buy it should go with your body shape. If you have good shape than your clothes will look good on you and if you’re not then try to be in a good shape.

The only good thing about being a bit fat or big is that you don’t have to pay extra cash to alter your clothes.


Always be double sure whenever you’re taking your body measurement just to be sure that you’re not getting anything wrong.

Color and matching

When you’re looking for new clothes make sure that you’re keeping your other clothes in your mind to make sure that it will go correctly with your clothes. Also make sure that you’re not going for more than 2 or 3 neutral colors.

When it comes to pattern you should stick with less in your overall outfit as it will make your outfit look weird.


When it comes to formal or dress shirts the main thing which you should keep in your mind is to keep it simple and go with soft material. In terms of colors you need to buy some basics and most reliable ones like black, white and blue.

In terms of pattern your need to go with simple strips and checks as they are the best suited for formals. Formal shirts are not meant to be attractive with the help of different designs and bright colors. For fabric you should go with some basic cotton. But if you’re worried about your chest hair being visible from your cotton shirt than you can go with crisp two-ply cotton.

You can also try a hack if you’re worried about your dark nipples than you can go with some band aid or tape made for nipples. If you have big forearms then don’t be afraid and just roll up your sleeves without even thinking.


When it comes to ties it shouldn’t be the centre of attention and should be more like a side dish which is very cool.

As they are side dish make sure that they are made from very shiny material until the occasion suits it. Colors like gray, purple or blue are great choices of tie colors. The timing is also something which you should consider like if you’re wearing it in the morning then go with a light color and for night go with a darker one.  


Suits are a good looking piece of clothing and it can even make you look and feel slimmer. Also remember that you can only button one button at a time.


In terms of socks when pairing with suits go with some short ankle socks. If your shoes are brown then go with navy colored socks and when wearing black go with brown socks and for events like sports go with white socks and darker shorts with darker socks.

Generally most shoes aside from oxfords are appropriate for a sockless style. The list includes: boat shoes, bucks, moccasins, loafers, boat shoes, chukkas, and bluchers among others.

Improve your posture:

After getting your fit and style correct make sure that you’re doing your posture correctly. If you slouch then your outfit will take a decline too. Having a good posture will give you confidence as well which is important.

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More Unique Ways to Wear Leather Wear This Winter

Leather are the best type of material which you can wear in the winter as it has all the quality you need in a winter-fabric like warm, comfortable, and fashionable too. You just need a cool breeze to wear this amazing fabric and just don’t listen to people who say that leather is just a meant to wear in super cold countries or by rock stars and bikers.

In this list you will see 5 different ways to wear leather is a very fun and feminine way.

Colorful Pants

Leather leggings and trousers are something which you must have in your wardrobe as it is great if you’re trying to pull off some street style and celebrity look, but if you want to stand out of the crowd then try going for some other color than black. You can start off with a nice brown as it is trending a lot.

Colored Leather Pants: 2 Ways to Wear | Sydne Style | Bloglovin'

Attractive Accessories

If you scared to try a new trend completely than starting with accessory is a great option. If you’re looking to try a leather belt than classic leather belt is a great way to start than going directly to the top class leather belt.

Pretty and Pleated

Leather mini-skirts are some really attractive piece of clothing but it is best for springs but if you still want to try some leather skirts than there are some pleated mid-length ones which have split in front.

Buy MANGO Women Olive Green Faux Leather Pleated Midi Flared Skirt ...

Leather Button-Down

Almost everyone owns a leather jacket which is great but what about leather button-down? Leather shirts are rare to find but are very attractive when layered with different dress and turtleneck.

Leather Shirt for Women | Vince


In street style leather coats are one of the most commonly worn pieces of clothing. You wear a mid-length coat with an pretty colors. If you’re going for a sporty look than a puffer jacket is the option you should opt for.

Vintage Coats: 70's Napa Leather Coats Ladies - ReRags Vintage ...

Top It Off

If you’re not quite ready to commit or worried that leather-dressing is just not your style, make an effortlessly cool beret.

Know your body

Leather jackets have a lot of different style fit which means you have a ton of option to choose from. There are fits out there which are made for every type of body shape and size so that no one should be left behind in trying this amazing piece of clothing out.

Belted Faux Leather Dress | Forever 21

The style is all about you and your personality but when it comes to the fit you have to be careful. There are fits like bomber, slim fit and oversized.

But make sure whatever size you’re buying has space for some layering or for at least one piece of clothing. Also make sure that the length is just below the line of your belt.

If you can go for some vintage leather

Don’t try and save money on your leather as if you go for a good quality leather piece than it can stay for a very long time and mostly more than a decade if take care. Always remember that real leather is expensive and no retailer will sell it a very cheap rate and if you see any than it is fake and very low in quality.

Buy Legends Men's Cafe Racer Triple Stitch Distressed Brown Wax ...

Pair with the correct outfit

A great looking jacket can be ruined if you take the pairing game totally wrong. Try paring your leather jacket with some outfit which will fit the leather jacket as a golden piece.

You can pair leather jacket with some denim jeans, trainers or some derbies.

Don’t overdo with leather

Now you know the basics but that doesn’t give you the pass to try leather in different types of clothes which weren’t meant to be in leather-like if you’re buying a blazer or trench coat it shouldn’t be of leather.

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E-Girl Outfits That Are Trending Now

The E-girl outfit has no style but is more of a vibe which you can recognise. The E-girl is a very new youth culture and it has many crossovers of different accessories and styles. The E-girl outfits are every easy to pull off like sharp eyeliner or the oversized band shirts and many other outfits which give a very effortless look.

Here are some outfits which you can try

1. Plaid Skirts

A plaid skirt is one of the essential of an E-girl wardrobe. You can pair some plaid skirts with a crop top with sneakers or even with an over-sized tee with chucky shoes. The color scheme should be neutral and just play around some blacks and grays and for some bright colors you can go with pink and blue. If it is getting colder than you can pick a pair of tights with some small prints like star or dots.

Vintage Plaid A-Line Skirt | Retro inspired outfits, Retro outfits ...

2. Crop Tops

Show come skin and your waist with a cute crop top. In the crop top section there are a lot of styles and designs from which you can choose from.  Crop tops are mostly worn with skirts or high-waist trousers which make a perfect hourglass look and are very attractive as well. You can go with some bold top with a mesh finish you can also add some unique on them. You can wear this type of outfit in every season with some simple modifications for example if it’s cold you can wear some jackets and chucky belts with it to match the vibe and weather. Always wear something which helps telling people who you’re.

Deal Jeans Others Crop Tops - Buy Deal Jeans Others Crop Tops ...

3. Pop Color Trousers

These pop colored trousers will help in standing out of the crowed. If you don’t like people turning their heads and admiring your bright colored trousers than you can skip this point or article. Go for a loose fit not too loose as it will make you look like a time traveller from the past. If you’re a short girl than you go with some high-waisted trousers which will create an illusion that you’re tall and have an hourglass figure.

What color shirts match with gray pants? - Quora

These trousers will obviously follow a bright color scheme so there is no need to go with black and choose some bright colors like neon green or red, which ever bright color suits you. You can finish your style with some rollnecks, crop top, and bodysuit with long sleeves, whatever suits you the best.

4. Oversized T-shirts & sweater (jumper)

If you’re just chilling or recording some chill tiktok videos, comfort is needed, so just do all of your work with these comfy oversized tees which look cute at the same time. If you’re a fan or some music bands like BTS or the 1975 you can grab some over-sized jumpers of your favourite band. If you’re going for this style than you can go for some long sleeve shirt and wear them under your oversized jumpers. For color of these shirts you can go with black but you can try something bright like yellow or shades of orange and if it’s a cold season than you can wear a turtle-neck instead of shirts for obvious reason.

Oversized Jumpers | Oversized Sweaters | PrettyLittleThing

5. Beanies

Beanies are one of the best E-girl accessories. These are very comfortable and versatile which will make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. There some fisherman beanies which you can try and they have an extra fold and it doesn’t cover your ear. In colors you can choose black because it is versatile and goes with almost everything. If you like bright colors than ignore the above line and choose some bright color like green, pink or orange.

Wholesale Beanies With Pom-Poms | Free Shipping | Katydid ...

6. Choker Necklace

Choker are also a 90s style which has made it to the E-girl vibe. Chokers are mostly a very quiet accessory because that is how they are you can wear them with some necklace as well. If you want more attention than you can go with something which is loud like a chain. You can wear it with some high-neck T-shirts, mesh shirt or a low-cut cami.

Black Leather Choker Necklace with Pendant | chokers & pendants

7. Platform Sneakers

This trend comes all the way from the 90’s. These sneakers will come with some oversized sole which helps in making you taller. In the color section the best colors are white and black as they go with most of your clothes in the wardrobe. If you’re bored of wearing these colors than you can go with something bold like a neon yellow or bright pink and if you don’t like bright and versatile colors than you can go with soft hues all day long. You can pair these sneakers with some jeans over skirts. In terms of outfit options there are a lot.

Shop Nike AIR MAX 97 Platform Platform & Wedge Sneakers by ellypop ...

8. Butterfly Hairclips

This trend also comes from the past mostly from the 90s. These small and cute accessories can take your outfit to another level. You can wear them on both sides of your head and near your ear which will add some more aesthetics. In the color, sections go with something which matches the color of your hair or the outfit. : Golden Butterfly Hair Clips Luxe Metal Butterfly Hair ...

9. E-Girl Makeup

The most recognisable thing you can do as an E-girl is make-up. The vibe of this makeup has soft shades brushed around your nose and cheeks, a knife sharp eyeliner, and some face stamps. You can also add some highlighter to your face to have more appeal. For a fuller pout draw some upwards outline on your cupid’s bow. Off course, we will apply some blush as well so just apply it you cheeks and on the nose tip for the cute look. You can finish your look with a heart stamp under your eye.

The Truth Behind The “E-Girl” and “E-Boy” Trend – InFlight

10. Belt Chains

A chain belt works like an elevator when it comes to talking your attire to the next level. It does look simple but can do some great magic. You can start by adding a few elements on your leather belt. You can tie it below your hip and if you want a more subtle finish just leave than handing around your hip. You can wear them on some high-waisted trousers, skirts and even on oversized jeans.

Luxury Women Chain Belt Long Pendant Tassel Multilayer Gold Silver ...
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Extraordinary Outfits Ideas With Leather Culottes

Culottes are the type of bottoms you should look for autumn and summer while are loose airy. Pairing them can get a little tough but not impossible.

Culottes are still on the trend which means you can wear them in autumn and summer. There are many stylish and attractive outfits you can make with the help if leather culottes. First, you need to start with color; choose whatever color suits you the best and if you’re too confused or lazy to do so than you can go with black. After you have chosen the perfect color the real experiment starts with different textures for example wearing leather pants, denim shirts and a suede jacket.  

Leather Culotte | Karen Millen


When it comes to culottes the reviews are between old-fashioned to amazing never in between that and to wear this trend look for culottes which his flowy in nature. Then end product of the culottes should look like a flowy skirt but with a modern touch

Black Leather Culottes Outfits

You can start off with some orange colored oversized sweater and then pair them up with some red heels and if you want you can also add a red colored leather bag for extra class.  If you don’t like sweater than you can go with a denim shirt, black leather jacket and some black boots. Heels are the perfect footwear for culottes but if you don’t want that than you can swap it up some sneakers. For a sport our casual look you can start with a loose sweater, leather culottes and a black handbag.

Faux Leather Culottes | Karen Millen

Colorful Leather Culottes Outfits

If you’re a fan of neutral colors like black, brown, gray etc. than you can choose any one culottes for example a brown one; you can pair it with a white sweater some gray ankle boots and a beige leather bag for extra class and if it’s cold you can get some gray mini coat as well.

 Marsala is also a color that you shouldn’t forget. You can go with Marsala shirt and culottes with some cutout boots. You can also pair some striped sweater with pants, leather boots, and a red-colored purse.

20 Incredible Outfits With Leather Culottes - Styleoholic


Finding the perfect top for your culottes can get a little tough. You can start your search by not making a mistake by picking some heavy top. If you wear a heavy top with your culottes than there are chances that you might drown in fabric. In the top sections keep it simple like a slim silky blouse and if you want a sportier look than you can go with a shirt for a contrasting look.


Culottes which have some cute pleats look amazing but make sure that you’re not buying some bulky ones. Culottes which have extra details or fabric on the waist will just add some extra weight and not looks. Whenever you’re buying culottes stay away from all the heavily designed culottes and always look for some clean ones.

If you’re one of those girls who are short and cute than make sure you’re getting culottes with perfect length because if they aren’t than you might look shorter than your actual height.

Culottes | Indigo jones


Mostly culottes end at your calf which can make your legs look a bit heavy so to avoid that you can wear some heel to create an illusion. In heels you can go with anything you like there are no specific one. The size of your heel also doesn’t matter as any heel size will do its job.


It all depends on what your top is, if it’s a shirt or blouse than tucking in is the best option. By doing this you will give an hourglass shape looks to your overall attire. If you are chubby than wear a sweater which ends at your hip bone.

Are Culottes Still In Fashion 2018?!

If you and your sweater both are slim than you can go with this style too but make sure that you don’t have make a wide on the top look.

Culottes have a very flattering cloth but if you don’t do it correctly you will look like a girl who is going through some mid-life crisis. If you get the paring game correct than you don’t have to worry about anything. So follow the above tips STRICTLY and don’t overthink as culottes know how to do the fashion talking.

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How To Pair Camouflage For Men

Camouflage was initially designed for military purposes to go incognito but it somehow made it to the fashion world and is one of the greatest fashion trends. When it comes to men’s fashion there are a lot of fashion items that are inspired by the military like trench coats, camouflage, and other stuff. As there is a lot of ways to pair you camouflage we have listed a few ways which can help you in styling with them.

The Camouflage T-Shirt

Military Camouflage T Shirt For Men - Mens Fashion Online at Best ...

A camouflage tee is a great option for you but make sure that it doesn’t have any weird taglines and graphics. You can use a camouflage tee in many ways but it should be free from other prints and taglines.

A camouflage T-shirts has a lot of potential and it doesn’t need any extra designs and logs to make it look more attractive and stylish. Once you have got the perfect camouflage tee look for a fit which will suit the style you want if you want to a more street style then go for a looser fitting but make sure you don’t look like a person who is going through mid-life crisis.

And to complete your look you just need a pair of either black or white pair of jeans and you is good to go.

Camouflage Shorts

Almost every guy must have worn a camouflage short in there growing age and it is a very difficult job to pair them. If you fail to pair these shorts them you definitely look like a guy who is about to beat someone up.

There is a rule which you should follow while purchasing a camo shorts, never go for shorts which have too many pockets and extreme accessories like belts, zippers and stuff as it will only make you look like a guy who is about to give auditions for Man vs. Wild. The best option for you is to choose some fitted shorts which don’t have any extra accessories as they are loud enough to talk. You can pair them with some simple tees and loafers and there you go, you have just saved yourself from looking weird. In short, just don’t buy shorts with too many accessories like zippers and stuff.

Camouflage Trousers

Camouflage pants or trousers were at its peak in the 90s here almost every musical band had a member who would wear these pants everywhere and every time. But after that era it has somewhat gone through a fall and is rarely seen. These trousers are a little though to fit into your wardrobe but it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a place in it. Initially camouflage trousers were worn in a looser fit but nowadays wearing a more fitted and tailored ones would be preferred as it will keep you in the modern and fashionable section and not in an old-guy section.  Try to stay away from pants with extra zippers and pockets. You can pair these pants with some lighter shades of colors tees or a tank top.

The Camouflage Shirt

DIESEL L FOCKS Mens Camouflage Jacket Genuine Leather Green Coat ...

Camouflage shirts are great but there are some shirts which have a very ridiculous branding right in the centre of the shirt which just makes it look very bad and take all the appeal away from it.

These shirts can be a great tool in making a boring casual outfit look amazing as you can just use it for layering which is enough. You can style a camouflage shirt with some solid colored t-shirts, jeans and some shoes and if you live in a cold country then a parka too. In winter you might tend to look for a warmer option while in summer a more light weight and cool.

The Camouflage Jacket

A camouflage jacket is a great and safe option for you if you’re just beginning with this type of style. You must have seen many celebrities and models pulling off this style which is a great source of inspiration. In case of camouflage jackets bomber jackets are also a great option which can be paired with some darker shades of pants. A camouflage jacket is an attractive piece of clothing and there are very less chances of getting it wrong. In harsh winters you can go for a camouflage parka jacket which will keep you warm and fashionable as well, and you can pair with some sweaters and trousers.

Camouflage Accessories

BAPE Taps PORTER for Collaborative Camouflage Accessories

When it comes to accessories camouflage can go with almost every type of style. There are a lot of options in accessories available like bags, caps, messenger bags and many more. You can pair these accessories with different styles as well like formals and casuals. In formals you can pair some accessories like a cap or a bag with you sweet suit. In case of casuals there are a ton of options available for you.

Colourful Camouflage

Topman Mens Multi Colourful Camouflage Print Slim Shirt, Multi ...

There are many other colors available in camouflage pattern which you should definitely try. The famous ones are some darker shades of black and brown.  These new colors can be a great opportunity for you to stand out from you group. But these type of patterns and colors are only experimented in tops and shorts and not in trousers or pants so beware while purchasing them.

You can style these colorful clothing in many ways like you can buy some colorful jackets and can pair them with a solid color tee, black jeans and some amazing sneakers.

Make sure that you’re not stopping at a brand as you might find a better version in other brands.

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Designing and Merchandising Your Leather Collection

Designers initiate the leather design process in different ways. Some begin with the silhouette while others are inspired by a skin or material. Most designers do rough sketches first. Once they feel comfortable in a particular direction, they focus on perfecting those that they think will work. Some designers will mount all of their rough sketches on a wall or some corkboard before beginning the editing process.

Merchandising Your Collection
A good designer will merchandise individual styles in appropriate groups, taking care to create balance within each group. For instance, a balanced line of outwear will include a range of styles with each group, such as short jackets, medium jackets, medium-length coats, three quarter length coats, and long coats. The line will also include a balanced assortment of collar treatments, such as notched, fur-trimmed, banded, and hooded.

The merchandising objective behind the creation of well-balanced groups is to maximise your sales by motivating a buyer to buy several styles within a group. For example, if you offer a buyer a range of short jackets, then he or she will concentrate on deciding which whole group of three styles to buy. By presenting a balanced collection, you are more likely to get three states out of each buyer instead of only one.

The same principles apply to merchandising sportwear. However here you will often want to balance each group by offering a variety of looks and combinations.

The style board can also include flat sketches of all the styles in a theme. Generally, the sketches show both the front and back views of each garment. The sketches should be large enough to see details of each garment and never smaller than 7.5 x 10 cm (3 x 4 inches) each. However, style boards sometimes depict styles on a fashion figure for a more dramatic effect.

How to make a style board - The House That Lars Built

For large collections, designers generally prepare both a theme board and style board to present their design concepts fully. For smaller groups, many designers combine their theme and style boards.
In either case, the style board should depict.
1. The target customer
2. The featured skin
3. The color study
4. The mood
5. The styles offered in the line.

A collection that is professionally researched designed and presented with theme and style boards can ensure increased sales and reduced costs. The boards act as organizational tools for designers, selling platforms for salespeople, and merchandising aids for buyers. They can also prevent a manufacturer processing with a poorly convinced line, wasting precious production time and making expensive samples.

The Remaining Steps in The Design Process:
Once the best styles have been approved for sample making the process is as follows:
1. The pattern maker makes the pattern.

2. The sample maker sews a muslin or canvas prototype.

3. The designer fits the muslin and makes any necessary corrections.

4. The sample maker cuts and sews the garment using a production skins.

5. The designer fits the final sample and makes any additional adjustments.

When a company manufacturer overseas, once the garment has been approved for sample making, the process is as follows.
1. The designer completes a design/spec sheet which specifies everything the overseas sample maker needs to know about the design, including exactly which skin or skins to use.

2. The overseas factory will follow the design/spec sheet and send the sewn sample made up in the specified skin.

3. The designer will fit and inspect the garment and tell the overseas factory what corrections need to be made.

4. The overseas factory will continue to revise the garment until the designer is happy with it.

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Design Inspiration For Leather Garments

Custom hand painted jacket by Alli K Design | Diy jacket, Painted ...

Clothing design usually begins with inspiration. Inspiration can be the material itself or people, place, or thing.

The key attribute of a designer is to be constantly curious and observant of the world around you. To design collection after collection, bringing originality and style to a range of garments, requires an outward focus. Good places to start are trend shows, museums and libraries, and observing current cultural themes.

Define Your Customer

If you are to design affordable, desirable clothes you will need to know the age and socio-economic profile of your customer. If your customer is young, you will want to design trendy, fun and affordable clothes, so you will have to pay attention to the price of the skins that you select for your design. Similarly if you have an older, more mature customer garment, with attention paid to interesting details. You must always choose your skins according to your price point.

Go Shopping

Market research is the best way to see, at first hand, what the competition is doing as well as to learn what your customer is buying. It also gives you the opportunity to see the types off skins being used by other designers the silhouettes that are being shown for that season and what the price points are.

Attend Forecast/ Trend Shows
Most designers, especially those in the mass market category, will want to know what fashion industry trend services are predicting for the upcoming season. While there are no trend services exclusively for leather apparel, forecast services, such as Peclers, Promostyl and the Doneger Group, provide information that can be used by leather apparel manufacturers. These services predict color, fabric, silhouette and trend information, for a membership fee. Fibre manufacturers Cotton Incorporated and DuPont offer trend and color information at no charge.

Attend Trade Shows:
There are numerous leather shows throughout the year. These shows allow designers to keep abreast of the latest trends and advances in leather tanning and design. New treatments, colors and skin textures are always being introduced at these shows. Leather designers should also keep up to date on textile trends by attending the top fabric shows, such as Premier Vision in Paris (October and March) and the International Fabric Fashion Fabric Exhibition in New York(November and April).

Travel To Find Inspiration
Many mass manufacturers find inspiration in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Milan, Florence, Munich, Duuseldorf, Montreal, Tokyo, Barcelona and Brussels. Their designers might photograph merchandise in store windows, sketch things that they see and or purchase items that they might wish to copy or interpret for their own collection. This is a way for their company management to see new merchandise and trends at first hand.

Read Trade Press:
Designers should constantly read fashion magazines for color and trend direction. In addition to the specialized leather apparel magazines, designers should read all of the most important fashion magazines, both American and European. Designers should also regularly read trade papers such as Women’s Wear Daily for up to the minute information. Designers affiliated with a manufacturer who is a member of the Leather Industries of America or the Leather Apparel Association should also be reading the newsletters produced by these trade organizations for current information.

Carry Out Research in Museums and Libraries
Designers can gain inspiration from numerous sources but one of the best ways comes from studying what designers in the past have done. Many museums throughout the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, exhibit the costumes of particular designers and or certain periods in history, which can have a surprising influence on current fashion trends. FIT in New York also has wonderful exhibits and a very extensive costume library as does the Musee de la Mode in Paris. All of these museums and institutes also have book and magazine libraries.

Pay Attention to Non-Fashion Events and Trends:
Designers should always be aware of all the events that are going on around them. Current trends in music, film, dance, theatre, and even local news can be potential sources of design inspiration. Some of the major trends in fashion in the past have been a result of such influences. For example, many designers have tied their collections into musical trends such as grunge and hip hop. ‘ People watching ‘ from a park bench or from a table at a street café can also provide inspiration.

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Interesting Facts about Pearls

Pearls also referred to as the queen of the jewels was found thousands of years ago. The jewel is ageless which fascinates a lot of people worldwide since the time of its discovery. Even though this jewel was found thousands of years ago there are many facts which people didn’t know about.

1. Pearls are the Only Jewel which comes from a Living Being

Yes, it is a gemstone but a very different from the other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, etc. these gems come from a living creature which you might know about (oysters) while other gems come from the earth’s crust.

10 Interesting Facts About Pearls | Diamond Heaven

2. Natural Pearls are one of the World’s Rarest Jewels

As per the surveys done on real pearls it was found that less than 1 in every 10,000 wild oysters has pearls. The demand for this jewel is increasing a lot every year which is depleting the resources of this jewel in the oyster beds, in spite of the growth of cultured grown in the oyster farms; the population is still not recovered. That is the reason natural pearls are the rarest gems of the planet earth.

3. The First Ever Artificial Round Pearl Was Created by Mikimoto Kōkichi

Mikimoto Kōkichi was a Japanese entrepreneur who was the first person ever to make cultivated pearl. In the year 1878 he started to find different ways to cultivate oysters in him oyster bed. His plan got successful and patented in the year 1896 after many failures. The discovery hit the pearl industry real hard as the customer preferred to buy the cultivated pearl which were more round and it was less expensive than the natural pearl.  

4. A Predictable 99% of Pearls on the Market Today are cultured

After the discovery of a cultivated pearl made by Mikimoto Kōkichi the whole market changed as everyone was buying cultivated round pearls. As per the data of this year almost every pearl in this market is cultivated as all the natural pearls has been collected. Not all cultivated pearls are of high quality as the real ones.

5. The Most Expensive Pearl is Esteemed at $100 Million

The most expensive pearl was found in a burning house in 2016 which was just kept as a lucky charm. The reason why it is the most expensive pearl was because of its size which was 26 inch was weighed 75 pound which is the largest pearl till this date.

6. Cleopatra Used Pearls to win a bet

Elizabeth Taylor: Remembering Hollywood's Cleopatra!

As per the stories on Cleopatra this most famous is when she had a bet with Mark Anthony, the bet to prove that she can host the most expensive in the world. She was also very popular because she has the two biggest pearls worn as earrings. So to make the most expensive dinner she crushed one of her pearls in a goblet of wine and she even consumed that wine which makes it the most expensive cocktail even.

7. The Oldest Pearl Ever Found Dates Back 8000 Years

This pearl was discovered in 2012 by some French researchers in the UAE and was named “Umm al Quwain” because it was found in UAE. The researchers used carbon dating to find the age of this pearl and claimed that its age is around 8000 thousand.

8. The Four Main Types of Pearls

There are pearl types differ from each other by different sizes, shapes, colors and the market value.

The most accessible pearls originate from China and are cultivated in freshwater rivers. Then there are Japanese Akoya pearls which are cultivated in salty waters and are spherical in shapes with a gorgeous shine on them which makes them one of the best pearls. Next in the list are Tahitians pearls which are also saltwater pearls cultured in French Polynesia and are also stated as black pearls but are still available in many colors like green, blue and purple. The last are the South Sea pearls which are known for their size as they are big pearls and are found in different water parts of Australia

Pearls 101: A Quick Look at the Different Types

9. There is a Pearl Necklace Dictionary

The popularity of pearl is growing every day with an immense pace which has given rise to many new styles of necklaces. This popularity has given rise to a new dictionary for pearls and its sizes. This dictionary consists of words like chokes, matinee, rope, etc. which are referred to different sizes.

10. Pearls Can Take Many Different Shapes

It is mostly believed that pearls are always symmetrical in shape which is so not true as they are available in many sizes as well. The most usual shapes of pearls are round, drop size, baroque, etc. the most liked pearl size is round but there people who prefer different sizes based on their perception.

11. It Takes a minimum 6 Months for a Pearl to Form

Every pearl has a different time period to grow but the minimum time in all pearls is six months and the growing period a can also go up to2 years. The journey of pearl developing starts from a farmer inserting a small nucleus inside a mollusc and everything depends on how much time the pearl will take to recover from the inserting process. After the mollusc has completely recovered the growth of pearl starts and mollusc cover the pearl with nacre. 

12. Pearls are one of the Official Birthstones for June.

People who are born in June are said to be very lucky as their month has 3 birthstones which consist of Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone and pearl being the rarest gemstone. The birthstones of June represent loyalty and clarity. Pearl can be a great gift for a person born in the month of June.