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Dos And Don’ts You Should Remember While Storing Any Leather Jacket

Leather jackets can be considered as one of the best pieces of fashion which you can have in your wardrobe. Leather jacket provides great comfort level, style, durability, etc. Finding a substitute for leather jacket is close to impossible.

Leather jackets are versatile enough to be worn almost every day. Leather jacket are considered as timeless piece of fashion and you can wear them with almost any type of style. Apart from this leather jacket are also soft and comfortable to wear all day long.

Wearing your leather jacket literally every day for the whole year might sound a bit crazy and it is a bit crazy. There can be places where you might have to store your leather jacket. Leather jackets are a bit on the different side and do need that extra care whenever you are storing them.

Today we will be looking for things you should do and avoid while storing your leather jacket.

Check your pockets

Checking your pockets before you are storing them is really important and it is a no brainer that all types of leather jacket do come with pockets. The number of pockets can be different depending on the leather jacket you are going for. Before storing your leather jacket make sure you are removing everything from them because if they have something it can cause some unwanted damage.

Avoid direct sunlight

Whenever you are choosing any place to store your leather jacket always make sure that you are not exposing it to direct harsh sunlight. Whenever you are storing your leather jacket indoor, make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight like near your window.

Leather jackets can stand strong against sunlight but when it comes to exposing it to direct sunlight for long hours can cause harm. The main reason why you should always avoid direct sunlight is it can cause dryness. If the leather jacket is exposed for some good number of months, then it can cause dryness which can lead to cracking and other damages. Therefore always store your leather jacket in a dark area to avoid cracking and dryness.

Spot cleaning

Before you store your leather jacket try spot cleaning them. When your leave stains on your leather jacket without cleaning them, then it can take things from bad to worse because it can cause damage. Even if the stains are small, it can go a bit deep and can make things worse which can make the stains impossible to remove. This damage does not happens in a single night and can take many months.

Before you store your leather jacket for some good number of weeks or months always make sure you are spot cleaning them. Spot cleaning is pretty simple and basic thing to do which can be done with the help of a washcloth and just clean the surface. You can start the cleaning process with the help of a damp cloth and use a mild detergent and just spot clean your leather jacket. After you spot clean your leather jacket, you are ready to store them.

Apart from spot cleaning you should also try conditioning your leather jacket right before storing them. conditioning is a bit different as compared to cleaning. As the name says conditioning stands for the name. There are different conditioning creams which you can use on your leather jacket. Using a conditioner is important because it will help in hydrating and moisturising your leather jacket. You can use the conditioning product on your leather jacket surface which will also help in keeping your leather jacket soft and supple. If you have never conditioned your leather jacket, then doing it right before storing them can be the perfect time.

Never store wet

In case your leather jacket is wet or damp, then you should always avoid storing them. Considering that your leather jacket is made from real leather, then it will maintain some of that moisture. The main reason behind this is that real leather is pretty absorbent and comes with a porous texture as well which can absorb moisture. Therefore, whenever you store your leather jacket when it is wet, then it can cause mildew which is something you will never except.

In case your leather jacket is wet, then always wait until it is dry. To dry your leather jacket just leave it under fresh air for an hour and it should be pretty fine.

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Whenever you buy a leather item be it a wallet, bag, jacket, pants, etc. you should always know that it is more of an investment. There are a lot of things that go into considering before finalizing the leather item you will be buying. Therefore, you should always look towards different ways you can make the most out of your leather items and the first thing which you should do is taking good care of them.

Here are different tips which you can consider maintaining your favorite leather items:

Avoid sitting on your wallet

Everyone has a habit of keeping their wallets in their butt pockets. Keeping your wallet there is not only bad for your health but also affects the quality of your leather wallet in a negative way. Sitting on your wallet will also cause losing the original shape of your leather wallet. It is highly recommended to keep your leather wallet in the front pockets or in your hands. In case you are wearing a blazer, then you can keep your leather wallet in the inner pockets. In case your leather wallet comes with a warranty, then beware damage caused by this will not be covered, therefore avoid keeping them in your back pockets.

Never overstuff

Overstuffing is never a good idea because it can cause stretching, thus damaging the quality of the leather. Be it your leather wallet or briefcase you should remember this point to keep the overall quality of your leather in the best possible form.  And again, the damage caused here is not covered by the warranty provided.

Never go with plastic

Not just for the planet, plastic is not the best thing for your leather items as well. Leather is a fabric that requires breathing and ventilation to make sure there is no mildew production. There make sure you are not keeping your leather items in a plastic bag. Instead, you can use something like a storage bag or dust bag to store your leather items. If you are using plastic bags to store your leather items, then remove them right now and use a bag that is more on the breathable and ventilated side.

Avoid direct sun contact

Getting too much sunlight on your leather item is not the best thing you can do to maintain your leather quality. Just like how our skin is, leather does go through shrinking and wrinkling. If your leather items are soaked in water, then do not use any external heat source to dry it out and leave it to dry naturally. If needed you can use a dry cloth to absorb water but make sure you are not using too much energy. Avoid using items like a hairdryer or leave it in the sun because this can just make things worse for the quality of your leather item.

Check your leather item regularly

When your leather items absorb a lot of dirt and dust it can increase the chances of damage your leather. Fortunately, you can avoid getting this unwanted damage by doing a regular cleaning check on your leather items. If you find any dirt and dust on your leather, you can use a damp cloth to clean them off but make sure the cloth is not dripping in water.

In case it is too late to clean your leather item with a damp cloth, then you should try using a good quality leather conditioner to make things easier. 

Avoid using any cleaners like soap, detergents, handwashes, etc. on your leather item because it will affect the overall quality of your leather item. If you want, there are specific products made for cleaning leather that you can opt for.

Moisturize the leather

Your skin is not the last thing that requires moisturisation as your leather products need that too. If you fail to do so, you can see different cracks on your leather items. Therefore, do not underestimate moisturizing your leather products. It is better to choose a natural product if your leather has vegetable dye. Apply a small quality on a lint-free cloth and use it on your leather products.

That is, it! these are some pointers which you should remember to make sure you are taking care of your leather product to get the most out of your leather products.

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Reasons Why You Should Have A Leather Shirt And How You Can Pair

A lot of people tend to think that jackets are the only garment made from leather which is not true because there are some other items as well which are made from leather-like pants, dresses, vests, accessories, and shirts as well. There are a lot of people who are unaware of the fact that there are shirts made from leather and can be used in different outfits for stylish and attractive-looking attire.

As the name suggests it is just a shirt but made from leather which is good enough to make a huge difference as compared to shirts made from other fabrics.

If you are still not sure about leather shirts, then this is the post that can help in knowing more about this attractive piece of fashion.

Here are different advantages which you can consider before choosing any leather shirt:

Soft and Ultra Comfortable

The first thing which you will notice is the texture which is smooth and comfortable. Leather shirts are made from similar leather which is used in making leather jackets. The best type of leather which you can get for your leather shirt. This soft texture it comes with which feels great on the skin. The level of comfort provided by Nappa leather is great and rare to find in other fabrics. Therefore if you are looking for something which will not cause any type of itching and irritation then leather is something which you should try.


As these shirts are made from leather, they come with the property of repelling moisture instead of absorbing it. This is an important feature for people who have an active lifestyle. You can wear your leather shirt to different places and occasions ranging from your office to random get-togethers.

When you are wearing a traditional shirt, it is more likely to absorb moisture or sweat in common cases which can rub against your skin and feels pretty gross. There is a pretty simple solution for this which is going with a leather shirt because it comes with the property of repelling moisture.

Strong and Durable

There is no doubt that leather as fabric comes with a great level of strength and durability. When you are going with a traditional fabric like cotton the chances of getting it ripped or damaged is pretty high and this is not the case when it comes to leather shirts because of the strength and durability it comes with. You can also try taking a test in comparison with leather and traditional fabrics. For testing, you can try just holding both the fabrics and just compare the thickness. This enhances the level of durability and strength of leather shirts. This does not mean that leather shirts are resistant to any type of damage because it still tends to get the damage under certain circumstances.  

Unique Style

There are not many people whom you will see pulling off the leather shirts which can be a great thing because it will help in getting a unique and attractive look. You can try going with the common style which will not be great because you will just blend in with everyone else. To make sure this does not happen you have an option to go with leather shirts that come with different options in colors, style, designs, etc. Going with leather shirts will not only give you great comfort but will also give you an amazing and timeless look that is unique from other trends.

Choosing leather shirt

As we know there are different benefits of leather shirts you might be thinking to buy one. The first step which you should take is to choose the correct type of leather shirt. There are different types of designs and styles available from which you can choose the best as per the occasion and your style.

The Color

The color is the next thing that you pay attention to while choosing a leather shirt. There are a lot of people who tend to believe that brown is the only color that is available which is not true because there are other colors as well from which you can choose. Brown is a pretty popular color option in the leather jacket section.  There are other colors like red, blue, b=green, black, yellow, and other modern and classic colors from which you can choose. There are leather shirts as well which you can find in multiple colors. When it comes to multiple colored leather shirts choose a combination that is easy to pair with different apparel. Black is a versatile color option that you can consider because of the versatility it comes with and the same goes with brown. If you tend to have more black shoes and accessories, then going with the black leather shirt will make more sense and if you have more brown accessories and shoes then go with a brown-colored leather shirt.

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Myths About Leather Fashion You Should Totally Ignore

When we talk about fashion the most common type of fabric in the industry is cotton considering the number of clothes made from it like tees, shirts, dresses, suits, etc. irrespective of gender. This is one of the reasons why most of people are doubtful when it comes to apparel made from other fabrics. This did create confusion when it comes to leather items.

Therefore here are some myths that you should always stay away from.

Leather Clothes Are Scratchy and Uncomfortable

Leather does come with a different feel when compared to cotton, but the difference is surely not scratchy and uncomfortable. On the other hand, leather comes with a great level of softness and some people find the comfort level better in leather than cotton considering that leather is real and genuine leather and not faux leather. You can wear leather items for a good amount of time without finding anything uncomfortable and scratchy. Leather comes with great unique properties which makes it soft and supple.  

Leather Clothes Are Available in Black and Brown ONLY

This is absolutely a myth because there are more colors are available apart from black and brown. Leather as fabric comes is in the world for some good amount of years and for almost a century and since then, they are highly seen in black and brown color. There is an increase in demand for leather garments which did lead to producing many other colors thus increasing sales. There are many other leather items like shirts, jackets, dresses, etc. which you can get in different colors apart from black and brown and in high-quality leather.

You Can’t Wear different Leather items at the same time

This is one of the most popular myths about leather which you should obviously ignore because it does not make any sense. There is no problem when you are wearing different leather items in one outfit. For example, if you are wearing a leather jacket, then you can add another leather item like leather pants to have a constant-looking attire. This combination is great if you are looking to have something unique and attractive. The main thing which you should remember here is that the leather items which you are planning to wear should go well with each other. Irrespective of what you are planning to wear make sure they are matching. If you fail to do so, then you will just end up with an attire that does not has any type of attractive and stylish look. Therefore always consider the color and style of your leather items for any type of outfit.

Leather Shrinks When Exposed to Heat

There are a lot of non-leather fabrics which tend to shrink when exposed to any heat source. For example, when you are trying to dry your cotton wear with something hot, there is a high chance that the fitting will be different from the last time. The main reason behind this is the contraction of cotton whenever it comes in contact with heat which leaves you with a smaller cloth. In the case of leather items, this issue is absent but still, this does not allow you to wash them in hot water or use the dryer to dry them out because of the properties it comes with.

Leather Clothes Are High in Maintenance

Just like the above myths you should also avoid this as well. just like any other fabric, even leather comes with instructions for maintaining and cleaning them. most of the leather items do not need regular cleaning because occasional cleaning and conditions work for them. In case you can see that your leather item is dirty, then you can clean them by using a damp and clean cloth along with a mild detergent. You can just continue spot cleaning until all the spots are gone. Apart from the cleaning you should also focus on conditioning your leather items as well. You can use saddle soap to condition your leather items. You do not have to condition them frequently and just do it every 3 or 4 months.

Leather Clothes come with bad age

There is no fabric or clothes which can guarantee to stay forever no matter how durable they are. Nonetheless, when we compare different fabrics, leather tends to provide the best age and last for a good amount of years. It is pretty common for leather items to last for decades considering you are taking good care of them. One of the reasons why you will stop wearing any leather item is because you might have outgrown it and not because of the lack of quality. In case you are outgrown from your leather item, you can still sell them at a great price considering the overall appearance and feel. There are many stores that are interested in buying used leather items. The demand for leather items is pretty good which will help in selling our old leather items at a good price.

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Whenever we talk about leather jackets the first color which can pop up in your brain might be black or brown considering how popular these colors are and there is nothing wrong with this.   

Nonetheless, if you are looking to get something which can help in standing out from the rest of the wrong, then you should go with a color which is not the most popular one. A bright yellow color is something which you can look forward to. In case you have a black leather jacket you can still use it to make different outfits, but experimenting is a part of fashion, and you should try different things and a bright-colored leather jacket is one of them which will give you a better idea about what goes well with your style.  

Styling with a yellow leather jacket

A yellow leather jacket is bright and joyful apparel. There is no secret that this leather jacket is loud and bright which can make styling a bit difficult but keep reading to know how you can style with it.

Here are different styles which you can consider with your yellow leather jacket:

The casual look

You can look for a great street look with our yellow leather jacket by pairing it with some casual jeans. You can go with a simple top that has strips or solid in a neutral color underneath your yellow leather jacket.

To add that extra level of casual feel you can go with some ripped jeans along with some white sneakers. The next thing which you should pay attention to is the accessories you wear like a watch or a choker. 

The little black dress

The little black dress is a great way of adding that feminine touch to your attire. By pairing LBD with our yellow leather jacket you will achieve a classy and attractive-looking attire. Apart from this the attire also gives a semi-formal look to your attire.

A plain black dress that hugs your body nicely will be a great option to pair with your yellow leather jacket. In the footwear section, you can go with some strappy heels which is just the best thing you can pair with this outfit.


Button-ups and leather jackets are a great combination which you should try irrespective of the color of your leather jacket. As we are going with a leather jacket, which is on the brighter side, we have to avoid any type of color clash. Your button-up should be in a lighter shade as compared to your bright yellow leather jacket; white will be a great color to consider.  

For your bottoms, you can go with some regular skinny denim jeans which just are great for a casual occasion, and in case you want something for our formals you have the option to go with some trousers.

The funky shoes

A great way to finish your yellow leather jacket attire would be by pairing them with the correct shoes’ incorrect color and style. There is no doubt that the leather jacket has a bright color and everything in a bright color will not be the best choice for your attire. You can add some bright and funk shoes to your attire but make sure the remaining attire is not as bright as our shoes. For funky shoes, you have options like colorful pumps, bright-colored sneakers, etc.

The accessories

The bright-colored leather jacket can be considered as an accessory but there are some other accessories as well which you should consider for your attire. Bags, hats, shades, scarves, etc are some great examples of accessories that you can add to your attire.  

The main aim of this accessory is to enhance the elegance and class of your overall attire. Try keeping it simple and avoid going overboard with patterns, designs, and colors.

The summer dress

Keeping our leather apparel away is a difficult thing to do irrespective of the weather. The fabric is great when it comes to keeping you warm without degrading your style. You might be wondering how to wear them during the summer season. A great summer great will be the best option for your yellow leather jacket. You can start things off by choosing a dress in a floral pattern or print and pair it with your yellow leather jacket. In this outfit, the main highlight will still be your yellow leather jacket that goes well for the hotter summer season. There are different types of length as well which you can choose as per preferences and style.

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Tips To Remember With Your Leather Pants

Denim jeans are pretty popular and stylish but there are high chances that you might be bored of them. If you are tired of wearing denim jeans there are other options as well which you can consider. Leather pants are great options that you should consider. Leather pants are pretty popular among men and women. There is no doubt that leather pants are popular but just because of that you should not choose. If you are looking to have a unique look there are different types of styles from which you can choose. Leather pants are made from genuine leather which will give you an attractive and stylish look.

Here are some tips to consider with your leather pants:

Consider Your Shoes

Your shoes are pretty important whenever you are styling with leather pants. In case you are going with boots try going with leather pants which have an opening near the bound that will cover the top part of your boots to have a uniform and effortless look.  

If you are going to wear athletic shoes with your leather pants, then avoid going with the opening and look for another pant style like skinny or straight which works well if you are not planning to wear any boots.  In terms of fitting, you can go with a relaxed option. Nonetheless, make sure you are matching your shoes with the style of your leather pants. 

Genuine Leather

There are a lot of leather pants from which you can choose from but there are some which are made from lower quality leather and faux leather as well. Faux leather is not the best option that you can consider for your leather pants even if they do look like real leather but apart from this, there are no practical benefits that you can get from faux leather. the price is low, but it is not worth spending that money because it does come with a similar level of durability. Going with genuine leather pants is something you should look forward to because it comes with features like durability, stylish, trendy, versatile, longevity, etc. which faux leather lacks. Real leather is a fabric that should be considered as an investment.

Right Fit

There are different types of styles which you can find in leather pants from which you can choose the best one as per your style. In the same way, there are different types of fittings from which you can choose as per your body. Finding the perfect size for your leather pants is really important because if they are too big the leather pants will look awkward and if they are too small it will restrict your basic body movements. The whole process of finding the perfect size for your leather pants can be tiring but there is something you can consider which can help in saving time and energy. Custom size leather pants are something you should look for because here the pants will be made as per the measurement given by you which will give you a leather pant that fits you perfectly.

The Right Shirt

Going with the correct shirt is really important when you are styling with leather pants. As these pants are made from leather it is safe to go with a shirt that is not made from leather. This does not mean that leather shirts are not great in terms of style and fashion.

When you are styling with leather apparel it is best to stick with minimum style and avoid adding any additional leather in the form of shirts or caps. You must be thinking about what type of shirts you can pair now since leather shirts are out of consideration.

The top you are going with pair with your leather pants majorly depends on what type of style you prefer. To keep things safe going with a simple button-up shirt will be beneficial. The main thing which you should pay attention to is the color and shirt style you are going with and make sure it goes well with your leather pants. For example, if you have black leather pants avoid wearing a brown colored shirt and follow the same rule if you have brown leather pants. Black and brown are great colors, but they do not go well when paired in a single attire.

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Leather Trench Coats- An Exclusive Piece Of Leather Outfit

There are different types of trends going all over the world and there are some new and old trends as well. leather trench coats are in trend and have been for a very long time. In the initial days, these trench coats did get the same level of popularity as they have now because it was mostly used for practical reasons and not for fashion.

The shape and structure of these leather trench coats have seen some changes like now we can see trench coats with double breasts and have some pockets as well. Apart from this, there are some other details as well which have been changed and improved. There are some designers as well who have new designs and changes for leather trench coats.  

Trench coats are some great pieces of fashion and belong a space in every wardrobe.

During the initial days, leather trench coats were mostly worn by different officers to store items like grenades. The name trench coat is given because of the features it comes with. As time went on these coats started gaining popularity and were used as a piece of style and fashion.

There are some new styles in leather trench coats which have attracted many new customers. There are options like choosing a single or double-breasted, full length, cropped length, belts, etc. which you can choose as per your personality and preferences. There are different options from which you can choose depending on your preferences.

Leather trench coats were initially used as protection from harsh winter conditions but now there are leather trench coats that can be worn in different seasons.

We can also see many celebrities pulling off these leather trench coats which clearly shows the styling potential it comes with.

Leather trench coats are available for both genders, and it can be paired with different apparel like skirts, dresses, suits, jeans, etc. Leather trench coats are a must for your wardrobe because oof of the styling and practical feature it comes with. There are different options in length and color from which you can choose depending on what you like and prefer.

Black is a popular color when it comes to choosing leather trench coats irrespective of the wide variety of other colors available. Apart from the colors, you get the usual different types of styles and sizes as well. You can wear leather trench coats to different places from formal events to casual dinner parties.

Leather trench coats are in the fashion world from a long time and now it can be considered as a timeless piece. The chances of leather trench coats going out of the fashion world is same as having 30th February. There can be a few more changes done to it in future but going out of the fashion not going to happen. Along with this leather trench coats also provide great level of versatility as well which will allow you to pair it with almost any outfit. This is another reason why you should own at least one leather trench coat.

Here are certain things which you should consider before buying a leather trench coat.

A Planned Budget for a Trench Coat

Before you buy anything make sure you are planning your budget for your leather trench coat. With the help of a budget, you will know what exactly you want and how much to spend. This will avoid in spending too much of cash.

Leather trench coat is more like an investment, and it is something which will stay with you for some good amount of time considering it is made from high quality leather.

Styles and Designs of a Trench Coat

There are different types of styles which you get in leather trench coats from which you can choose the best as per your choice and are easily available as well.

You can get these leather trench coats in leather and wool. Printed jackets are getting trendy recently and is an attractive piece which you should have. Leather trench coats are rarely used as a protective wear and is mostly used for making a fashion statement.

Leather trench coats are flexible and can be worn in different weather conditions along with the rainy season. Buying one leather trench coat is always better than buying different for every season.

Trench Coats in Black and Grey

Leather trench coats are super fashionable when in colors like black and grey. Black is a great color for everyone from men to women. You can pair your black leather trench coats with some black jeans and for women you can pair them with contrasting colors. You can also try wearing some colors like red, white, etc. to have a unique look.

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Choosing A Correct Color For A Leather Jacket

In case you are looking to buy a new leather jacket, then this can be one of your questions. Just like any other outerwear, even leather jackets come with different color options to choose from and there are multi-color options as well. As there are different types of colors it tends to make things a bit confusing and difficult while choosing the perfect color.  

The first thing which you should do is planning because it will make things easier. Here are some points which can help in choosing your leather jacket color:

Check Your Shoes

You might be wondering what connection your shoes have while choosing your leather jacket color. The rule which you can follow is matching the color of your leather with your shoes. In case you have brown shoes then go with a brown leather jacket and follow the same thing in the case of your black shoes. It is not necessary that you have to match the color of your leather jacket with your shoes. If the color of your leather jacket compliments your shoes and vice versa then you are good to go.

Classic Style

There are some classic color options like brown and black from which you can choose from. There are some style options as well like bomber leather jacket which are mainly available in brown color. The main reason behind this is because cowhides tend to get a brown color naturally after processing and tanning. Black is a color that is gaining a lot of popularity in men and women which helps in getting that modern look. In case you are looking to get that classic look then going with brown or black will be a great option.

Cover Stains

There are some leather colors that tends to highlight different stains. In case your color highlights stains then it is not the best one because in case you are out in for any activity you do not want any type of stains and dirt to be highlighted on your leather jacket. black and brown is again a great color option because it can hide different stains as compared to lighter color options.

Casual and Formal

There are color options which can either be a casual or formal or something which goes well with both the occasions. It is important to choose color as per your occasions. In case of you are going to a formal occasion there are color options like black, grey, brown, navy, etc.  and in case of casual occasions you can go with some bright color options like blue, beige, red, etc.

Two-Tone Jacket

There are some leather jackets which you can find in more than one color. There are two toned color options which you can look for as an alternative for classic colors. A common color option that you can look for is black colored leather jacket with some red or blue strips. There are different combinations which you can try apart from the black and red or blue. It is great way to add a fun feature to your leather jacket.

Avoid White

If there is a labour day make sure you are not wearing any white-colored apparels and leather jackets. There are different reasons why you should not wearing any white after labour day. This day can be considered as an unofficial end for the summer season and wearing something cool and light weight like white does not goes well. Apart from this it is also said that you should not wear white color on labour day.

These were the reasons why you should avoid wearing white colored leather jacket after labour day. You can wear your white-colored leather jacket during the other days of the year.

Red Leather Jacket

If you are looking to get that unique out of the crowd look, then going with a redd colored leather jacket will be a great option for you which will never disappoint you. There are a lot of people who tend to opt for colors like black and brown which makes it easy to stand out by going with a brighter color options. There are a lot of manufacturers who tend to make leather jackets in almost every possible color. Red leather jackets are getting a lot of attention in the last few years because of the features it comes with like unique character and versatility. You can either wear it with formal attire or with something casual.

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Leather Little Black Dress- Trending Stylish Fashion

The LBD or little black dress is essential for your wardrobe and belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. The dress is pretty self-explanatory as it is a simple, small black dress. LBD is a great modern dress that is considered timeless. Little black dress works well for everyone irrespective of your shape and size.

Nonetheless, there are some issues that not everyone notices with the little black dress. Mainly people wear this dress to stand out from the crowd, imagine you are planning something with your friends, and you plan to wear LBD but anyone of your friends plans the same thing. To avoid these situations, you should look for something different and the fabric is a great place to start things of. Leather is a great fabric that you can choose for your LBD because of the features and properties it comes with.

The Basics for Leather Little Black Dress

There are different types of fabrics in which you can find your little black dress, and cotton is one of the most common types of fabrics used for the little black dress especially during the summer season because it is comfortable and breathable. Winter will arrive in a few months, and you will need something which can keep you warm.

For winters wool is a pretty popular options because it is thick and can keep you warm as compared to cotton which makes it a great option. There is a better substitute for wool which is leather and is not give the deserved attention as it should get.

You can find a little black dress made from leather which is great in terms of style and practical features too which can keep you warm without messing with your style. There are still some women who are not sure about the little black dress in leather and if it will suit them or not. Keep reading to know more about the different advantages leather comes with.


One of the main characteristics of leather is the uniqueness it comes with which is something you will not see in other fabrics. Because of this feature, you will stand more out of the crowd as compared to other fabrics. There are not many people you will find in your circle who own a leather little black dress. Just because it is rare in your circle it does not means that going with leather will be a terrible idea.

If standing out from the crowd is one of your main objectives to buy a little black dress, then going with leather is the best idea you can have right now.

Options to choose from

The number of options you have when it comes to leather is immense. It is pretty obvious that you must have thought that every leather little black dress is the same which is not completely true. Even if the leather little black dress is made from genuine leather there can be shades of differences that you can notice. There is a leather LBD which you can see with buttons on the front and without the buttons. Apart from this, there are leather LBDs that have options for pockets, ruffles, belts, etc. which gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Free From Hair and Lint

There is no one in this world who does not hate lint and hair on their dress. If you are someone who has a dog or a cat, then you know what we are talking about. Pets are common and can be seen in every other household. Whenever hair and lint are present on your clothes it affects the overall appearance. This is something you can avoid in a leather little black dress because leather as a fabric is resistant to hair and lint. You can sit on a couch filled with pet hair and you will see none on your leather little black dress. This property makes leather a better option as compared to other fabrics like cotton or wool.

Low Maintenance

There is a myth going around that dresses made from leather needs a lot of attention and care which is completely false. When it comes to cleaning the leather it mostly needs spot cleaning and only if you can see the stain or else no need.  Leather Little black dress will come with amazing benefits leather has like durability, strength, stain resistance, etc. All of these features show that leather is not a high-maintenance fabric and hardly requires any regular cleaning unless it is needed. Apart from this you just have to condition your leather dress every two months to make sure the soft texture does not dry out.

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Tips To Maintain Your Leather Jacket For Longer Period

Everyone wants their leather jacket to stay with them for as long as possible. a good quality leather jacket is a great investment which you can make for your wardrobe and considering the number of years it is in the fashion world at a respectable position says a lot about the properties it has in terms of style and practicality as well. To make sure that your high-quality leather jacket stays healthy you have to take good care of it.

There are a lot of people who do not pay attention to their leather jackets after buying them which is not the best thing which you can do to them considering they do need to be taken care of because if it is not taken good care there are high chances that your leather jacket will fade away and you can notice different damages on the surface and structure as well.

You can still avoid getting into these conditions and here are some tips that you should consider:

Condition It

This can be considered as one of the most important points when we talk about improving the lifespan of your leather jacket. The main purpose of a leather conditioner is to provide a great level of moisturization and avoid getting dry which can lead to different problems and damages. If your leather jacket is not well moisturized the chances of getting cracks are high. Your leather jacket also comes with tiny pores which might not be visible and are used for the purpose of absorbing and releasing moisture. When leather is kept in a dry area it will release moisture thus makes it dry and weak. With the help of a conditioner, we can provide the required level of moisture needed.


Along with a leather conditioner, you will also need a UV-protectant to make sure your leather jacket is not harmed from the harmful UV rays. Just how UV rays are not good for our skin in the same way it can affect your leather jacket as well. when exposed for a short period it will not have a major impact on your leather jacket but if it is frequent, it can cause damages and problems like color fading. Therefore, it is important for you to use a UV protectant.

Padded Clothes Hanger

If storing your leather jacket just means throwing them away anywhere then there are some changes you need to make while storing them. Almost everyone has done the mistake of not storing their leather jacket properly. Using padded hangers would be beneficial for storing your leather jackets even for the long-term as well. Going with cheaper options for your hanger is not the best thing to do and can have a negative impact.

The Correct Size

This is something that is too obvious to be a tip, but this is something you should still pay attention to. There are different types of sizes that we can see, and every producer has a different size chart. There are chances that a medium leather jacket of one company can be different from another in terms of size and measurements. To make sure you are not getting into this confusion you can opt for a custom-sized leather jacket that allows you to have a leather jacket that is made as per measurements.

Read the Label

The label can be one of the most underrated parts of a leather jacket because of the information it comes with. This mistake is pretty common and is something you should avoid doing because it can help in increasing the lifespan of your leather jacket. You can find this label around the collar area where you can see different instructions related to taking care and cleaning it. As there are different types of leather which we can find the cleaning and caring instructions will be different too. If you see the label says do not do this then you should just avoid doing it because in the coming future, it can affect the overall quality of the leather jacket which is the last thing you want.

Professional Leather Repair

In case your leather jacket goes through some damage you should take it to a professional. There are different types of leather repair shops which you can consider repairing your leather jacket. They have all the equipment that is needed to repair your leather jacket.