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Leather Trench Coats An Exclusive Piece of Clothing

Fashion can be new or can renew from old previously existed before. Now here we are talking about leather trench coats, which were in existence since years ago. But that time they were not as much industrial and just were used for a useful reason. But today leather trench coats are once more in trend with new features.

Silhouette of leather trench coats has also indistinct a lot now. It has on track coming with double breast having slot pockets, a notch collar, and four buttons. These facts have very much improved their look. Even designer is lunching with many new ideas with respect to leather trench coats. They are adding many new and unique features to them.
New styles in trench coats have mainly involved shoppers towards them. They can go for also double-breasted or single-breasted, cropped or full length, belted and still wax-coated leather trench coats as per their favorite. Many choices are open to them. Also, different before when they were just used for defense against cold or wind, today they have turn into season friendly.

Leather trench coats are observed as making great fashion statements at places. Even great famous person and super replica also do not lag at the back from wearing them. As leather coats are for both sexes men and women can wear them as per the event. Also, they can be damaged over a variety of clothes like suits, jeans, trousers, skirts, etc. They are a huge adding to your cabinet. Leather trench coats are available in extensive variety of lengths and a collection of colors, so it must be simple to find the most gratifying style for you. Black leather trench coats are the mainly favored ones. The stylish black color is the major cause behind it. They are obtainable in method and sizes. These coats can be damaged over something and can be in use to some occasion from the office to lunch to a dinner party etc.

This wear is a very limited part of outfits that exude timeless class. Leather trench coats have not at all vanished out of style; the change in their shape is just for helpful changing trend. Hence surely have at least one part of a leather trench coat in your clothes so that you are by no means depressed of that perfect amazing to dress in with any of your clothes.

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Try The Stylish Red Leather Apparels

Leather fashion has full-grown by bounds and boundaries today. The leather attire industry has skilled a chief renovation which makes it all the more informal for leather devotee’s to gratify their craving for this hard-wearing fabric. The rough leather look holds all and when it’s red it’s certainly an icing on the cake. If you want to take an interruption from the humdrum black, a bright and mesmerizing red is sure to respire life into your wardrobe and make you appear like a million bucks.
A red leather jacket is each fashion aware woman’s enjoyment. It is unquestionably to make a desirable combination with whatsoever you team it up with. There are countless styles available in women’s leather jacket. You can continuously choose for a red military jacket, somewhat with epaulets on the shoulders, nickel dotted or a sporty red bomber, etc, there are choices copious. The latest fashion is cropped jackets. They are jackets that are precisely waist-length or higher. They look extremely stylish on women. Also, jackets with ribbed cuffs make a quite statement. Men can make a fancy statement by put on a red notch collared or a plain stylish bomber jacket. The red color would certainly emphasize their sex charm to the hilt.
Red leather pants are additional hot chic that is sure to make you the cynosure of all eyes. You cannot ever go incorrect when mixed up with a smart white tee. Playing with colors like these constantly disrupts the dullness. Skinny, traditional cut, boot cut or low waist pants are choices you can travel. Red has its individual attraction. You can look like a stylishness icon if you have worn the right amalgamation. It has the control to charm and leather looks the best when it’s red.
If it’s a gathering or a chance get-together with networks, women can wear a leather halter top or a leather mini skirt. Pair it up and plays an essential role in whatever you wear. A black and red mixture looks extremely classy. If you don’t want somewhat in whole red, you can continuously opt for somewhat that has a hint of red in it.
For example, a jacket with a black and red mixture will look decent. A melodious combination of a flat durable fabric like leather, a chic pattern, edgy cut and an attractive color like red is unquestionable to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Leather Fashion for the year 1980s

In the 1980’s designers created luxury clothing in leather and suede that consumed vast amounts ok skin, using it as if it were fabric. Skin size was no longer a limitation-larger pig and cow skins became increasingly popular as tanneries around the world began to copy the rich, luxuries hand of the finest European tanned lamb leathers and suedes.

French, English and Italian designers led the way, designing and inventing some of the most creative and saleable leather clothing. Giorgio Armani, Claude Montana, Azzedine Alaia, Emanuel Ungaro, Valentino, Anne Marie Beretta and Vivenne Westwood were at the vanguard. There seemed to be no limitations. Anything that could be done in cloth could be done in leather. The various weights and choices, treatments, embossing and prints, made it a designer’s dream. Leather became a design material that signified wealth and taste, thereby entrenching its position in the designer market.

Meanwhile, some American designers, including Lisandro Sarasola, North Beach Leather, Francesca Sterlacci, Adrienne Landua, Alicia Herrera and Michael Kors, worked heavily in leather, creating some very interesting techniques, such as Sterlacci’s leather lace, Sarasola’s leather painting, and Landau’s woven fur and leather scarves.


Cluade Montana’s 1980s bold, shouldered black leather jacket was paired with a black leather full skirt, capturing the ‘touch girl’ image for which the designer is still remembered.

Those designers who used smaller lamb and goat suede skins became more adept at engineering cut lines in creative ways, as demonstrated here in Anee Marie Beretta’s voluminous coat in 1984. Beretta turned the necessity of creating the garment from small pieces of skin into a design feature, by embellishing each of the seams in red.

Valentino used shearling, dyes yellow, to create a striking flared topper in 1989. The pieceing together of the lambskin can be seen clearly on the sleeves.

The striped leather top from Georgio Armani’s 1980 collection also makes a virtue of the necessity to cut from small pieces of skin.

Azzedine Alaia’s suit from 1984 demonstates how the trademark wide shoulders of the decade were successfully translated into leather, while the use of decorative stitching on the seams again highlight the construction of the skirt, with its fishtail godet hem, and jacket from small pieces of leather.

The fine leather used to make Emanuel Ungaro’s above the knee, double-breasted coats from 1985 show how leather can be eased gebtly to create fullness at the armhole line.


Vivienne Westwood explored the sculptural qualities of leather in this bodice and skirt from 1988. Using a number of sources of inspiration, Westwood took a corset and added elbow crash-pads, combining these with a gathered skirt and upper sleeves from the Victorian era in an eclectic mix that is her trademark style.

While big-name American designers such as Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta began dabbling in leather, it was the hip-hop movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s especially the ‘8-ball’ jacket, that caused the biggest stir. This multi-colored leather jacket by Michael Hoban, manufactured by North Beach Leather in autumn 1989, with the “8-ball” motif associated with drug slang for the crack heroine, was so popular that young people were being shot for their jackets.

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Adding Leather Appliques To Any Clothing

One of the trimmings we can be adding to our clothing sewing pattern is leather appliques and slogans. Here today you can learn and see the technique for sewing leather to almost any fabric, stretch or woven.

This technique clearly lends itself beautifully a new sewing pattern, but you can give this a try with any clothing that you’d like to add leather patches to.


Firstly you can do is to cut out your design or make a stencil. A large heart and two slogan appliques (AWE-SOME // LIKE YEAH) are involved with the design, but you can effortlessly make your own by hand or computer.

Significant! When drawing your design on to the back of the leather be sure that you reverse it, then all will be towards the back when you casual it the right way rounded

AND NOW for my special trick: ADHESIVE! Find yourself a stick of even old water-soluble glue. If you have kids, raid their craft goods – if you don’t, you can notice normal glue sticks in basically any store. Supermarket, target, craft hubs – everywhere.

You can put on glue to the backside of leather and stick it in required place on your t-shirt. For this class, we will put the leather on after had made the whole t-shirt, but over-all it’s coolest to do your applique before you concept your tee.

Leave it to dry. I know that’s going to take about patience, but it values it.

Once the glue is dry, topstitch about the advantage, straight through the leather and the t-shirt. I use a systematic thread and a medium to long stitch length. Do not use a short stitch length as you will basically cut through the leather. You need to wound and attached, not cut a line.

A walking foot will help, but in entirely honest, I didn’t use one for any of these appliques. Just go steadily, and if you can control the foot pressure on your machine, then decrease the pressure a bit. You can see three t-shirts I made – two I prefer a single needle and a straight stitch, and for the third, I used a twin pointer just for somewhat different. You may also prefer a zig-zag stitch or decorative stitch!

Generally being a backstitch – but for this, I discover it best to use a needle to carry your threads to the exclusive of the clothing and tie a knot – it results in a kinder clean finish.

When your t-shirt is washed all the glue will rinse away sendoff your flawlessly devoted applique!

Significant! If you choose to apply leather to any t-shirts please treat it with a bit of care. Do not tumble dry, and wash in a cool subtle wash. It’s completely fine to use leather patches on kids clothing (I do it for my kids all the time) just be sure you wash it kindly, and later, redesign the leather and let it dry flat. Don’t tumble dry (I know I said it previously, but it stands repeating).


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Faux Suede- Ultra Suede – Another Face of Suede Leather

Like many fabrics, leather has its imitators made from synthetic fibers. Remarkably similar in their characteristics to their natural counterparts, faux leather, including faux suede, faux grain, and faux patent leather are now seen on the catwalk. This chapter looks at the history, properties and the construction techniques particular to sewing these fabrics.

For centuries, people have tried to mimic the beauty and luxury of leather. The earliest known attempt was by the Japanese who experimented with paper some 300 years ago. In 1870, Leatherette, a non-porous coated synthetic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) over a fabric base, which when embossed, simulated leather, was introduced. The early 1900’s brought Naugahyde, made from polymer-coated plastic, called ‘pleather’. Soon the name pleather was applied to any artificial leather product, but not all pleather’s are the same.

Polyurethane can be washed and can be dry-cleaned and lets some air to flow through the garment while PVC pleather, indifference, does not “breathe” and is hard to clean. PVC cannot be dry-cleaned because the washing solvents can make the PVC intolerably stiff.

Prior to World War II, American companies such as Goodyear and DuPont began offering faux shoe leather materials, but faux leather for garment making posed a greater challenge because the material needed to soft. After seven years of research, Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist at the Japanese company Toray Industries, developed a synthetic suede using advanced ultra-micro fiber technology and the result was a soft, breathable and wearable facsimile. Originally, Toray called the product Aqua suede, but six months later it was marketed in the United States under the brand name Ultrasuede.

American designer Halston fell in love with Ultrasuede at a dinner party where he spotted a shirt worn by Japanese designer Issey Miyachi. Halston single-handedly catapulted Ultrasuede into fashion market the following season, in 1971, with his famous shirtdress, and later with his Braniff Airlines flight attendant uniforms, in 1977.

Ultrasuede is washable, soft, colorfast and resistant to stretching and shirking. A wide range of jewel colors is also available.


It did not take long for designers and their customers to discover the unique advantages of easy-care Ultrasuede compared to genuine suede. It is compared to 65 percent polyester ultra-micro fiber non-woven with 35 percent nonfibrous polyurethane binder. The material is machine washable, has a plush suede surface and a soft hand. It is resistant to crocking, pilling, stretching., and shrinking, and has excellent colorfastness in any kind of light. Since it contains no tanning oils, there is no leaching to cause discoloration. Unlike real suede, Ultrasuede travels well., does not wrinkle or crease, and holds its shape. In Europe, it is known as Alcantra.

Toray Industries offers three garment-weight qualities in 37 colors. Designers such as Bill Blass, Anne Klein, Anna Sui, Baby Phat, Tracy Reese, Alice Roi, B. Michael, Mark Montano, and Costello Tagliapietra have all included the product in their collections. From Tagliapietra have all included the product in their collections. From Anna Sui’s 2001 seductively avant-garde dress to its use as luxury activewear by House of Field, it is quite versatile.

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The Leading Trends in Women Leather Jackets

The tailored women’s leather jackets have been the cutting-edge fashion on the runways that have been adopted by various superstars and personalities and have become the hottest style of the high street fashion. The leather apparels have achieved a new level with fitted leather jackets. You cannot compare any other outerwear in comparison when it comes to picking the fitted leather jackets, they come in many colors and patterns like 3/4 sleeve trimmed leather jacket, cropped length, peplum leather jackets, fitted leather jacket and much more. A dark black leather jacket will really make your style flattering in the day time or even evening. This article is to make all those leather lovers enthusiasts aware of the latest in designer leather jacket trends


Those were the days when a leather jacket was utilized only by the rider men for biking, women leather jackets are now in trend and you will love the style out and these styles and trends will make your style amazing and tough. The leather jackets come in different styles as follows.

vintageWomen motorcycle leather jackets are one of the best and awesome styled leather outfits for women even for riding or even to be in trend. This jacket features the zipper details and pockets all over. The notch collar details make the style amazing with buttons. In winters full sleeves liner is designed especially to keep you warm and make you look hot.

saveeWomen cropped leather jackets are the other stylish and short length leather jackets out this season. These cropped leather jackets give an astonishing look with all colors and designs. Asymmetrical styled women leather jackets with pockets and zipper details.

peplumPeplum leather jackets are newly designed styled leather outfits here. Also, these leather jackets make your look amazing because of the peplums and zipper details with paneled styles.

CA1510834-0002 Printed leather jackets are the other designer apparels that you need to get one. Floral prints leather jackets or the animal prints with croc leather or snake prints are one of the best-styled leather jackets today’s worn by the women.


distressed Distressed styled of leather jackets are one of the other leather jackets in trends. Black and brown leather jackets in distressed color are the trending leather outfits today which will make your style more tough looking and awesome. Distressed leather jackets in black and brown and the latest in green shade will add beauty to your style.


Embossed leather jackets with the look of ancient floral designs are also out now. They basically remind you of the style on the medieval period after you look at those jackets. Also, these leather jackets keep your look make outstanding and unique as they are really different and unique. Make your style amazing and authentic.


Thus these are the new trending leather jackets for women these days which you make you look thrilled and stylish. So what you waiting for, go get these styles to make your style statement and make you look outstanding in the crowd.


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Team-Up Your Closet With Men Leather Shirts

This particular apparel i.e. leather shirts has effectively manage to increase huge fame and attain a good amount of value from the clients due to its flexibility and delightful appeal. Stylish shirts are intended in a very extraordinary mode with the use of authentic leather material that not only come into view rich but also give you a good level of comfort to the user when putting on with other fashionable attire.

Leather shirts offer you the ideal appeal when merging with baggy jeans or denim pants were one of the best blends is pairing your leather shirt with a funky studded jacket and cool denim that would give out the perfect rough and masculine look. These apparels are manufactured in a variety of other various styles which modify as per the change of the season. So, if you are looking for amazingly rich and stylish then men’s leather shirts are now the one for you which you can put on them, in any event, be it formal or informal.

Leather shirts are careful as a sign of fashion which is the fashionable choice for men who can approach up with. Varied other features are the leather shirts complete from 0.8mm cowhide leather that make it perfect as well as light for wearing it on a usual basis. The full sleeve design is just perfect for the bike rider.  The metal zippers on the cuffs add amazing style to men’s leather shirts. Few shirts also come with sleeve stylish design with snap on buttons in the front offer a western look when worn and are ideal for the winter conditions that provide you kindness and luxury.


Leather shirts for certain take style and stylishness where the refined reddish-brown touch of leather represents quiet elation and calm complexity. The terra cotta chrome is absolutely attractive and agreeable for all the men around the world. The chocolate shade which the leather has motivates the visual instant result of these stylish persons.

Leather shirts are never new in this fashion world and are consistently put-on throughout all the seasons. These are fashionable yet fashionable but some of them are not compulsory to be tatty during hot summer seasons. This fashionable part of clothing is stylish and can be damaged also as party wear, office party, during biking or just when hanging out with friends. It is an all-time preferred fast pick of men when not anything seems to be effective well with your body.

This attire has always served up a huge purpose for men in the vein of defensive them from the cold weather as the fabric used in making these clothes are rough and thick, which makes them an eternal part of the style. You can also put on with pleasant rugged jeans with a pair of canvas shoes or boots. So, go in front and put on these fashionable apparels which will make you stand in the crowd.

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Bikers Leather – The Popular Style!

Bikers are frequently linked with men in leather riding up on their bike like Harleys, which makes loud, loving their beer and being very well-built. Miserably, in all that imaging of motorcycles, leather, silver-headed men and bandanas an enormous division of bikers are beyond – the women!  These femme fatales are the one prove years of stereotype wrong and for heaven’s sake just since a woman likes to ride a bike and is good at it – there is absolutely no reason why she should automatically have spiky hair, an abundance of piercings and a ‘look at me and I’ll kill you’ outlook! There is an abundance of women out there who adore their bikes and love their feminism!


Leather motorcycle jackets are put up for security. Most approach with a twice coating. Leather, by itself, works huge beside abrasions and does a wonderful job of shielding the wearer in case of a fall. It’s rough, sturdy and works completely for a biker. Though men have an enormous excess of option when it comes to motorcycle jackets, women have a slightly more partial option – not to say that it is in any means not sufficient. In fact, it helps tapered down the option much earlier. Forever keep in mind that being a female biker does not make you a sex symbol. A large number of designer shops offer leather biker jackets for women more as an item of a method than defense. If you are not a biker and only seem for a fashionable jacket then this would work preferably for you. If, though, you are a biker, just simple style will not do!

A women biker has to be somewhat cautious about her choice. Never select one of those tight flashy jackets. Make sure that the leather jacket you choose is adequately comfortable. It should not be too loose either. Never pick anything with dangling tassels – anything that could get stuck could be hazardous to your life. Always choose a leather jacket with zipped pockets as an alternative of open ones.  Keep in mind to select a jacket that is a slight mix together between protection and style.

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Trendy Leather Bomber Jacket Styles And Combinations

Our lives would certainly be very partial without stylish attires. Particularly when it’s a material like leather, it’s essential in every fashion fan’s wardrobe. Leather attire styles have gained a lot of popularity over the years. A multipurpose fabric like this has its own charm. Leather bomber jackets are the flavor of the season these days; it has struck a chord with leather obsessive’s crossways the board. Leather bombers are for both men and women; they truthfully communicate a very rough and stylish appearance to your persona. Leather bombers available in a variety of designs and patterns and you can put on them on all types of times.

Any group is imperfect without the appropriate combinations and colors. Here are a rare stylish combination that is unquestionable to highpoint your leather bomber jacket and makes you the cynosure of all eyes;

Trendy Leather Bomber Jacket Styles And Combinations

A fashionable observing funnel collared black lamb leather jacket looks amazingly distinctive after wearing. You can pair with a formal pencil skirt with a back slit and you will be all usual to don a stylish lady-like look. A pair of thigh high boots would certainly be an icing on the cake.

If it’s a gathering that you have to join and you essential somewhat that will highpoint you in the huge crowd, a cream shade double-breasted a leather jacket with a combination of band collar would be flawlessly appropriate for you. If the jacket has flap pockets on the front; it would certainly be a demanding style. You can pair this elegant leather design with a mini length denim skirt or shorts and you will be all set to burn the dance floor on fire. Accessorizing will only enhance your good looks.

Men can line-up an ultimate dark brown leather bomber jacket with casual denim. The definitive style of a bomber jacket is unmatchable and it surely transmits out the best in style practical men.

If you are a leather fanatic and love of new styles at the same time, a black notch collared jacket with a front zipper closure and a body the fit would make you look nothing less than confident. If you are designed to go for a biking journey with your friends, this mixture is definite to work miracles for your personality.

If you have a desire for slim fit denim, a plaid shirt collared style and a front zipper closure leather bomber jacket teamed up with such denim is sure to make you gaze like a true style icon. Slim fits are very much in fashion recently and when these two styles are joint together, it is definite to make a flawlessly stylish ensemble.

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Gift A Leather Jacket To Your Father And Make His Day

So are you wondering what to gift your dad on this Father’s day? There are innumerable varieties out there that you can offer a gift. But you don’t want to give him about that he is going to thank you for and then store in his cupboard. Nor do you want to gift him something that has an incomplete life span. So what can you gift your father that appearances like you took the time to think about it, the work to get it and will last?


Your response – a wonderful leather jacket! Here are 5 details to defend my selection:

  1. Trendy

Reasons for it! Leather has not ever out of style. It was first familiarized in the world in1953. It’s 2011, and it’s still somewhat that marks heads turn. Leather represents trendiness and essential confidence. Which man does not like the previous or the last? A strong mixture of together is what you get when you choose a leather jacket. Essentially, a leather jacket is a long time investment for life. It is tremendously long-lasting and did I discussion super stylish?

  1. Variety

The changes in leather jackets are boundless. If your man is a bike riding lover, gift him a countless motorcycle leather jacket. This has double aids. You know he is going to need to dress it all the time, so you know he will love it; needed leather motorcycle jacket is best for riding in terms of safety, giving you peace of mind. Just safeguard that when you order the jacket, it is the faultless fit for him or else the jacket could have undesirable significance if too moveable or also tight. Up his stylishness amount by gifting him a sexy leather bomber jacket with a hoodie. There are adequate of leather bomber coats nearby crafted in sheepskin, suede or lambskin materials. Each has its own advantage. If you’re observing for warmth, then I propose a lambskin jacket.

Growth his business request with a stylish formal leather jacket. It’s somewhat he can combine with his formal office attires and you know he is going to go all ga-ga over it. You perhaps know his attire better than he does, so choose for a coat that will approval most of his formals.

  1. Colors

Brown, caramel, tan, beige, dark beige, chocolate, black, dark black, shiny black, suede black, red are some of the best colors that you can select. You can select for the old-style black look. The original men’s apparel to explain his unevenness and masculinity.   If he is not the outgoing daring kind, opt-in its place for a beige or caramel jacket in its place. It’s simple and slight in a very smooth manner. If your dad loves to paint the urban red – give him red!! Suggestion his uneven party animal instinct with a fabulous red jacket!


A leather jacket – whatever you choose, is an investment for life. It’s relaxed, smart and sexy

So go ahead, surprise your dad on the father’s day with an excellent leather jacket!