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Buying And Styling With Your Leather Corset

Corsets are one the essentials which you should have in your wardrobe. They come with some good amounts of historical values as it was worn to cinch for your waist. In today’s fashion world corsets are used as a fashion piece and is seen at different places from red carpets to streets.

If you are reading this article, then you might be looking for some corsets for your waist trainings or for just fashion purposes.

Irrespective of your motive there are different things which you should consider as they are basic things:

Corsets are used to fit the midsection of your body but there are two major designs which you can choose from, the first being the over bust which will cover your bust while the other being under bust which will be right below your bra line. You can choose anyone depending on what type of look you are looking for.

There are different types of styles from which you can choose the best one as per your style and body type. Having a corset which doesn’t fits you perfectly can be one the worst thing which can ever happen therefore always check the size and make sure it fits you perfectly.


What are the different parts of a corset?

Splits busk, this is the front side of your corset and comes with two long steel bones.

Spiral steel bones, these bones allow you to move your corset in different ways. These spiral bones are seen on the sides and on the bustline.

Flat steel bones, these are the bones which you cannot move in every direction and can move in two directions.

Shell fabric, this is nothing but the external part of the corset which looks great and is durable as well.

Grommets: these are nothing, but simple holes made for laces for your corset.

Lacing guard: these are also known as modesty pane which is a flap made out of a fabric of 5 to 7 inches in width and is fixed at the backside of your corset. These guard or panels are made with the same fabrics. The main function of these panels is there to provide some good amount of protection from any type of lace burns and adds up to the overall look as well.

Channels: these channels are also known as bone casing. Channels are used to create some more aesthetic in the form of pockets and channels which also help in proving some support to steel bones.  

Strength Layer: these layers are like linings which hare mostly made from cotton or any other fabric which helps in providing good amount of durability.

Waist Tape: this tape is here to give some added durability to your corset and will also help in providing some support to your waist especially while cinching.

Nobs: these nobs are on the are present on the front side of the corset.

hooks: these hooks help in holding the nobs in their place in the front side whereas they help in fastening at the back of the corset.

Boning: During the initial stages, corsets consisted of actual whale bones which were used to provide a better shape. In today’s modern world, corsets are made with the help steel bones and are available in different types as well.

Working of corsets

The main work done by corset is compressing the waist. When you wear your corsets properly you can see the difference in your body especially in your waist area and will have a more hourglass shape.  

When you wear your corsets frequently you will see some changes in your waist size. This happens because they move your floating ribs for a temporary time. When you wear corsets, it can help in reducing your weight as it can work like an LAP band which will make you eat less.

There is no doubt that leather corsets are great when it comes to fashion and it is a must in your wardrobe. leather as a fabric comes with some great features which is rare to see in other fabrics. Leather is fashionable, trendy and comfortable as well and is great when paired with a cotton lining.  

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Distinguishing Real Leather From Fake

Real leather is an amazing fabric as it provides countless features which are really rare to see in one fabric and this is one of the reasons why there are a lot of fake leather products and differentiating between them can be a tough thing to do. There are some tips that you can follow to state the difference between real and fake leather.


Before you start checking the leather make sure you’re reading the tag first and do it carefully. If you see something life sheep leather, top grain, full grain or cowhide then it is made from real leather. If you see any thing like faux leather or genuine leather then you need to keep that item back as they are not real.


Leather is not something which should feel like plastic as it is a natural fabric and behaves like a skin. Wrinkles are a part of real leather. The texture of real leather can be rough or smooth, but it shouldn’t have any plastic feels.


As real leather comes from nature it is obvious that it will feel like skin and you should stay away from anything which feels or even smells like plastic or something unnatural because there are pretty high chances it will be fake or faux leather.


It is true that real leather can absorb water, but you cannot wear them in rain and make sure you’re keeping it safe. In case of faux leather they just cannot absorb water and if it comes in contact with water then water won’t stay on it.


Real leather requires more production as compared to fake leather which is one of the reasons why they are more expensive. The cost of production is pretty high, and no company or manufacturer can prove a real leather jacket at a pretty affordable price even on sales. If you see anyone selling real leather at a low price then there are high chances that the person is just trying to scam people. Leather jackets are like investments as they are said to be with you for a long time.


Real leather is made from animal skin and just imagine how often your or any animal skin gets cracks. After the animal hide is converted into leather it still has the features of a real skin. This feature of real leather does makes them more durable and long lasting. Anything which is not made from real leather will be more prone to get cracks and is less durable and long lasting and anything item which has cracks and flakes on the surface is not the best looking thing you can ever wear. Real leather is durable enough to stand strong in harsh sunlight without messing with the surface.


When it comes to fire, real leather just cannot catch it but in case of fake leather which is made from plastic and has petroleum which is pretty flammable substance. Fire cannot damage a real leather at a higher scale as compared to faux leather, yet you shouldn’t put your real leather item on fire. When you burn a fake leather it will just melt because it has plastic in it whereas real leather won’t melt. This doesn’t means have the right to burn your real leather item as it is not needed.


If you have any leather item around you then you can just press them and if you see wrinkles then congratulation it is made from real leather and you don’t have to worry because pressing won’t have any negative effect on real leather. getting wrinkles when pressed is one of the properties of real leather. In case the leather item didn’t had any wrinkles then it is a no brainer that that item is made from fake leather.

Real leather is made from real skin which means it will have approx. all the properties a skin has whereas faux leather is made from artificial item who miss all the natural properties real leather has.

To check if the leather is made from real skin or artificial fibres you can follow the tips mentioned above but DO NOT burn your leather jackets just to see if it is real or not as there are other tips as well which are less dangerous and more effective.

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Painting A Leather Jacket- What You Need To Know

Painting a leather jacket is a very unique and fun thing you can do to customize your leather jacket as per your requirements and there are different things which you can try to paint it like acrylic paints, metallic markers and spray paints as well which you can use to customize your leather jacket in whatever way you want to.

Before you start any painting make sure that you are cleaning the jacket and testing your paint somewhere before directly applying it on your leather jacket.

If you are looking for something which will last for long time then acrylic pants are the best thing which you can go for your leather jacket.

There are some colors which you should avoid like water colors, fabric paint or oil based colors as they are not suitable for your leather jacket.

You can get the angelus paint which is an acrylic paint which are made for leather.

Whatever color you are going with make sure that it has some contrasting feature to your original color.

You can color your whole leather jacket with one color or you can use a stencil to make some designs.

Spray paint is also a better way of painting your leather jacket as it will cover more area which is great if you are painting your jacket.

You can use a permanent marker to create some designs on your leather jacket.

Using a metallic permanent marker is something which you should use because it will show more on your leather jacket and will help in giving some good designs.

Before you buy any marker remember that a fabric marker will not work on your leather jacket.

Preparing your Leather

Start the preparation of your leather by cleaning it with an alcohol pad as cleaning it properly because any form of unwanted particle will affect how paint looks.

Repeat this a few times to ensure that all of the coating has been removed. You can also use a sandpaper to remove some hard particles.

After you’re cleaning is done use a sandpaper and rub it in circular motion but make sure that you are not harming the surface of it and after some minutes wipe it off with a damp cloth.

You should first start the painting on the inner flap of your leather jacket to test the color as it allows you to see how it looks on your jacket.

Along with the paint make sure that you are testing your markers as well as there are some which might react.

Before you start the main painting make sure that your area is well prepared and covered nicely in newspaper.

Don’t apply the color directly and start by applying it on a plate first and make sure that you have gathered all of your important panting utensils.

Making Designs

You can make some designs on your leather jacket to make the overall look a subtle effect. You can make some flowers designs on it like roses, daisies, lilies, etc.

You can either use a stencil to color a flower and if you are good at freehand drawing then go for it.

You can go with a classic red rose as it does looks good on a leather jacket.

You can try writing a message or slogan on the back of your leather jacket.

You can also add the names or logos of your favourite band on your leather jacket which is a great way of adding some personal touch to it to your customization.

If you’re a stan then you can try making some of his album covers on your leather jacket which is a great way of expression about your personality without speaking a word.  

If you are not into tattoo but want something like that then painting your leather jacket is something which you should try.

You can express feelings towards your special ones via a painting done on your leather which will be a sweet moment.

You can also paint something on your leather jacket and see if it looks good and then if you and other people like it you can get it tattooed in future. You can take some help of your artistic friend to do this if your drawing is not that good.

You can add some of your unique vocabulary to your leather jacket which will give a really unique and personalised look to your leather jacket.

Apart from the back side you can paint on some other places on your jacket as well like the sleeves, front and even on collar as well.

You can also add some of your own initials on your personalized leather jacket and the best place to add these initials are on sleeves and lapels of your leather jacket.  

A great message to write on your leather jacket is “it is better to laugh than to cry”.

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Leather Skirts-Style-Trending-Exotic Attire

Leather skirts are getting a lot of attention from the last few years in the fashion world. There are different types of leather skirts which you can choose as per the outfit you are looking for. There is no doubt that leather skirts are feminine in nature and are just an amazing piece of clothing which you should have in your wardrobe. Apart from looking great it also feels amazing when you wear it. Apart from styles there are different color options as well which you can choose like black, beige, grey, navy blue, red, purple, yellow, etc.

There are different length options as well ranging from mini, knee and full length. Skirts which are made from leather will provide some great features like durability and quality. Leather skirt is a great way if you are looking to pump up your style. Having leather in your attire will make you look more mature.

Details on your leather skirt also help in getting a better-looking attire. Just like any other leather item, skirts also have different types and forms with each different from other and here are some which you can consider:

• Straight Leather Skirt: these are the leather skirts are very self-explanatory as it simply means a leather skirt which hangs from your waist till your feel. You can find some straight leather skirts can have pleases and frills.

• Full Leather Skirt- leather skirts which consist of flare at the end are usually known as full dress and a skirt which flares is known as full leather skirts.

• Line Leather Skirt- this is a leather skirt which starts at your waistline and eds with increasing flares.

• Pleated Leather Skirt- these are the skirts which have a collected cloth on the skirts, and you can find this style in leather skirts as well.

• Panel Leather Skirt- these are the skirts which have different sections on the skirt ranging from small to broad ones.

• Circle Leather Skirt- leather skirts that hare easily on the waist are circle leather skirts. You can see different parts where you there are circles on the waist.

• Restricted Leather Skirt- these have tights inside the skirt from a thin hemline. These skirts keep getting narrower as they go down.

Wearing a leather skirt

If you are someone who likes to do a bit of show off, then mini leather skirts are something you should look for it. There are different types of mini leather skirts like pleated, tight, A-line, etc. You can pair them with some other apparels like denims, shirts, pullovers, coats, etc. In the footwear section you can go for some heels and boots.

You can also wear your slim leather skirts with some knitted tops and ankle boots. You can make an outfit for different styles like formal, dinner, party, lunch, date, etc. with your leather skirts.

Leather skirts are comfortable enough to worn in every season without any hesitation.

You can get some great knee length pencil skirt and pair them with some jewellery, heels, and a causal top.

Specialities of leather skirts

Leather apparels are great and have made a comeback in the fashion industry. There is no doubt that leather is considered as one of the best types of fabrics for any apparel including skirts. In today’s world there are different types of leather skirts in different patterns and designs. There are different types of accessories as well which you can add in your leather skirts like boots, bags, heels, etc.

If you have a black leather skirt then you should pair them with a good looking blouse which will help in having that great attractive appeal.

You can buy different types of leather skirts as it will increase the outfit options. If you are someone who likes to show their legs off, then you can go with a lace up leather which has a high waist. You can add some spice to your wardrobe by adding some lace ups. If you are looking for a skirt for your prom then you should always go with some brown leather skirts

Apart from these features there are some other properties which leather has that helps in getting some great shapes which does helps in making the leather skirt more attractive towards fashionista.

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Tips For Choosing Leather Pants For Men

If you are someone who is looking for something new in the jeans or pants section, then leather pants are something which you should check at least once because it is a great investment because of the potential features it comes with. Leather pants which are made from good quality leather does comes with some amazing features like durability, fashionable, trendy, and long lasting which is rare to find in any other fabric.

Here are some tips which you should consider before buying leather pants:

Why do you want leather pants?

This is one question which you should ask yourself because it will help in choosing the correct type of leather pants and avoid any type of discombobulation. For example if you are a motor bike rider then you need to have leather pants instead of any other bottoms because of the durability and protection it can provide. These leather pants are not the most durable and cannot replace the riding armour but still can still provide some good amount of protection and can help in avoiding injuries.

Apart from the motorbike riders, people also wear leather pants as a styling element, so if you are planning to go out with you pals then wearing a leather pants will help in elevating your style.

The Cut

There are different types of cuts available for in your leather pants like the boot cut which comes with a wide opening at the end or bottom of the leather pants and the reason it is wide is to make some space for your boots. These cuts in leather pants are famous and preferred in the winters because boots are the preferred over other footwear. Apart from the boot cuts there are other cuts available as well like relaxed, straight, skinny, etc.


There are a lot of color options in leather pants which is not seen in any other type of jeans or pants. There are color options like the classic black and brown and some vibrant color options as well like red, blue, green, etc. Apart from these you can also find leather pants in multiple color as well.

Buttons or Zippers

This might look different because why do you need options for your fly but there are still two options for your fly like zippers and buttons. The difference between both the options is quite simple. Nonetheless, choosing anyone is up to you and your preferences.

The Material

You should not fall for the trap because there are a lot of faux leather pants labelled as leather pants. Faux leather is not even real leather as it is made from synthetic material which has no of the features a pant made from real leather has. If you are someone who doesn’t have enough knowledge about real leather then there are high chances that some people can charge you way more than the actual price of faux leather pants. Falling for their trap is easy as well because faux leather does have a similar appearance as the real leather.


There are different styles available in leather pants from simple and basic to complex. In simple leather pants you will get close to zero add-ons whereas in case of complex style there will be a lot more. In add-ons you can find leather pants with extra zippers as well on different parts like knees. All of these add-ons do make your leather pant more attractive as compared to the simple styled leather pant.


The most preferred length in leather pants in full length but there are different length options as well which you can choose as per your preferences and outfit style. You can see some leather pants in knee length and are known as leather shorts. Whenever you are choosing the length make sure that you know where you are going to wear them. If you are buying leather pants for summer, then opting for something like leather shorts is better over full-length leather pants. Whereas in winters full length leather pants are more preferred.

This does not mean that you cannot wear full-length leather pants to other seasons because they are versatile and comfortable enough to be worn all over the year.  

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Leggings For Women, Comfort With Style

Leggings are getting a lot of attention in this fashion world because you can swap them for your jeans and trousers without any hesitation. Having leggings just doesn’t mean comfort as you can wear them as a styling element as well.

There are a lot of places where you can look for leggings used as a fashion like the Page 3 parties, etc. The best thing about having leggings is that they are super fashionable, versatile and provide some good level of comfort as well.

There is no doubt that these leggings are going to stay in this fashion world for some good amount of time.

Leggings are just like jeans but without the rough texture and there are different types of styles and designs available in the leggings section which is just absent in the jeans section. You can wear your leggings everywhere from your office to your gym with any hesitation.

Making something unique with your leggings is not a difficult job to do. You just have to pair some leggings with a top like kurta or you can opt for some other trendy outfits.

There are different length options as well which you can choose like short and ankle length leggings which can help in getting some amazing outfits for your gym or just for a casual outing.

There are different types of looks and outfit ideas which you can pull off with the help of your leggings and the versatility provided by it. You can wear your leggings in chilly winters as well by using layering them over different apparels like skirts.

There are different color options as well from which you can choose the best type as per your personality and style. If you are looking for something luxurious then there is nothing better than a leather-leggings and you can pair them with your leather jacket and some heels.  

Apart from this there are mesh leggings as well which are also known as fishnet leggings which comes with skin through strips. In the presence of sheer, it gives your leggings an attractive look along with making it more breathable. You can pair these leggings with a fitted top which will give you an attractive look. There are leggings like Activewear leggings which is for people who have an active lifestyle and tend to indulge into different activities.

There are body-shaping pants as well which you can choose to shape your waist and have a comfortable fit for your legs. You can wear these leggings to your workout session every day without feeling anything because they provide some good amount of comfort.  

The most preferred color when it comes to active wear leggings after the classic black is blue and grey and opt for high waisted ones.

You can get active wear leggings which are resistant to sweat and come with a material which is way more breathable than normal leggings which makes it perfect for your exercise routine. If by any means you still don’t own leggings, then the time has come to add them in your wardrobe because they are going to stay in this fashion world for some good amount of time and will help you in getting that style up without disturbing your comfort level.

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Classic Trench Coats And How To Style It

There are very less fashion items which hold a great history like a trench coat. Trench coats are waterproof and lightweight and comes with some great practical features like pockets and straps. Trench coats are something which were really popular and trendy in the first world war as it was pretty useful for the soldiers as it helped in protecting them from rain and muds.  

What is Trench Coat?

Trench coats are lengthened version of coats and comes with other vital and practical features like waist belts, double breasts and epaulets. In the initial stages trench coats were made of Gaberdine which made them resistance to different climate issues. In terms of colors these were made in khaki and for men. As the years went on these coats had gone through some changes in their shapes and forms but apart from these there are no major changes. Today, there are different types of colors and design which helps in bringing versatility to the trench coats.  

If you’re looking for a formal coat then trench coats are something you should opt for and it can provide you great luxurious feel to which ever outfit you’re pairing it with.

Here are some styles which you can try with your trench coats and different outfit options:


the main thing about making an outfit you should make sure that the color matching which you’re going with is good and complements your other apparels of the outfit. if you’re going with a black colored trench coat then your other clothing items like shirt, pant and shoes should not look out of the place.


Color blocking

Here you’re focusing on a single piece of clothing and your other clothing items should not interfere that. You can achieve this by choosing a lighter color for your other apparels then the focused one. For example if your trench coats has is a bright color then it is your focus, and your other apparels should be of something lighter than that. By doing this you’re making our trench coat the epicentre of your whole attire.  

Here are the different ways you can style with your trench coats:


Trench coats does have that formal feel to it which makes it perfect for formal events. You can start making an attire with your dress shirt and tie or you can go with a full suit as well and just layer it with your amazing trench coat. Trench coats are big and has an adjustable waist as well.

The Casual office

If you’re looking for some causal but office friendly look then there are different options which you can opt for like a flannel with some dark toned trousers and some loafers in footwear.  

A sweet evening

This look will provide you some comfort without messing with your fashion. You can start things off with some casual shirt and fitted trousers and if needed you can also add some turtleneck as well and then layer everything with you trench coat.

Relaxed look

For your weekends you can choose a more comfortable and relaxed style by adding casuals like hoodie, jeans and some of your favourite sneakers as well. In your trench coats you can go with a short cut trench coat as it is goes well with casuals.

Different prints

There are different types of patterns and textures which you can opt for your trench coats attire. you can play with different patterns like a checked trench coats paired with a shirt with stripes of different color. These combinations are great and will help in creating some amazing and fun outfits which can attract a lot of eyes.

Different colors

If you’re someone who wants to get all the eyes in the room and has the guts to take it then you can go with some super bright colored trench coats like neon as well paired with a bright top as well. There are some good chances that you can over-do things so make sure you take good care of it.


Bright neon is not the answer to every occasion therefore there are other colors as well in trench coats like neutral color which does allows you to fit in a variety of occasions and events.

The classic black and white

A black and white combination is classic, and you can rely on it for any occasion and has that neat and minimalistic look to it.

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Things To Wear With A Snakeskin Leather Skirt

Snakeskin skirts are something which you should go for as they are a great and affordable way of adding some luxury to your outfit. In terms of price, you can get them at a price of some multicolored print.

Creating an outfit with snakeskin skirts

A great thing about snakeskin skirts is that they have some good amount of color options. You can get a bit wrong with these snakeskin skirts like pairing them with neon colors which just won’t go well with anything.

Snake prints are something which will be in fashion for some good amount of time therefore you can go with them without thinking about it going out of fashion.

Light Before Dark Red Snakeskin Skirt | Skirts, Mini skirts, Clothes

Pairing stuff with your snakeskin skirt

Black or white shirt

A nice crisp button shirt layered with some sweater is something which you can go without thinking twice. This is a classic combination which you should try, and it does come under some office dress codes as well. You should also avoid some things like ruffles in tops as they won’t go well with it. If you’re thinking to pair a lace shirt then you can go with black instead of white.

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Match the print color

You should try for something like other colors instead of black and white and try going with the color of your print and it can be a similar shade as well. In tops you can go with some cashmere sweater as shirts are not so good.

blue denim game

denims are something which rarely go out of fashion as they are versatile and can pair with almost anything.

Add different neutral colors

You can go with some different neutral colors like grey, blue, burgundy, beige, etc. which are some different options from the basic black and white.

Dark colors

In terms of colors snake prints might be natural and dark but there are snakeskin skirts which do come in other colors like neutral colors. Dark and bold colors are something which you should try as it does provide some uniqueness to your outfit.

Cloressa Snake Print Mini Skirt | Mini skirts, Womens skirt, Printed skirt  outfit

snake prints with stripes

mixing different patterns can be a great idea as they do look stylish and an easy way to pull this off is to go with stripes on your snake print skirts. If you’re not into stripes then you can opt for some other prints like floral which are available in different sizes.

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Styling Leather Trench Coat-What You Should Know

Trench coats are something which has caught the attention of many famous people from actors to businesspeople. Movies have played a vital role in promoting this lovely piece of clothing.

Trench coats does have some great features which are attractive like the practicality, appeal and the design as well.

Every year there is something new in terms of style and design and now trench coats are more than a raincoat.

History of Trench Coats

The trench coats were first seen during the WWI and it replaced all the bulky coats made out of serge. Trench coats came into fashion by Burberry which was a fashion house and they used gabardine fabric for their trench coats which was more comfortable and lighter. Burberry also made raincoats for army which saved then from heavy rain and winds when they were in trenches. These jackets went through some changes done to it like shoulder straps and some D-rings.

After WWII, a lot of countries started making their own style trench coats. Even after so many years trench coats are still in fashion and has a very respectable place.

Steps to buy trench coats:

Start your hunt by going with a leather trench coat and it does have some modern looks to it and is totally different from the old leather trench coats. If you’re someone who is shifting from leather jackets to leather trench coats, then the only difference you will face is the length of this coat.

There are different lengths for different looks like if you’re looking for something bold then you can go with knee length and for a more casual appeal you can go with mid-thigh.

You can pair your leather trench coats in the same way you do with your leather jacket and these coats are lighter than your regular leather jacket.

Features available in trench coats:

Double- breast- classic leather trench coats will have a double breast which pay respect to military.

Collar – trench coats do come with large collar that will help you in harsh climate.

Material – trench coats are resistant to water as most of the trench coats are made from leather or Gore-Tex. 

Length – in terms of length there are a lot of options from thigh length to floor length.

Sleeve Loops – there are some trench coats which come with tight sleeves or cuffs that helps in avoiding all types of harsh wind and rain as well.

Things you should consider with trench coats

There are different types of leather qualities available in leather trench coats but for trench coats made from cowhide are something you should go for. Cowhide is something which you should try because it has a soft texture and is durable as well.

Leather as a fabric tends to stretch therefore make sure that you’re choosing the size correctly.

How should a trench coat fit?

There are three different factors which you should consider while buying your leather trench coat:

Shoulders: whenever you are buying trench coats make sure that it is not skintight and your shoulders should have space from 0.5” to 1” as you will use trench coat as a layering apparel.

Chest: The chest of your trench coats should have some space as you are going to wear some clothes inside it without facing any tightness.

Sleeves: the sleeves if your trench coats should lengthen 2″ to 3″ ahead the blazer of jacket’s cuff but make sure that it is not reaching the middle of your palm.

Retail vs. custom:

Trench coats are something which you should have in your wardrobe because of its features. Getting a great fitted leather trench coats is not an easy thing as there might be something which will need some tweaking if you are buying from the retail shop. Therefore, there are is a custom option which you should try to get the best fitting leather trench coat and apart from fitting there are other customization options available like color, lining, leather, etc.

Styling with leather trench coat:

When you’re styling color is something which you will look after and there are a lot of options out there from the classics to some new bold.

In classic you will have color options like brown, black, creams and tan as well which is the safer side to go with. Another reason to go with the classic is that they can be paired with a lot of other apparels.

In case of bold colors you have different options like some bright and intense colors like some dark burgundy or blue.

When to wear a trench coat?

Trench coats are mainly used as a spring or summer jackets and are not warm enough to be worn in winters, but you can pair it with different apparels to have a warm and stylish outfit. Leather trench coats are versatile as well and you can pair them with a lot of different outfit ideas from date outfits to casual meeting with friends.

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Different Jacket Styles And Outfit Ideas You Should Try

Jackets have been in men’s fashion world and has helped in making some really fashionable and stylish outfits. Jackets are popular when it comes to winter outfits, but you can still wear some jackets in springs as well.

Here are some jacket styles and outfit ideas which you should try

Bomber Jackets

There are different styles and designs you can get your bomber jacket and there are options in colors as well and you can wear these jackets to almost any occasion which makes it versatile.

Pairing bomber jacket

In terms of designs and styles there are a lot of options in bomber jacket and it can get a bit difficult to find the correct jacket.

Casual Jacket Style

You can go with the classic black colored bomber jacket and pair it with some ripped jeans and a solid tee. In some colder months you can use your bomber jackets for layering over other winter apparels like sweatshirts. If your top are is oversized and packed then make sure that your bottoms are skinny and finish you attire with some converse.

Formal Jacket Style

When it comes to formal attires bomber jackets are not the first thing which comes in your mind, but it can be great enough to make a formal outfit.

To make a formal outfit you can pair your everyday trousers and shirts and you’re good to go but in terms of color make sure you’re going with neutral colors.

Smart Jacket Style for casual meetings

When it comes to smart casual attires it can get a little tough because bomber jackets are on the casual side of the spectrum, therefore you should pair then with some light colored chinos and dress shirts. In terms of fit don’t settle for anything except slim fit.

The Denim Jacket Style

Making an outfit with your denims is not a tough job to do. If you’re looking to pair your denim jackets then causals and smart casual outfits are the best type of style to go for.

The question which almost every man wants to know the answer of is what the different styles and outfits are you can make out of this jacket, well here are some ideas which can help you:

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim mean wearing denim jackets with denim jeans which is a great combination to with and the chance of you going wrong with this are really low.


A quite simple but stylish outfit you will get by pairing a solid tee with your denim jacket and this outfit will give you that clean look as well. If your have a black denim then you can pair them with black jeans for an attractive outfit.

Grey Denim Jacket and with slim-fit jeans

You might feel that grey denim jackets might be going out of fashion world, but it is not true as they will be here for some good amount of time. Grey denims are versatile and can go with almost anything and can help you a lot to make an outfit when you’re in a hurry.

You can still pair your grey jacket with some white shirts and black jeans to have a nicely balanced jacket.

The stylish leather jacket

Biker leather Jacket

Leather jackets are something which a man should have in his wardrobe irrespective of the age because it gives a ton features which most of the other jackets in this list just can’t give you.

Leather jackets are really popular among biker because of the protection it provide alongside style and fashion. You can still get these jackets even if you’re not a biker as they are really stylish. making an outfit with biker leather jacket is not a big job to do as you just have to pair blue jeans along with a basic tee and that’s it and in case of footwear you can go with classic boots.

Varsity Leather Jacket

Varsity Leather Jacket is a great way of creating an attractive outfit which will highlight your style as well. The dual fabric of varsity jackets do make then look unique and stylish. The other fabric in a varsity leather jacket will be cotton. You can layer these stylish varsity leather jackets on a hoodie and pair it with some skinny jeans and trainers.

Brown Leather Jacket

This is a classic jacket to go with and does holds some historical value as it was seen on many army pilots. One rule which you should keep in mind when pairing items with brown leather jacket is if you’re going with other brown apparels make sure that it is the same as your jacket.  For an outfit you can go with blue jeans and brown boots.