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black dress

The word trendy itself describes the appearance of the outfits for women or men. And now if you talk about some stylish and notifying outwear then black is the best. The color matters a lot when it comes to fashion. The color itself describes the look of the silhouute. Such as is the color black. Many people have many different virtues for this color however the black is a beautiful color to wear in.

The color black itself is a dark bold color with sharp and effortless seams. This color looks flattering on many other colors or else outfits. Black color can be co-ordinated to various colors instead and this color also suits any kind of occasion. Though this color is tough color but it looks very good and there are several advantages in selecting this color.
You should understand the texture of the fabric as every fabric has its own different style and prospect and property. Its true that the black makes one look slimmer. Its also important to wear the clothes which fit your body. You cannot simply leave on the dress and its color. Black are the wonders for the winter, however if you planning to work in summers then opt for light style of fabric such as silk or cotton or chiffon.

Besides the color accessories are the one playing an important role for looking bold and beautiful. There are some styles in black listed below which will make your feminine more beautiful and attractive.

1. The Little Black Dress:
These outfits are well known and very common. These black dress style was invented the splendid fashions designers COCO CHANEL. They got this fashion with a combination of pearl necklaces. This trend came into existence since 20’s and is still popular. Many woman across the globe are adding this wardrobe as an ease for styling purpose. You can add the little black dress in your party wear or outing too. Your little black dress can we attired any time and any where normally. Keep it simple and elegant.

2. The Floor Length Style:
The gorgeous full floor length will always make you look stunning. Grab a long floor length style evening gown in black with some embrodery or studded design and you will make your day. A satin or velvet fabric black gown will give you a fabulous look. Also then depending on the stretch of the fabric the style must be selected. You need to accessorize your style similar to your gown or long dress. Add a nice sober style looking clutch bag and cockltain style ring will run easily. You weven wrapa designer huning black bag.

3. Lace Tops:
Lace tops have a fascinating appearance in the style. Lace tops are either made from mesh fabric or net or even the black chiffon color is used. You will feel gorgeous in this precious look black top. Some other stops such a shirt type of a tunic are well fashioned.

4. Black Pants:
Usually pants are seen black in common. Making a trendy style black pants can be a trouser or skinny fit. The pant in a black soft leather makes your style grooming and gorgeous. Made from linen or cotton or even patent leather the pants make a heavenly designer outfit. Some of the black pants today are used as a jogger pants. You will be only complimented when your fabric suits your selected style.

5. Black Skirts:
Best for summers are the black style skirts. A black is perfect if you want to play with different fabrics and textures. Select your own style of fabric such as leather or a suede or sheer fabric or even lace. A combination or even a single fabric style will create a beauty in you. Similarly the sensible accessories make your style look more important and classy. A hat or a shoulder bag will complete your look.

6. Corsets in Black:
Looking for something bold and feminine are the black corsets. Usually these are found black and you cana get a perfect body shape in these. The corsets are mostly made from leather with a combination of other fabrics. Also silk and cotton can be a combination. Other than this the Contrast color style and back lace fastening makes the corsets unique. You look slim and your body gets a perfect shape in these corsets.

7. The Plus Sizes :
As described earlier the black outfits are in great advantage for looking slimmer. Hence are the plus size outfits. They make a great combination for the plus size outfits. A short sleeves dress or a top. Also black skirts or pants flatter your body. Its also important to select the fabric as without the combination of the fabric you wont look slim. Accessorize yourself with some cool earrings, necklace or bracelets looks great on you.

Its therefore easy to select your wardrobe in black. A black outfit is always a tremendous in style and you can combine many more styles and accessories with these to make them look adorable. There are many styles in black besides there that you may admire and select one for you.

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Age does not matter even whether you are 18 or 40 for fashion. Fashion never ends it is always impressing people until our last breathe. And when it’s the age of 40yrs it is said forty is naughty, so why not impress yourself and make your style statement.

Leather Exotica here helps you to understand this fashion and helps you to make your style statement.

Colors for You:
You know that you have grown old and it’s time for grey locks. Take a pride that you lived so long and just make changes in your wardrobe and style. There is no need to faux your hair style which does not belong to your age. Just improve your dressing sense. Select the colors for your wardrobe such as browns, burgundy, blacks, beiges etc. These colors best suits your age and style.

Avoid Fashion Fads:
You must avoid fashions fads as that’s not for you. Fashion goes on changing accordingly every season. Style never changes. There is a vast difference between a style and fashion. It’s said that fashion fades but style remains the same. You cannot do what’s in trends now as if the skinny jeans are worn now a day’s then it’s not possible for you though to do it. You need to think what we can match that style to look in trend. Think of something timeless and mature styled. Just polish your equation with styling.

Make sure you select the quality fabrics such as pure cottons, linen or wool. This will make your look sturdy and neat. Keep the dressing simple and classic. Do not grab a shiny tie or cufflinks which glitters or even shimmering accessories. Decent is the word used for your styling in ages and you should admire this truth for an excellent look. Keep your look overwhelmed and well groomed. Keep yourself clean shaven. Most women like such men. Set up yourself with a classis wardrobe and showcase your style to whole world.

Clinch Up Gentleman Appearance:
You need to grab the gentleman look which will respect your age. Denims and T shirts won’t suit you and neither should be your first pick. You need to embrace your attitude for being a gentleman look. Go for the customized tailored suits rather standard clothing for the perfect fit and look. The selection of the fabric and the fitting of your clothing is really important for you. When both go perfect you get a slimmer and younger look. Grab a legendary fashion of black over jacket and white shirt for dressing.

You also need to understand the comfort and maturity of the clothing. This is the key for your stages of fashion. Cotton and linen trousers makes the best of your style and fit well. You need to show your modern look within these trousers and off course the fitted shirts. Do not pick the colorful shirts. Please select the elegant appearance. If you select the sweaters then cashmere is the best and that is the luxurious apparel. Select the vests which are buttoned pick and v neck styles. Always get a relaxed and fresh style look. The other option is the trench coats. Trench coats and overcoats are the other apparels which in depth make attire eye-catching. Select the coat style with better look and that which fits well.

In accessories get the pair of gloves with awesome fitting and smooth style. Woolen gloves are another style of comfort however these style are the best for winters. Pair of gloves also adds a sophisticated look. Scarves can be the best and this pop ups your style and attire. Some other accessories such as neck ties or bow ties or cufflinks also add an important element in styling. You can select the classy color tie or textured or pattern design. Select casual colors such as black, blue and brown color. Grab a leather belt instead of the watch. Get the modern and minimalist look of the outfit. Leather belt suits on formal or casual style of clothing. So you can grab it. After the belts you can select the right pair of sunglasses it can add a charm on you. Grab the sunglasses on your face according to your shape and age. Be classic.

When it comes to the sneakers do not go for it. For the formal look the best are the black lace up shoes. Other than that you can select the gray colored or even brown. The pointed shoes look great and slimmer therefore you can opt for those.

It’s your choice and age you can and you need to select the correct outfit. Just do not mix the casuals and business wear together. Do not keep boyish haircuts.

This way even in the age of 40’s you can grab the stylish look and be fashion stylists. Make your own style statement and be the one of your ages.

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LEATHER BLAZER  WOMENLeather Blazer is an essential style of outfit for women. This outfit can be counted on one of the top most styles of the wardrobes. The leather blazer fits like a semi-coat and is well fitted. It’s very attractive piece when counted on fitting. This blazer can be worn with pair of trousers or button down shirt and you can get the perfect professional look in it. For the evening look you can grab on the denim pants with a style of tank of casual top and blazer on it makes sense.

Leather Blazers are counted as a versatile style of outfit and this is because a varied range of styles and designs are available in the market today which will make you look good. It’s very hard to understand the style which will suit your feminine. The rules of the leather blazer for women are quite flexible and you can get the chic style.

If you need to get the best look for your blazer then you should first understand the style and science behind it. There are different aspects of the styles which will fulfill your desire if you start understanding it in right way. Know the silhouettes, styles, seams, and then you can select your perfect style of outfit. Here are some important elements one should understand to select the style of the blazer for you.

Style: (Single or Double Breasted)

The first point that one need to understand is, the style. The blazer comes in two style of the fastening that is single breasted and double breasted. The single breasted leather blazer defines the normal button fastening at the front. In the double breasted blazer the both the sides are buttoned up at the center and then at the two sides of overlap is also buttoned. This type of blazer features the two rows of buttons.

The single button blazer looks good and is worn by all women’s. It’s very casual and suits on every event or style. However when select the double breasted blazer its looks good on the tall and slim women. Everyone will not look good with the double breasted style blazer. You can select this style only for a professional event.

The style of buttons on the blazer compliments your look and feminine. There is various style of button fastening available for blazers and in a different texture. Learn some of the buttons style as below:

– Single Button: Single button style also called as one button blazer is very casual style however this style looks elegant and trendy. You should avoid button up the narrowest part of your waist. If you fail to do this then there are chances of getting bunch of gaps between the buttons. This will make you uncomfortable.

– Two Button: The two button fastening style is more discriminating than the single button. This blazer has the smoother fall.

– Three Button: This style of blazer is not very popular and will not good look on the every tall woman.

– Multi Style Buttons: Some of the blazers features the length beyond the hips where there are multiple buttons and they look extremely versatile.

Try out all styles and select the style which will flatter you.

Lapels or Collars:
After the styles of the buttons the element which could affect the design are the lapels or collars. The collars are decided upon the torso and occasion. Here are some styles of collars.
– Notch Collar: This lapel style defines the button meeting at the top of the lapel. This style suits everyone and also is perfect for all bodices. It’s very common for a single button fastening blazer.
– Peak Lapel: This collar is also known as the pointed collar, and it is extremely used for formal outfits. This collar style is not in use now as much before. If you are looking for something slim fit and long length then this style will be good.
– Shawl Collar: The shawl collar has the rounded edge and this is one of the formal designs. This style is only selected by the persons when needed for a required event. This is the beautiful style among all.
Select the lapel which will be in a proportion and that’s suits your body silhouettes. If you petite then select smaller lapels and plus size should match the styles.

The next important element is the sleeves. It has been defined by the experts that perfect sleeves should end in the length where your thumb and wrist meets. There are various lengths of the sleeves such as wrist length ends above the wrist and the three forth ends below the elbow. Never keep the width of the sleeves plunging. It should be fit however not skinny. Your sleeves should have the functional buttons at the cuffs. You can get the best casual look though.


The length is the flattering element for a women body as it depends totally upon the height of a person and body structure. There are various lengths available in the blazers.

– Cropped- Cropped length is very common specially in summers the best style to groom upon is the cropped length blazer. These are short length style.
– Waist Length- This is not a popular style. It’s more like casual for official dressing. It adds a complementary and attracts your waist
– Hip Length- The most common style is the hip length style. It’s the traditional style and very common among the blazers.
– Long Length- These are extremely outstanding however not for daily use. You can get these for occasional uses.
Adding a waist length blazer to your wardrobe gives you an opportunity to flaunt your style in very occasion.


Most blazers come with a slight padding at the shoulder that gives it a proper shape. A good jacket will always fit properly, and never feel stretched across the shoulders. Ensure that you don’t pick a coat with a shoulder that is too wide, as it will make you look broader than you are. It will also cause the material below the shoulder to fold. On the other hand, if too small, your arms will seem bigger than the rest of your body. This will be too tight and cause you to feel uncomfortable.

What You Should Remember: If you are uncomfortable with shoulder pads, then you can lessen them, but don’t remove them completely, as it causes the shape to change. The shoulder pads should end at your natural shoulders’ end.

The other elements to be counted are the pockets and the colors. The style and placement of the pockets vary according to the style and silhouette of the blazer. Some popular styles of the pockets are the flap pockets, square pockets, slit style pockets. The common pocket is the chest pocket which is always found on the blazer chest. Other two pockets can be seen at the front of the two sides.

Colors make a vast difference in your style. Grab a neutral color black for the blazer. The other color such as tan is very common. The gray and navy blues are selected by the professionals. The beige color is also an option for corporate look. For a club or outing red will make you look bold and white will give a cool look.
If you understand these details it will be very easy for you to select the style you desired for. The looks are numerous and you are the one to get the best style.

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Learning Fashion Collars

Counting on the collars there are some authentic rules of clothing.Now a day everything works with any kind of pairs however still it’s necessary to learn and understand the basics of clothing how it works. The most common element in clothing is the collars.

A collar is the element which encircles the neck and adds a frame to the face. There are various designs for collars which makes the look awesome. Collars can be developed too high or too away from neck. They can be narrow or wide, flat or stand collar. The edge of the collars can vary from the round to curve or scalloped hem or square may be pointed sometimes. When you select the collar it should complement the style of the jacket or other wardrobe.

Collar is also known as the other additional joint to the neckline. The width of the collar varies accordingly to the variety of dress. It can be a single piece or a two piece. The collar gives a unique impression to the wardrobe. Just like a shirt is known by its collar and the Polo is defined by its unique color.

The collar is defined by its stand which is counted from the neckline seam to the roll line. The next is the collar fall in which the collar from the roll gets to the outer edge. The other part is collar points which are the end points on the outer area of the collar edge. The last is the spread of the collar which is the distance between collar points.

  • Basic Collar :

The basic collar is convertible collar for shirts which can be opened or closed. This collar stands around an inch at the back. The width of the collar varies between 2.5 inches to 3 inches. This collar can be developed with seam with collar edge or can be folded.

  • Straight Points Collar :

A straight point collar is one of the conservative collars with narrow points with small spread. These styles came into run due to the century military uniform styles. If you got the wider face then these will rock on you. You can use a skinny tie with it.

  • Spread Collar :

The spread collar features the variety in the width among the moderate and radical cutaway. It can be extreme one. This collar was very popular among the Britishers and now opted by the Hollywood personalities. You can combine a wide tie with a wide knot and add a blazer with the shirt style.

  • Button Down Style :

The button down collar expresses the sporty style outfit which also has the pointed collar and has buttons at the apex. This can also be defined as the American style collar. You can add this style with crew neck top or sweater.

  • The Club :

The club collar is described as the rounded collar which is also known for the tennis or golf corner. This style of collar existed long back during mid of 19th century. It depends upon you to tie or not.

  • Mandarin Collar:

The mandarin style of the collar is defines as a branded collar with no points. This collar originated from the Chinese culture of clothing. However it gained popularity over the world and became fashionable trend among the western culture. Mandarin collar was also known as the stand up collar and used for corporate level or military level clothing widely. The height of this collar ranges to 1 ½ to 2 inches height approximately. This style of collar can be overlapped or buttoned or closes at the front or even it can end at any point around the neckline. This can be counted as the basic style of collar.

  • Wing Collar :

Wing collar is the formal style of the collar with worn typically white or black and has got points folded out which look like wings. This type of collar came to the style due to the British Prime Minister William Gladstone a relative of Gladstone collar, during the late 19 century. This tie can be combined with a bow tie with this collar.

  • Peter Pan :

The peter pan style defined the principle of full roll or the flat roll style of collars. This is very popular style and it is named after the collar of costume of Maude Adams in the play Peter Pan. Many of the dresses or tops define this type of collar.

  • Sailor Collar :

Sailor collar has been inspired by the uniform of the sailors which is based on instructions for a non convertible collar.

  • Roll Collar:

Roll collar are the bias fold collar which can be developed for any kind of necklines and finished length should be shorter to adjust the stretch of bias fabric.

  • Notched Collar :

Notch collar is a unique designer piece of collar basically found in the jackets and coats or mainly blazers. This is a four piece collar with a notch at the joint part of the two lapels. There are variations in the shapes with various designs. The variations such as L shaped curvy shape etc.

Besides these collars there are many other style of collars which fascinate the look of your wardrobe however these are some basics listed above one should learn.

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When it comes to your style it’s more important for you to check out some dos and don’ts for your gorgeous look.

Here are some of the important steps which you should keep in your mind.
1. Show off your skin however strategically. It’s the mystery to understand what is to be shown and what should be kept wrapped. Always keep in mind show off only one part of the body. Either shows your cleavage or the legs, both will never work.
2. To be safe avoid the white. White acts as a sheer fabric therefore select your style and color as required. Check yourself match your wardrobe.
3. Go for bright colored accessories such as black, navy color, camel or grey colored which will make your energy enthusiastic. Be bold and wear neutral color with complimentary shoes or bag. Not just stick to green color satchel. Be versatile while selecting accessories.
4. Keep multiples. Check your closet and add different styles of dresses in it. Add some sheath styled or mini dresses, long dresses, sun dress etc. Just don’t stick with a single piece garment.
5. Keep use of selective fabrics such as chiffons, satins, cotton and be attentive while selecting the outfits made Lycra or jersey as they stretch out. They should be fit in size or else loose outfits won’t suit you.
6. Match your heels with your dresses or pants. The biggest mistake made is wearing such types of pants which will not suit the shoes. Hem your pants until heels or just graze the top of the shoes from ½ inches to the floor.
7. Scarf is alternative accessory which you can match for your wardrobe. You can add it in your purse and use it when required. You can even knot it and use it when required. Scarves are available in various styles and prints. You can get the styles that you need.
8. If you are planning for an evening party or evening outfit then try to be free handed rather than handling a bag or purse plan out and select the bag with chains or belted bag. Especially the current styles are for the body cross bags.
9. It’s also important how you maintain your clothes. After a few wash many of the outfits shell off the colors and other embellishments. It’s therefore important that you never hand wash such outfits and take utmost care.
10. The other important point to be discussed is the silhouette. Select a proper silhouette which will flatter your curves and feminine.  Shape accordingly and be defined in your shape. Select A line if fail to understand or get confused. Get some suggestions from the stylists which will help you better way.
11. Decide and list up all the things which you will be considering before you select the outfit such as think about the silhouettes, designs, prints etc. Or else you will be confused when you are shopping.
12. Always carry your make up kit such as lipsticks, hairbrushes, foundations etc to get the final touch up. It’s essential for you to keep yourself updated.
13. Ignore the baggy styles and go for a good looking casual style fit denim pants. They always work when you are more confused.
14. Bring a change in your closet. Donate the clothes which you are not in need or you haven’t used so long and grab some new styles.
15. Make some change and add stripes to your closet. The colors such as red, navy, with white and the boat neck or a bateau will work the best.
16. Sometimes grab a jacket with buttons in a cropped style. Get the antique or silver studded buttons style jacket or tops which will make you feel change in style statement.
17. Get some prints as these are available in various textures today. The most common and well known are the leopard prints which will make you look awesome and sexy. Combine different scales and patterns which will make the style dynamic. The prints style are available in various styles such as repeated prints, diagonal prints, seasonal style prints, ancient prints style and many more are available.
18. Understand the colors which will look good on you. Get suggestions however still try on bright color clothes which look very classic. Do not match up red and yellow or yellow with some other colors which will not suit you.
19. Vintage are the styles which you even get today however they have just become trending. Grab some vintage style outfits such as jumpsuits. If you just match the jumpsuits today and those of earlier you find a vast change. So to make a change in you just select the jumpsuit and get the silhouette which will suit your body.
20. If you are looking for a corporate style outfit or may be an official outfit then not only blazers work but also shirts look great. Get the blazers with new styles may be a leather blazer or classic suede blazer. The bottoms will be trouser which will look cool.
21. Your seamstress is the one which will take your care against sizing and measurements. Therefore it’s necessary that you keep a good relationship with those. The more you respect and understand the person the more the tailor will help you and guide you.
22. Grab a western look with a denim pant and white T shirt with elegant motorcycle jacket which will make you look stunning and beautiful.
23. Chokers and bracelets are new to the style today’s. Wrap a set of chain or lariat around the wrist. Long earrings or loops are also cool set of jewels that you may admire.
24. Always keep your emergency fashion kit which includes such as safety pins, bra clips, rollers, sponge for your makeups. These help you when you are in loophole just in case anything goes wrong.
25. Studded styles are in trend today’s. Be it leather or any other style of fabric studs work good.
26. Check by every angle before you leave yourself. Be sure that you look perfect with all the accessories and outfit. Trust in you rather others.

No matter what you age is fashion never fades. It’s upon you what you do to keep your look always gorgeous and glamorous. Just think your way and be your way and style up.

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Summer has approached and this is the time for you to revamp your style and define your style statement. Summer is the vacation time where in people enjoy this festive time. Summer is special for the dresses with light color, dry and trendy cropped styles. It will be irrelevant if you use a hardcore leather outfit in this season. However it depends upon the style that you select in this warm leather.

Many people intend that wearing leather in summer season is a foolish idea however as said earlier it depends upon the dress style what you wear. Complete leather should be avoided however leather skirts, leather shorts, trendy leather tops, cropped leather jackets can be kept on option. There are wide ranges of styles in leather clothing. That is from formal to casual and party wear in leather. Before you decide to shop the leather it is very important you select the right one. Select for summer which is less in fabric in terms of density. It should be loose enough and comfortable. Use bright or light colors such as white in summer as this makes you feel good in summer.

Here are some of the tips and styles which you can wear and use for the summer styles.
summerleather dress

Leather is that fabric which makes you look good and feel great. It makes you look magnetic and you will be impressed due to this attire. The leather dresses are also available in many colors and styles. The dresses are available for short length or long or even maxi styles with different silhouettes which will suit your body and requirements for summer. The sleeveless and mini length is good for summer. Quilted styles or paneled with keyholes with side slits are some trendy styles in leather dresses. The leather dresses styles are available for day time, evening dresses as well as for night parties.

leather skirt

The flaunting other outfit for women are the leather skirts. The leather skirts are the flaunting, trendy, trans-seasonal. The style of leather skirts will never go out. They look fabulous and trendy with any other outfits. This will be a first choice in which you will look uber sexy and cool. There are various styles of leather skirts such as mini leather skirts, paneled skirts, quilted leather skirts, knee length, classic a line skirts, pencil leather skirts, maxi leather skirts and many more styles are available. Also the leather skirts are mixed now with fabrics such as chiffon, jersey combination or the latest lace style. Also some skirts are available with stud details. You can easily match such styles with your tops and shoes and match other accessories.

leather shorts

The one of the coolest wardrobes in the leather are the shorts. The leather shorts are specially designed for summers and roam around beaches. These are the conventional and one of the versatile outfits. You match a dash of accessories with these outfits. The leather shorts are available in lamb leather as well as suede leather which are light weight and best for summers. Also the leather shorts are available in all lengths such as short length, long length etc. There are various styles in leather shorts including the skorts. May be it’s a beach or a bar the leather shorts are the best. You can match a light fabric sheer top to grab the best look.

summer leather pant

4. PANTS :
The pants are available in a wide range such as leather trouser pants, laced details hot leather pants, Capri length leather pants, leather chaps, trendy leather Capri etc. These styles of leather pants are good for any style and look good even in summers leather Capri style works well and gives a cool look. Leather pants are available in several colors and styles that you may need.

5. TOPS:
The newly introduced in the market of the leather line is the leather tops. Leather tops such as halter style tops, peplum style tops, and sleeveless tops, the tees, etc are all available in soft lamb leather as well as the suede leather which can be the best in summers. The sleeveless styles of tops in lightweigh leather are always awesome. The leather tops with peplum style are cool trendy styles and they can be also used as the corporate or office use. You have an option of these tops with sleeves or sleeveless or straps or strapless all look great depending upon your body figure.


Other than all above silhouettes the leather jackets can also be worn however in summers the best are the bolero jackets or the cropped length jackets. Grab the leather jacket with some stud details or laced combination or the leather jacket without sleeves. Get some trendy open style leather jacket or a draped style leather cropped jacket will also work.

Many other styles in leather are now available online which you can get today at your doorstep. The newly arrived and in trend are the perforated style of leather outfits which make you look more stunning and gives a designer look for your outwear. Check out the best styles for summer which may suit you with your desired color and matching accessories. You are goanna rock yourself with leather in cozy hot summer.

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men leather jacketA leather jacket is that one sole outfit in the category of the clothing which is at the apex in the term of style and fashion. A leather jacket is that wardrobe which speaks out the character in you. It represents the personality of a person as well as it gives you a sophisticated and elegant style. Leather jackets for men especially in black or brown are the popular once however may it be in any color it still looks awesome and your persona outstanding.

Leather jackets are further classified into many other styles such as leather motorcycle jackets, biker jackets, blazers, bombers etc. The leather motorcycle jackets and the biker jackets are the very popular once. There are varied reasons in wearing these styles. The basic reason to wear the leather is first it acts as a well protector from any kind of accidents, dusts and climatic conditions. Leather jackets protect you as they provide wide ventilation. These are specially designed outfits and you will find varied styles in them. Leather jackets such as bomber jackets were previously used by the aviators, the army men, pilots etc mostly. However now, the styles are even famous among all. Some leather jackets features the hooded wearing style with fashionable looks is now common.

The leather jackets are available in varied arrays, style, colors, silhouettes etc. Once the style is ready the jackets are then classifieds into their categories such as leather biker jackets, motorcycle style, blazers and even according to the style of people such as musicians, rock star, pop star, celebrity, etc. Some military style jackets are also available which you can select online or from normal stores. The military style of leather jackets are designed in heavy quality of leather with extra antiques and studs with heavy buttoned details and pockets. Some of the leather jackets also feature with textured fabrics and styles.

When you are ready to select a leather jacket the basic things are to be understood such as formal or casual style of outfit. If you are looking for the basic and casual style then select the beige color or champagne color. Make sure that you match the attire with your wardrobe.

Leather jackets for men should be worn during the daytime and outing, evenings with friends mostly. If it’s a semi formal event then grab a brown color jacket with pants and pick a smart shirt or polo. Be stylish and get the color for your perfect event. You may go for the black instead if confused. Leather jacket is an asset among all your wardrobes. It lasts for many years if cared with perfection. Select the genuine kind of leather and an authentic design. The lambskin leather is of the good quality leather and genuine real leather. It also depends upon the price that you select.

Leather jackets are amazing outfits for men. You can prefer wearing the jackets anytime at any occasion because leather jackets are designed in such a manner that you get them anywhere or online at reliable cost for the desired style you want with desired color or size. This leather outfit cab ne worn with denim style pants or even looks better with a white classic shirt. A pair of casual outfit or sneakers get blend with jackets and gives an outstanding look. Some of the leather jackets such as bomber jackets features with waistband or knit cuffs or else snap down collar. Some of the leather jackets also have the insulated lining or removable lining which features the great style and are also good for the winters. Some of the leather jackets have satin or nylon lining which are light weights.

Now a day you can even find some leather jackets with cropped length which are newly arrived and they in more demand. These leather jackets are available online with great style and features. Zippered leather jackets look the best as they fit perfect and get the stylish trendy look. Celebrity leather jackets are so famous special some like the TOM CRUISE leather jackets in war of the worlds and mission impossible movies, also the HUGH JACKMANS jacket in X-Men, Brad Pitts red leather jacket, Keanu Reeves IN Matrix, Jackie Chan jacket, Nicolas Cage Soul Revolver Ghost Ride Jacket and many other styles are famous. Some are crazy about the celeb style leather jackets and these are also available online.

Leather jackets have the most amazing features which can make man standout in the crowd. You will be able to look amaze and stylish in this leather outfit. No matter what may be the age, leather jackets have always been the best outfits for the men. If you want yourself to get the best look then leather jackets are the best style for you. Leather Exotica brings you the best styles of leather jackets for men and you can get the style as per your desire, color and size. Go Get Now!!!

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You will find a new varied style of shoes and footwear’s daily in the market. Also many of companies and designers or brands which made a good name today’s and they have been offering a new trendy styles to the global markets. You always want to look good and with the wardrobe it is also very important to match up your footwear to complete your style statement. Without a proper match you will not look good. To understand the style and different patterns here are some sumptuous styles.

1.Ballet Flats: Such types of shoes are well known for the ballerina and are designed especially for the ballets. This is because they help lifting the foots easily and which also helps in increasing the height. You can easily pair these shoes with your colored attire and pattern.

2.Ankle Straps: These are the trendy style of the shoes with a single or a multiple straps with either same or different color footwear. Also these styles feature the laces or ribbons and can also be tighten around the ankle is such style persists.

3.The Mary Jane Style: The best comfortable style of the footwear’s is this one. These are very comfortable and best suits the western style of outfit. They have got the styles of the straps such as single or the double style which crosses over the foot. These shoes look alike formal shoes and available in several colors and patterns.

4.Stiletto Heels Footwear: If you are looking to enhance your look and personality then stiletto is the great style. The main feature in this is they help you get uplifted from the back and increase the height and also are available in different length.

5.Peep Toes Style : If you select these styles the toe tips are visible from the top of the shoe. These styles are available in all different prints and colors. These look good over the dresses and you should check on the colors.

6.Wedges: Wedge is the types of heels and they are broad type of heels. They are also extended however from all size. You can get these heels in all sizes to make easier while selecting wedge heels. These are more preferably for summer style.

7.Flippers: These are very common and are available in various designs and colors and can go with all styles of outfit. These are very easy and classic style to wear. Also there are comfortable to try out.

8.Pumps: The pumps are the low style of the shoes and they do not have any attachments. Anyone can prefer to grab them and you can flaunt with your style of attire. The pumps can be made from different style of material such as leather, faux leather, plastics, microfiber etc. These are the low cut style with toes pointed .

9.Kitten Heels: The height of such type of heels is the 1.5 to 2 inches and is the most common look on sandals. You not feel an extra height in this sandal however without adding an extra inch you will look taller. It gives a glamorous look in these heels.

10.The Cones: The cone heels are round in shape and at the soles they get broader and when they go down they get narrower. The heel heights in this get varied.

11.Prism: The prisms as the name described are in the form of the triangle in terms of heels. These are very uncommon and are not used now more.

12.Spools: These heel shoes are broad at the soles and in the middle it gets narrower and then gets thicken when it grounds.

13. Sling Backs: These styles are some similar to the pumps and have the heels up to 2 inches and also have the pointed toes and rounded in shape. The back part inst covered and those are above the heels. These are well common then other styles.

14.Espadrilles: One of the comfortable styles of footwear is these styles. These are crafted from cotton or other fabric such as canvas. They have flexible soles and also used as running style of shoes in some of the countries. These can be used by some countries as running shoes. These styles are like sneakers and are unisex.

If you are looking to enhance your style and complete personality then grab any of these styles to match your wardrobe. Consider the footwear as one of your mandatory styles so that you complete your style and get the unique statement. There are also more styles of footwear’s for women but it depends upon you which will suit your wardrobe and style.

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leather pantsLeather Pants gained more popularity and style these coming years and have become the best trendy apparel those days. Leather pants are those versatile outfits which make the people heads turn around and this is an eye-catching moment. However there are several ways which you should take into account and understand.

The style of the pants depends upon the shape of the body and your figure. You should select the same what suits your complexion and personality. Also it is very important to match the accessories and other clothing with your outfit. Here are some of the important tips which will teach you how you should wear the leather pants and you should do to match the so that you look trendy and stylish.

You should first understand the basic information of the leather pants as below:
1. The most common shape is the straight shape of the pants and mainly these types of apparels are acquired the top.
2. The other style of the shape is the skinny pant that is the fit style of pants.
3. The next are the cropped style of the pants which are short in length and resemble short trousers.
There are varied styles of the pants and are available in maximum range of different shapes and color, patterns also the style varies from the retro look to the classic one to the trendy. Always make an attention towards the occasion, season and the event while your wear leather pants.

Know who should wear the leather pants and who should not:
Once you understand the style and silhouette its next to understand who should wear the leather pants. On which person it will suit, and not for some people. Here are the lists of the tips which will make you understand who can wear the pants for the best look.
1. One who resembles with excess weight in the hips areas should understand and make a note that the leather pants are different from the other styles of pants. Leather pants not only conceal your imperfect figure but also make your look more accentuated.
2. Those who have the wide hips should not mean that it’s a disadvantage to them however the skinny leather pant can be played in a volume. The straight pants are mostly recommended in this case. You should not go for the cropped leather pants as they will make your look and figure big and gives a short leg look.
3. One with short legs should avoid the cropped style of leather pants or if you like some short style then make sure you add an extra heel shoes to match up the style and select the colored pants instead. Besides you should also select the one which is high waisted style and so that the hips area gets fit . In case of narrow hips you have the chances of sliding of the pants and to avoid this you can match sweatshirts and make your waistline conceal.

Leather pants for women depend upon the silhouette style and fitting of the pants. If you are not comfortable with leather pants you should not try them out. Leather pants are the one of the best trickiest garments and they are sure for to reveal your imperfections out.

Selecting your leather pants:
Leather pants have different aspects in terms of selecting the leather pants. You should check and understand the tips while selecting the leather pants.
1. Leather pants should always have extra room not too much but still it should be loose enough. It can be counted as the second skin however it also gets loose with reference to the forms and shapes. Make sure that the leather pants are not baggy in terms of fitting.
2. There are various styles of the pants available in the market and it is therefore important to look for the different options every time you select the pants.

Match Your Wardrobe:
The leather pants are available in several designs and colors and styles. It is important that you understand and the pick the one to match the wardrobe and combine the style.
1. Never combine the leather pants with some shiny or shimmering textures such as sequined fabrics, beaded fabrics etc. They look worst.
2. Avoid wearing tops with plunging neck, semi transparent inserts with your tops.
3. Do not match the leather pants with other leather outfits such as leather jackets, leather bags, and leather accessories as this only suit if you are rock star.
4. If you opt for straight leather pants then understand that the straight pants are only for the business style or corporate style. You can try another style if allowed at your workplace.
5. Additionally grab the casual style of pants and pair it with the sweatshirts or short dress or jackets. Also match the perfect shoes or boots of their style.
6. You can try some country style leather pants such as beige color or brownish leather style pants and get it paired with denim shirts or linen. The look will be completed with the leather jackets or furry style outfit. The cowboy styles of leather pants with laces are also unique and trendy.
7. If you are looking for some party style outfit then grab a Capri style leather pants or elongated style of leather pants matching with corset or silk tops. Do not forget to match the accessory.
8. For just casual street look grab the leather pants with skinny or tight fit and match it with the T shirts or tops and converse shoes.
9. Get the chic look with leather pants by pairing with off shoulder or cropped style leather jacket.
10. You can even match the leather pants with leopard print or animal print texture or styled dresses.
Leather pants are really a glamorous style of leather outfits yet the difficult ones to understand. However it depends upon your style which will make your look more stunning and sizzling.

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A kilt is one of the traditional garments which is unbifurcated and is an extension described in culture which is formed know in modern ways however still known as chronological garment. Some of the urban styles of men leather kilt can be further described as the most historic garment from the Scotts or a style if Irish outfit. Also it can be called up the Welsh kilt or a tartan. Some other names are the utility kilt or the contemporary style.
Kilt in the plural forms is always known as the kilt however we called it kilts in the modern English. These kilts are widely used in Scotland still in a modern way. The modern type of kilt is seen throughout the world and some of the piping bands use specially a particular type of kilt. It is also been said that some style of kilts are also used during the games in Scotland or even some women bands also used the kilts or leather kilts for events or special gatherings.
Kilt can be accessorize with belts or a pouch especially as it is designed either way. Kilt is the national outfit of the Scottish kingdom. This national uniform is describes as the wide cloth strap with skirt of frills. When it’s a male the kilt is worn with a small type of leather bag which is called as the sporran. The ancient style of the kilt was mostly seen in orange color or a saffron color style skirt. This was during the third century. This noble looking outfit was cloth with thickness and plated which was of ankle length.
Once you are aware of the fabric and other features such as tartan or sizing we need to understand the style of pleats and stitching details. The most commonly and widely used pleats are the knife or box pleats. The knife pleats are very easier and used commonly. If you find in the modern kilts you will find the knife pleats. Knife pleats are crafted by just making a fold of the pleats one after the back and covering the other. Box pleats are the other styles of the pleats and they are formed by equally checking two fold of fabric. They are folded in opposite direction according to the direction of the length of front fabric.
• The very first style of pleating the kilt is to the stripe. In this style a specific style of pleating is used and a vertical stripe of style is followed for the tartan pattern. The pleats are then select to run down to the center of the each other pleat. This selected type of pleating is also known as the military pleating. The other pleat is called as the pleating to sett. In this one a full type of sett with tartan pattern is taken above the each pleat.
• The pleats are featured by the width and the depth required. The width is referring to the size of the pleat. The depth is not seen as it always depends upon the tartan sett size. The depth is always described to be underneath part.
• It depends upon the number of pleats how much is required for the set of the kilt. The tartans pattern is followed which across the back of the kilt.
• The other part which is take care is the fell. This distance is the measured from the waistline to the wide parts of the hips. Here the pleats of the kilt are stitched towards downward. These types of stitch are the hand stitch or machine stitch.
• The kilts made from wool are very special and luxurious to wear. These are very costly and used very less by the men due to its maintenance. However this type of leather kilt lasts long and must be taken utmost.
• The kilts made from leather or any other fabric can get damaged due to damps or tears or rips. Some chemicals or insects can also damage the fabric. Grab some chemicals and solutions which will help the fabric to be taken care.
• Scotsman is the one who look out for the kilts today’s as a formal or ceremonial uniform. These kilts are used with jackets. Irishman is the other who uses the kilts with a jacket. These kilts are widely used by them at occasional events or on weddings. Some of the people here use daily kilts. The other groups such as scouts use the kilts for the Highland games or also the pipe bands use the kilts. Some kilts are used for dances.
• Some men from the British regiments or units of ARMY also used kilts. The other countries from the CW nations also use the kilts as the part of their sports uniform. The kilt is that uniform which is used for the ceremonial functions, official duties, parades, bands etc.
• The kilts now in England are worn casually on any formal occasions or the weddings or on even dinner jackets. The nationality does not matter at all.
The kilt is also famous among the world now for the casual wear. You will find lots of crowd wearing and adopting this style of outfit. Kilts are also available in leather fabrics which are more usual and stylish. Casually you can use this outfit with a lace up boots for the cool and stunning opting look.