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Reasons Why Leather Jackets Are Better Than Other Jackets

Leather jackets can be considered as the most popular jackets in the fashion industry, but there are some people who do say that leather jackets do not provide the best level of versatility as compared to the overcoats, nonetheless there is a majority of people who do believe it can be worn with almost anything. If you ask any biker, the first choice of jacket is leather jacket because of the features it comes with. This does give a different opinion to the other types of jackets and coats available in the market. We can still find many people who do prefer leather jackets over other jackets and coats.

Here are some reasons why leather jackets are more popular than other jackets:

Style & Versatility

This is the first reason why a lot of people prefer leather jackets. The amount of style a leather jacket provides to your overall outfit is immense. A leather jacket comes with a unique style and this uniqueness is uniform in all types of leather jacket styles. There are some jackets which you can get in other fabrics but the chances of them staying in fashion is not that high when compared to leather jackets.

Leather jackets also have a classic style which is another reason behind the popularity. These jackets have been in the fashion world and in general as well rom a very long time and can be considered as one of the oldest fabrics and after all of these years the demand is still the same.

Investing in a jacket which will last for some good amount of time does looks like a better deal than a jacket which will not last for a long time.

During the initial times, leather jackets were specifically made for men but today these jackets are available for everyone in without lacking any style.


There is a strong reason why a lot of ancient soldiers and rulers used leather as an armour. The protection provided by leather is not limited to wind and rain as it can protect you from other harms as well. Any other jacket does not come with the same level of durability. For someone who lives in colder country these jackets are the best for protection against harsh winter conditions. Apart form all of this leather also comes with great sturdiness, unlike jackets form other fabrics.


This is a feature of leather jacket which is not popular but is an important one but is only present in leather jackets made from genuine leather. There are some cases where jackets have caused redness and other allergic reactions. This mainly happens when our body reacts to any foreign substance which comes in contact with our body. Leather jackets made from genuine leather do come with a hypoallergenic property that allows you to wear them all day long.

Leather Odour

Leather jackets come with a very unique fragrance which is not a strong or bad one. You can get the unique fragrance from leather jackets made from genuine leather which is a woody fragrance.

Faux leather does not come with a unique fragrance mainly because it does not have real leather, which is the main reason why it is added to it. There are some cases where people found a fishy smell because the manufacturers tend to use fish oil.

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Styles You Should Try With Your Leather Dress

Leather dresses are gaining some good amount of attention these days especially in the fashion world. As they are made from leather you will get the required level of comfort along with some other great features as well like versatility, trendy, longevity and durability as well which is rare in other dresses.

If you’re looking to add something new in your wardrobe then leather dresses will be a great addition as it will give you some new outfit ideas.

Here are some styles which you can try with your leather dress:


These leather dresses are getting attention in the last few years and are still in trend. Perforated leather dresses will

have that uniqueness in their style and designs. whenever you’re looking for a perforated leather dress then make sure that you’re looking at it closely as you will see small holes which do make them unique.

As they are made from leather you will get the features like attractiveness, durability, and uniqueness as well. You can pair some leggings with your perforated leather dress which is a great way of accessorizing and adding some other color as well.


Dungarees are really popular these days and it comes with an overall which is built-in. dungaree leather dresses come with a skirt and an overall which is made from the same leather and are fused together to have a single piece. Dungaree leather dresses are something you should opt for if you’re someone who is looking to get that unique and out-of-the-crowd look.


The name is quite self-explanatory as the leather dress comes with a belt which is a great accessory to add which

doesn’t have any practical function but does improve your appearance and makes it more unique. You can find leather dresses that come with belts. Belts accentuate your look and great at the waist because they also enhance the waistline.

Asymmetrical Styles

Asymmetrical styles are more enhancing and flattering these days. Maybe it’s with the hem styles or the high low lengths all look quite awesome. Try the styles with layovers and with asymmetrical fastenings. Definitely, they will make your style enhancing.


Most fastenings are the zipper fastenings in the dress, however, to make a change in your look you can grab ahold of a buttoned dress. Front buttons with different styles really make a good style and a great fit. Different types of buttons also make the dress look unique styled.


These were some styles which you can choose for your leather dress as per your requirements and personalities.

To get a unique look you can go with styles like dungaree, asymmetrical, and perforated as well, which will help you in a good way. Apart from the style, there are other things as well which you should consider before buying any leather dress. The quality of your leather dress is vital as well and there are different types of leather out there and the chances of getting discombobulated are really high.

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Guide For Your Biker Jeans-What You Should Know

Since the origins of jeans, they have gone through different evolutions but still you can see some traditional jeans which are made from different fabrics even leather. You can find some leather biker jeans which are made from real leather to get all the benefits like durability, style, versatility, etc.

Whenever you are purchasing leather biker jeans there are a certain thing which you should consider like:

Leather Biker Jean

You can find leather biker jeans in semi-elastic leather trousers rich are mostly made for bikers and are styled for them. When it comes to motorcycle riders there are specific clothing which they have and leather jeans is one of them. When compared to cotton or other fabrics leather is softer and has more elasticity to it. Search features make leather a great fabric for a motorcycle rider you can wear your leather biker jeans while riding a motorcycle without any hesitation as they are very comfortable to wear.

There are different types of styles which you can get in leather biker jeans. You can find some which comes with a button based fly or has a drawstring or has no buttons at all. There are different types of you can know you can get these leather biker jeans search in different colours like black, red, Navy blue , grey, etc. you can choose any color depending on your style and preferences. 

Difference between traditional jeans and leather biker jeans.

There are a lot of similarities when it comes to the physical appearance but there are differences as well. in a traditional jeans you’ll get features offer denim jeans which are different from other fabrics like cotton but when the jeans is made up of leather the benefits are better as compared to denim.

There are lot of leather biker jeans which are made up of Napa leather. if you are unknown to Napa leather, it is termed as one of the finest leather for making apparels. The main feature of Napa leather is a fine grain which gives it a very soft texture. you can find buy leather biker jeans in different types of leather but the most preferred leather is Napa leather because of the soft texture it comes with.

Advantages of leather biker jeans.

The main reason why you should go for a leather biker jean is the comfort level it offers. The main reason behind this level of comfort Ness is that it is made from real leather like Napa leather. You can wear leather biker jeans the whole day without feeling any sort of discomfort.

Leather biker chains do not restrict any sort of body movements which allows you to enjoy the motorcycle to its fullest. Having this type of flexibility is important if you are riding a motorcycle. Irrespective of the style you are choosing you will get flexibility.  

Leather biker jeans will also provide protection whenever you’re riding a motorcycle. They will cover your whole leg which will avoid any direct exposure Because by exposing it you are getting prone to different injuries. with the help of Leather biker jeans, you reduce the chances of getting any injuries from a road rash.

Nonetheless, you do not have to own a motorcycle to enjoy the features of her leather biker jeans. there are a lot of men and women who use a leather biker jeans in the daily outfit even though they don’t have a motorcycle, this shows the versatility And practical features these jeans have.

Choosing a leather biker jeans. 

to get the most features from these leather biker jeans you have to make sure that you are choosing the correct one. There are different types of leather biker jeans available in different styles and designs which allows different types of personality to choose accordingly.

If you are thinking to pair them with some boots then you might have to choose a leather biker jean which comes with a boot cut, which means they come with a wider bottom.

The next thing which you should consider before buying any leather biker jeans is the color. Just like any other motorcycle clothing black is said to be the most preferred color even in the leather biker jeans segment. There are still different types of colours which you can look for and choose depending on what you are exactly looking for.

You can also find some leather biker jeans but different lining options as well like an additional fabric that adds up to the overall comfort of the jeans.

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Guide For Men’s Leather Jacket- What You Should Know

Leather jackets are something you should have in your wardrobe irrespective of your personal style and taste. There are a lot of features which leather jackets can provide without messing with your style like versatility, durability and longevity.

There are a lot of styles in leather jackets as well and choose the correct one can be discombobulating for many people. We have short listed different styles in leather jackets which will help you in getting the best style for your personality.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have a great history as it was used in the WWII for pilots and now it is the time for them to help you in making some good casual attire. You can pair your bomber leather jacket with some jeans to get that casual and relaxed look and add a tee underneath your leather jacket.

There are different design options in bomber leather jackets which you can choose as per your personality and preferences. If you’re going to wear your bomber leather jacket to different occasion then choosing a design which is simple is important because they are more versatile.

Shearling jacket

There are a lot of styles and designs which you can choose from. For your shearling leather jacket sheepskin is a great option because it has a soft and smooth texture.

Shearling leather jackets are great for winters because of the wool lining and the woollen collar which is good enough to protect you from harsh winter winds along with good level of comfort. Going with a good quality sheepskin shearling leather jacket is important because it will give you the required warmth and will last for some good amount of years if taken care properly.

Shearling leather jackets are not as formal as the classic leather jacket and are more on the causal side of the spectrum. If you live an adventurous life then shearling leather jacket is made for you.

Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are great if you’re looking to get good amount of protection along with the masculine look. Biker jackets

are in men’s fashion world from a good amount of time and it can be worn by men of any age. Biker jackets were reserved for biker gangs, but it had made its way to the mainstream fashion world and a lot of non-biker are enjoying the features provided by it.

You can wear your biker leather jacket with different apparels in different styles like causals. Biker leather jackets are pretty versatile, and you can wear it with different styles depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

You can wear your biker leather jacket with some jeans and any of your favourite top and you have a good looking relaxed attire.

Blouson Jacket

Blouson leather jackets have a drawn waist which means the body of the jacket will be hanging around your hem.

These jackets are inspired by US flight jackets and police blouson jackets which are practical especially in winter because they provide good amount of warmth.

Blouson leather jackets are made from Lamb leather which comes with a smooth and soft texture which is good enough to make you feel comfortable. There are different types of Blouson leather jackets which you can get depending on what you need.

Blouson leather jackets are great if you’re making a casual outfit. You can add some smart-casual bottoms with your black shoes and add a basic shirt on top. Blouson leather jackets are great if you’re looking to add some smart casual apparels to your wardrobe.

Leather Blazer

Leather blazers are great if you’re looking for style and comfort. Leather blazers are versatile enough to be paired with casuals and formals. There are different blazers as well with different button options like two and three.

There are a lot of outfits you can make with your leather blazer which come with different styles and designs. These leather blazers are made from nubuck leather which comes with a soft texture and is pretty comfortable and stylish. As leather blazers are pretty versatile you can wear them with pretty anything from casual to formals. For a casual you can wear you’re a round neck tee or a sweater with some jeans.

Leather Coat

Long leather coats are great if you’re looking to get practicality and versatility for extreme winter conditions. Leather coats are durable enough to protect you from chilly winters and April rains.

Leather coats are not similar to leather jackets because they are thicker and longer as well. You can layer your leather coat over any attire and you’re good to go for a walk.

Leather coats are versatile but to get the most out of it in terms of style you can pair them with some sweater or any thick shirt. In your bottoms you can wear some jeans or any light trousers and to finish your attire boots will be a great option.

You can choose a Nubuck leather because it will give you features like stylish and natural look. You will get some great amount pockets as well which just make this coat more practical.

They are adjustable as well which means they come with drawstrings at collar and waist to make sure you’re getting the maximum comfort.

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Leather bomber jackets are in the fashion industry from a very long time and are still in a very respectable place, which just shows how fashionable and amazing these leather jackets are. Commercially, these leather jackets were seen during the 1920s, but they were present before that as it was made for soldiers as a protection from harsh winter. The leather did get different types of styles as time went on. Mainly there are five types of leather, bonded, top-grain, full-grain, split, and bicast in which you can get your leather jackets.

Just like this, there are different types of styles as well in which you can get a leather jacket and here are some which you should know:

  • Biker jackets
  • Aviator jackets
  • Racing jackets
  • Blazer jacket
  • Trucker jacket

Here you are going to talk about bomber leather jackets which are also known as aviator jackets.

Leather Bomber Jackets - Real Leather Vintage Jacket for Men at Amazon  Men's Clothing store

Protection Against Cold

Whenever we are considering a bomber leather jacket the first benefit which comes to our minds is the added protection. Bomber leather jackets mainly have a standing collar which helps in protecting your neck region from wind and rain.

There are different types of styles which you can choose from and it might have different types of collar styles and materials that can have different benefits. For example, you can get a collar which is made from nylon that provides water resistance to the collar region.

Initially it was believed that bomber jackets are only made for men which is not true because there are different bomber leather jackets which you can get in the female section.  

Braided Elastic

You can see braided cuff and waist in almost every leather jacket, but it all started in a bomber leather jacket.  Mainly, there are two benefits which you can get from a ribbed elastic, better grip which will help in avoiding any damage caused in the cuff and waist area. Apart form this it also helps I getting that stretch which will avoid rolled and wrinkled edges. As the elastic will stick to your skin it will improve the insulation and keep things better in colder times.


Mens Luke Black Bomber Leather Jacket - NYC Leather Jackets

There is no doubt that leather jackets are great when it comes to providing strength and durability and when it comes to bomber leather jackets things get even better because of the design. As bomber leather jackets come with a ribbed elastic it does help in keeping the leather in place and avoids any sagginess as it ages.


When you are buying a leather bomber jacket that costs a thousand bucks you expect it to provide the best level of comfort whenever you are wearing them. Buying any leather jacket which does not provide a great level of comfort is just a waste of money as you might feel great in the initial minutes but as things start to get uncomfortable you will just want to remove it ASAP. Going with a bomber leather jacket will ensure some great level of comfort as compared to the other jacket options. The main reason behind this comfort is the quality of the lining used in making it and comes with loose-fitting in sweaty areas.  

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Leather Trench Coats – Flattering Leather Outfit

When it comes to leather apparels, leather trench coats are one of the best which you can choose. Leather as a fabric comes with great durability and can adapt to the to the outer garment. Leather is one the classic fabrics when it comes to fashion and leather coats is a timeless apparel and can last quite a good time.

Leather trench is an outerwear which was initially made for the military. The length of these leather coats are around the mid-thigh or knees. These coats come with a relaxed fit, button fasteners, and a belt for better fitting.  

Here are different options which you can consider when it comes to leather trench coats:

What is a Leather Trench Coat?

Leather trench coat is a classic piece in the history of fashion. There are different fabrics as well which you can get in leather trench coats like twill, wool, etc. When these trench coats are made from leather it tends to have a more sophisticated and bolder look along with practical benefits like durability and water-resistance.

When made from leather, the timeless silhouette takes on an ultra-sophisticated, bold edge while benefiting from the material’s durable, weatherproof qualities.

Trench coats do come with a military history because it was made as an alternative for the overcoats made by Britishers. These items are fashion essentials, and you will need them for making attires of different styles and for different occasions.

There are some leather trench coats which you can get in faux leather that has a similar appearance when compared to real leather but apart from this there are no similarities.

Types of Leather Trench Coats for Women

Women’s Leather Trench Coat:

There are different styles which you can find in women leather trench coat section. These leather trench coats are fitted and have a feminine look and you do have an option for choosing a belt.

There are trench coats which made from genuine leather which comes with a soft a durable feature. The price of a genuine leather trench coat can range for as low as 80$ to more than a thousand dollar.

There are different designs of leather trench coats which you can from different retailers. Leather trench coats are mostly worn in workplaces and other formal areas. You can pair your leather trench coats with different work attire for winter and autumn season. When we compare women trench coat with men’s they tend to have a longer cut for a feminine attire.

Women’s Faux Leather Trench Coat

These leather trench coats are made from faux leather which in simple language is a plastic fabric. If you are looking for an alternative for genuine leather, then faux leather is something which you can consider. If you are someone who is looking for a material which looks like leather but at a cheaper price, then faux leather should be your first stop.

There are different types of colors and design options which you can get as per your preferences and choice. You can find faux leather trench coats in finishes like crocodile and snakes. When it comes to genuine leather making any type of finish is difficult to make on it.

Women’s Vintage Leather Trench Coat

The vintage leather trench coats are in the trend. When the genuine leather ages it tends to develop a patina which just improves the overall look of the leather.

The shape of the trench coat has not seen any major changes since the time of its production because the feature it provides like comfort and warmth.

Women’s Long Black Leather Trench Coat

These types of coats are mostly seen as dusters and long coats are something which are difficult to find especially for the ladies. A long leather trench coat will be more expensive when compared to the regular trench coats because of the additional fabric it comes with.

Men’s Leather Trench Coat Full Length

A full-length trench coats are popularly known as dusters and can be seen with some belts and a classic shape which is more on the relaxed side.

Men’s Faux Leather Trench Coat

Faux leather trench coats are not common when it comes to men’s style because there are many designers and retailors who provide great quality product. When it comes to faux leather trench coats you will get them in vegan leather which are more on the affordable side as compared to genuine leather, but it does not provide the same level of lifespan.

Men’s Black Leather Trench Coat Full Length

Black color is great color when it comes to leather apparels and leather trench coats are a great when in black color. With a black colored trench coat you can get a great looking attire along with some practical features.

Famous colors and styles for your leather trench colors.

Black Leather Trench Coat

Black is a classic color when it comes to trench coats and will provide great level of confidence. Black is a versatile color as you can wear them with almost any type of style. This is a classic color which does provide great level of style and fashion. Black leather trench coats are something which will look great on any one irrespective of their size. You can find these leather trench coats in different types of leather qualities.

Brown Leather Trench Coat

These are very self-explanatory style as they are found in brown color with the help of dye or by natural leather. With the help of brown leather, you can get a great vintage looking attire and is great for someone who is looking for something new apart from the classic black color. The patina developed on a brown leather has a great appearance which just increases the overall beauty of the attire.

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Things You Should Know About Leather Pants

Leather pants are not something which you can avoid because of the features and the amazing physical properties it has. Leather pants are getting a lot popular and many people do use it as an alternative to traditional pants. Leather pants are soft, durable, and comfortable as well.

There are different things which you should consider before getting your leather pants

Trousers vs Jeans

You can get your leather pants in different styles and forms like trousers and jeans. If you’re looking for something which is more on the traditional side then leather trousers are something you should opt for whereas for modern look you can opt for leather jeans.

Leather jeans don’t have denim in them but the have a similar design. When compared leather jeans are more on the durable side than leather trousers.

Different types of leather pants

There are different types of leather available and we can see this diversity in leather pants as well. There are leather qualities in different from high to low.

Low quality leather pants will obviously less in price whereas leather pants made-up of high quality will be a great investment.

Napa leather pants are something which you can go for as they are soft and durable which is a great option for pants. There are other types of leather as well apart from napa leather but napa leather is termed as the best type of leather to go for your pants.


The length of your leather pants are also important whenever you’re shopping for your leather pants. You can find leather pants in different lengths as well.

Leather capris are another great item which you can opt for which are full length pants and are more on the feminine side. The length of your capris are in between pants and shorts.

Capris are something which you can opt for especially in summers and springs whereas full-length are better for your winters.

The Cut

There are different types of cuts in leather pants and cuts are something which give leather pants different designs. if you’re looking to wear boots then you can opt for boot-cut leather pants. Boot cuts come with wide bottoms which are great for when you pair them with boots.

Here are some other types of cuts which you can opt for:

  • Boot cut
  • Relaxed fit
  • Baggy
  • Skinny
  • Straight leg
  • Low rise
  • Medium rise
  • High rise

Stretch leather

There are stretch leather as well which are getting a lot popular these days as they are flexible and fits you really well without messing with your comfort. Stretch leather pants are still leather pants.

The elastic nature of these pants comes from their lining. As they have the tendency to stretch it will remain its shape even after some stretching and pulling.

In terms of appearance there is no major difference between leather pants and stretch leather pants. Stretch leather pants are available in different cuts and styles just like the regular leather pants.

Buttons or Zipper

In terms of style fly style is something you can opt for your leather pants. There are two different types of fly style, buttons and zippers. You can see leather pants with either buttons or zippers on fly.

There are a lot of people who love buttons on the fly whereas some people are into zippers and not buttons. The final decision is your as there are no major difference between them and is all about personal taste.


Rivets are something you should look for whenever you’re buying leather pants. Rivets are nothing but fasteners which are important for your seams. In most of the cases leather pants are not made from a single piece of leather as there are different pieces joined together and this is where rivets are used. Rivets helps in giving your leather pants more structure by keeping the seams in place and avoiding and tearing.

There are different types of leather pants which you can opt for depending on your personality and preferences and every leather pant made from real leather will provide you good protection and style.

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Leather Vest- Trendy Leather Outfit Style

History of leather vest.

The reasons why leather vests are in a fashion are similar to leather jackets as well. Leather vests can help in getting protections and the main reason they were made was to have a lighter substitute of leather jacket. If you tend to feel that leather jackets are heavy, then leather vests can be the best substitute when it comes to providing a similar but lighter type of protection.

Leather vests can protect the middle section of your upper body and leaving the rest of the body parts open. Just how leather jackets when from practical apparel to a fashion item leather, leather vest have gone to through the same things as well. Leather vests are versatile and attractive as well.

Styling with leather vests:

After searching and comparing different designs and styles you must have go to the one leather vest which suits you and your personality in the best possible way. So, how do we style a leather vest for everyday purposes? There are different types of styles which you can pull with your leather vests just how you would do with your other leather apparels.

Here are different ways you can style your leather vests:

Formal: leather vest can be considered as a perfect apparel to add to your formal attires, especially for men. It is not recommended to add a leather vest to your wedding outfit, but no one is stopping you to do so but opt for a darker shade.


A more preferred place for your leather vest will be any formal environment like office or meetings. You can add your leather vests as a 3-piece-suit. You can choose a leather vest which is a bit lighter than your shirt and choose a tie accordingly.

Things are a bit different when it comes to ladies because it will not go well with dress like gowns, but they are more preferred when worn with something casual.

Casuals: leather vests are great when it comes to casual attires, for men you can pair them with jeans. The color of your denim does says that how casual your outfits are, and the same thing applies to your vest. You can pair some relaxed apparels like a tee or a shirt and in the footwear section you have options like sneakers and boots.

You have to make sure that your leather vests go with the remaining of the attire and you can have a lot of casual wears.

When it comes females, things are similar because of the versatility. Women can pair their leather vests with different casual clothes like jeans and a relaxed top. The footwear is something which can make a difference like there are different footwears which you can add to your attire from heels to sneakers. When it comes to colder months you can opt for some boots.

Is custom a great option?

Going for a custom-made leather vest is a great idea because of the different benefits it comes with.

Here are some reasons why you should go for a custom-made leather vest:

Tall Cowhide Leather Biker Vest #VM604T - Jamin Leather™

A custom-made leather vest comes with some great uniqueness which is unmatchable. A custom-made leather vest is something which only made for you and as per your requirements which will suit your personality and style in the best way. This allows the customer to express themselves in different ways. Custom-made leather vest will have everything the customer wants in their leather vests.

Custom made leather vest have one of the best fittings. This does not mean that the regular sizes are bad, but custom made are simply perfect because they are made as per the exact measurements.

There are a few things which you should consider before going for custom-made leather vests. The main disadvantage about a custom-made is that they are on the expensive side. There are affordable options as well but when it comes to vest made from real leather it will be a bit expensive manly because of the uniqueness and efforts it takes to make a custom-made leather vest.

Nonetheless, you can still look for other brands and manufacturers who provide a more affordable custom-made leather vest. Another disadvantage of custom-made leather products is the return policies. As they are custom made returning or exchanging the item can be a difficult thing to do unless there is a mistake made by the manufacturer.

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Buying And Styling With Your Leather Corset

Corsets are one the essentials which you should have in your wardrobe. They come with some good amounts of historical values as it was worn to cinch for your waist. In today’s fashion world corsets are used as a fashion piece and is seen at different places from red carpets to streets.

If you are reading this article, then you might be looking for some corsets for your waist trainings or for just fashion purposes.

Irrespective of your motive there are different things which you should consider as they are basic things:

Corsets are used to fit the midsection of your body but there are two major designs which you can choose from, the first being the over bust which will cover your bust while the other being under bust which will be right below your bra line. You can choose anyone depending on what type of look you are looking for.

There are different types of styles from which you can choose the best one as per your style and body type. Having a corset which doesn’t fits you perfectly can be one the worst thing which can ever happen therefore always check the size and make sure it fits you perfectly.


What are the different parts of a corset?

Splits busk, this is the front side of your corset and comes with two long steel bones.

Spiral steel bones, these bones allow you to move your corset in different ways. These spiral bones are seen on the sides and on the bustline.

Flat steel bones, these are the bones which you cannot move in every direction and can move in two directions.

Shell fabric, this is nothing but the external part of the corset which looks great and is durable as well.

Grommets: these are nothing, but simple holes made for laces for your corset.

Lacing guard: these are also known as modesty pane which is a flap made out of a fabric of 5 to 7 inches in width and is fixed at the backside of your corset. These guard or panels are made with the same fabrics. The main function of these panels is there to provide some good amount of protection from any type of lace burns and adds up to the overall look as well.

Channels: these channels are also known as bone casing. Channels are used to create some more aesthetic in the form of pockets and channels which also help in proving some support to steel bones.  

Strength Layer: these layers are like linings which hare mostly made from cotton or any other fabric which helps in providing good amount of durability.

Waist Tape: this tape is here to give some added durability to your corset and will also help in providing some support to your waist especially while cinching.

Nobs: these nobs are on the are present on the front side of the corset.

hooks: these hooks help in holding the nobs in their place in the front side whereas they help in fastening at the back of the corset.

Boning: During the initial stages, corsets consisted of actual whale bones which were used to provide a better shape. In today’s modern world, corsets are made with the help steel bones and are available in different types as well.

Working of corsets

The main work done by corset is compressing the waist. When you wear your corsets properly you can see the difference in your body especially in your waist area and will have a more hourglass shape.  

When you wear your corsets frequently you will see some changes in your waist size. This happens because they move your floating ribs for a temporary time. When you wear corsets, it can help in reducing your weight as it can work like an LAP band which will make you eat less.

There is no doubt that leather corsets are great when it comes to fashion and it is a must in your wardrobe. leather as a fabric comes with some great features which is rare to see in other fabrics. Leather is fashionable, trendy and comfortable as well and is great when paired with a cotton lining.  

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Distinguishing Real Leather From Fake

Real leather is an amazing fabric as it provides countless features which are really rare to see in one fabric and this is one of the reasons why there are a lot of fake leather products and differentiating between them can be a tough thing to do. There are some tips that you can follow to state the difference between real and fake leather.


Before you start checking the leather make sure you’re reading the tag first and do it carefully. If you see something life sheep leather, top grain, full grain or cowhide then it is made from real leather. If you see any thing like faux leather or genuine leather then you need to keep that item back as they are not real.


Leather is not something which should feel like plastic as it is a natural fabric and behaves like a skin. Wrinkles are a part of real leather. The texture of real leather can be rough or smooth, but it shouldn’t have any plastic feels.


As real leather comes from nature it is obvious that it will feel like skin and you should stay away from anything which feels or even smells like plastic or something unnatural because there are pretty high chances it will be fake or faux leather.


It is true that real leather can absorb water, but you cannot wear them in rain and make sure you’re keeping it safe. In case of faux leather they just cannot absorb water and if it comes in contact with water then water won’t stay on it.


Real leather requires more production as compared to fake leather which is one of the reasons why they are more expensive. The cost of production is pretty high, and no company or manufacturer can prove a real leather jacket at a pretty affordable price even on sales. If you see anyone selling real leather at a low price then there are high chances that the person is just trying to scam people. Leather jackets are like investments as they are said to be with you for a long time.


Real leather is made from animal skin and just imagine how often your or any animal skin gets cracks. After the animal hide is converted into leather it still has the features of a real skin. This feature of real leather does makes them more durable and long lasting. Anything which is not made from real leather will be more prone to get cracks and is less durable and long lasting and anything item which has cracks and flakes on the surface is not the best looking thing you can ever wear. Real leather is durable enough to stand strong in harsh sunlight without messing with the surface.


When it comes to fire, real leather just cannot catch it but in case of fake leather which is made from plastic and has petroleum which is pretty flammable substance. Fire cannot damage a real leather at a higher scale as compared to faux leather, yet you shouldn’t put your real leather item on fire. When you burn a fake leather it will just melt because it has plastic in it whereas real leather won’t melt. This doesn’t means have the right to burn your real leather item as it is not needed.


If you have any leather item around you then you can just press them and if you see wrinkles then congratulation it is made from real leather and you don’t have to worry because pressing won’t have any negative effect on real leather. getting wrinkles when pressed is one of the properties of real leather. In case the leather item didn’t had any wrinkles then it is a no brainer that that item is made from fake leather.

Real leather is made from real skin which means it will have approx. all the properties a skin has whereas faux leather is made from artificial item who miss all the natural properties real leather has.

To check if the leather is made from real skin or artificial fibres you can follow the tips mentioned above but DO NOT burn your leather jackets just to see if it is real or not as there are other tips as well which are less dangerous and more effective.