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A blazer is a type of the jacket which resembles a coat or a suit coat wore major on casual basis. Blazer and sports coat is differently defined and is labeled to be the formal wear. These blazers are mostly made from varies colors and in varied style with different solid colors. They can be featured from notch lapels antique studs, buttons, navy style accessories etc. The blazers may be made from fabric or leather they are durable and counted as outdoor outfit. Some of the special designs of the blazers are used for the airplane uniforms, athlete uniforms etc. Here are some special tips and some defined style of blazers for you.

single brested blazer1. Single Breasted Blazer Style:
When we define the style of the blazer may be made from leather or any other fabric seems to be a different style of piece or an odd jacket which has been made comparing to the trousers but is different from the suit. These single breasted styles of blazers are available in several styles or classic styles or may be paired with denim pants or colored trousers. This single breasted style of blazers is very simple and looks elegant yet defines ones persona.

You will get the excellence in the style in this blazer once you get in the crowd among all. Your look will be outstanding and standout among all. This blazer style is awesome and trendy with total corporate look and style. Pair this style of blazer with formal trousers for the best fit and look. A tie will suits the best with the blazers and pants for the perfect look.

double breasted leatherblazer2. Double Breasted Blazer Style:
This style of leather blazer defines the double buttons style fastening. Also the colors for this have no limitations and can be made accordingly. Its you have to select the style may be a classic or the navy blue style color or the dark colors which match you. Other styles can be used as grey colors washed denims dark blue shades are ideal. If you want to get a professional look then grab the correct color with proper style of pants.

These two styles of blazers can be made in various fabrics however the best one is the leather styles of blazers. You will get the sporty as well as the awesome style here. The double breasted style is more formal style and you get the best corporate look. The front look double and gives the bulky look to the thinner. You can select the single breasted look preferably. Also it depends upon the lapels or collars of the fabric. Traditionally if you check you will find all the styles have common lapel that is peak lapel or notch collars and this makes it unique from other outfits. This makes the men outrageous and stylish. Besides this the other features are the styles of the buttons can be one or two or three. A classic look may be one or two buttons however three button styles also looks trendy and venturing fashion. Grab the style with one or two buttons as its in trend today’s. The blazers can be made standard style as well as the custom made. The quality of the making matters for the look.

The other style if you think off is the style of pockets in a blazer. There are several styles of pocket however some are functional, ticket style, slit pockets, snap pockets, flap button style and many more. These have different resemblance for your need. Go to the style accordingly needed. Also about the sleeve buttons, they vary accordingly to the style.

Always note that the blazer is quite different from a suit. You cannot compare both to the same. Do not wear similar outfit or same color blazer and same pants. The texture or color shade should always vary.

How to Dress Up:
Blazers work the best when it comes to the casual events or the business events. The best simple way to get the wardrobe is to simply add on the blazer on top of the –T-shirt or POLO. A Tie adds a charm to the wardrobe so grab one for your look and get the best style.

Blazer is one of the best styles among the fashion war and fashion outfits. This blazer style is very popular due to its style silhouettes, color and material. Blazer is that one style which suits in all season and some people who do not like the warm clothing always this blazer plays a sophisticated role among.

Change your style statement buy adding a blazer in your wardrobe and make yourself look sporty and dashing.