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Leather bomber jackets are in the fashion industry from a very long time and are still in a very respectable place, which just shows how fashionable and amazing these leather jackets are. Commercially, these leather jackets were seen during the 1920s, but they were present before that as it was made for soldiers as a protection from harsh winter. The leather did get different types of styles as time went on. Mainly there are five types of leather, bonded, top-grain, full-grain, split, and bicast in which you can get your leather jackets.

Just like this, there are different types of styles as well in which you can get a leather jacket and here are some which you should know:

  • Biker jackets
  • Aviator jackets
  • Racing jackets
  • Blazer jacket
  • Trucker jacket

Here you are going to talk about bomber leather jackets which are also known as aviator jackets.

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Protection Against Cold

Whenever we are considering a bomber leather jacket the first benefit which comes to our minds is the added protection. Bomber leather jackets mainly have a standing collar which helps in protecting your neck region from wind and rain.

There are different types of styles which you can choose from and it might have different types of collar styles and materials that can have different benefits. For example, you can get a collar which is made from nylon that provides water resistance to the collar region.

Initially it was believed that bomber jackets are only made for men which is not true because there are different bomber leather jackets which you can get in the female section.  

Braided Elastic

You can see braided cuff and waist in almost every leather jacket, but it all started in a bomber leather jacket.  Mainly, there are two benefits which you can get from a ribbed elastic, better grip which will help in avoiding any damage caused in the cuff and waist area. Apart form this it also helps I getting that stretch which will avoid rolled and wrinkled edges. As the elastic will stick to your skin it will improve the insulation and keep things better in colder times.


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There is no doubt that leather jackets are great when it comes to providing strength and durability and when it comes to bomber leather jackets things get even better because of the design. As bomber leather jackets come with a ribbed elastic it does help in keeping the leather in place and avoids any sagginess as it ages.


When you are buying a leather bomber jacket that costs a thousand bucks you expect it to provide the best level of comfort whenever you are wearing them. Buying any leather jacket which does not provide a great level of comfort is just a waste of money as you might feel great in the initial minutes but as things start to get uncomfortable you will just want to remove it ASAP. Going with a bomber leather jacket will ensure some great level of comfort as compared to the other jacket options. The main reason behind this comfort is the quality of the lining used in making it and comes with loose-fitting in sweaty areas.