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Adding Leather Appliques To Any Clothing

One of the trimmings we can be adding to our clothing sewing pattern is leather appliques and slogans. Here today you can learn and see the technique for sewing leather to almost any fabric, stretch or woven.

This technique clearly lends itself beautifully a new sewing pattern, but you can give this a try with any clothing that you’d like to add leather patches to.


Firstly you can do is to cut out your design or make a stencil. A large heart and two slogan appliques (AWE-SOME // LIKE YEAH) are involved with the design, but you can effortlessly make your own by hand or computer.

Significant! When drawing your design on to the back of the leather be sure that you reverse it, then all will be towards the back when you casual it the right way rounded

AND NOW for my special trick: ADHESIVE! Find yourself a stick of even old water-soluble glue. If you have kids, raid their craft goods – if you don’t, you can notice normal glue sticks in basically any store. Supermarket, target, craft hubs – everywhere.

You can put on glue to the backside of leather and stick it in required place on your t-shirt. For this class, we will put the leather on after had made the whole t-shirt, but over-all it’s coolest to do your applique before you concept your tee.

Leave it to dry. I know that’s going to take about patience, but it values it.

Once the glue is dry, topstitch about the advantage, straight through the leather and the t-shirt. I use a systematic thread and a medium to long stitch length. Do not use a short stitch length as you will basically cut through the leather. You need to wound and attached, not cut a line.

A walking foot will help, but in entirely honest, I didn’t use one for any of these appliques. Just go steadily, and if you can control the foot pressure on your machine, then decrease the pressure a bit. You can see three t-shirts I made – two I prefer a single needle and a straight stitch, and for the third, I used a twin pointer just for somewhat different. You may also prefer a zig-zag stitch or decorative stitch!

Generally being a backstitch – but for this, I discover it best to use a needle to carry your threads to the exclusive of the clothing and tie a knot – it results in a kinder clean finish.

When your t-shirt is washed all the glue will rinse away sendoff your flawlessly devoted applique!

Significant! If you choose to apply leather to any t-shirts please treat it with a bit of care. Do not tumble dry, and wash in a cool subtle wash. It’s completely fine to use leather patches on kids clothing (I do it for my kids all the time) just be sure you wash it kindly, and later, redesign the leather and let it dry flat. Don’t tumble dry (I know I said it previously, but it stands repeating).