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2023 Handbag Trends: Must-Have Accessories

If you are inclined to refresh your wardrobe before the arrival of summer, allow me to assist you in choosing the perfect accessory—a handbag. There are numerous ways to update your closet, but when uncertain, a stylish accessory is always a safe bet. Trust me, you simply cannot overlook the major bag trends for summer 2023. Whether you opt for a practical oversized leather tote bag or a dazzling sequined evening bag that demands its own celebration, there is undoubtedly an option to suit everyone’s taste.

However, if you desire a second opinion—I completely understand—so I sought the expertise of Marissa Galante Frank, Bloomingdale’s Accessories and Beauty Director, to validate the top bags to embrace this summer. Please continue reading to explore all of them below.

Supersized Totes

The fashion runways have prominently featured soft, oversized totes, and after several seasons of micro bags, it seems that everyone is craving a functional option. Marissa Galante Frank suggests that these totes are not only fashionable but also a practical choice for our busy 24-hour lifestyles. They offer ample space for carrying essentials like laptops, beauty products, and more. While investing in a leather tote is always a wise decision, oversized totes in novelty materials such as canvas, neoprene, or raffia can also be great alternatives. If you find yourself using your bag as a car trunk, a gym locker, or a portable closet, then this trend is perfect for you.

Oversized Totes & Colorful Woven Bags

During leisurely moments when you’re not dashing through the city or going to the office, opting for a crochet or raffia bag is an excellent decision. The summer season calls for a lightweight and airy handbag option, and thanks to the popularity of Prada’s viral totes, we are witnessing an abundance of delightful woven handbags available across various price ranges. This year, expect to see an array of vibrant and playful colors, as well as timeless neutrals, making a splash in the market. So, whether you prefer a pop of brightness or a more understated look, you’ll find the perfect woven handbag to complement your summer style.

Glitzy Purses & Stylish Weddings

A flashy purse can add some excitement to your outfit when you want it, even though a practical everyday carry is unquestionably a winner. Even a simple T-shirt and jeans ensemble is instantly improved by it. In addition to adding a touch of glitz, it also enables you to wear one of the best summertime fashion trends. This style is especially suitable for summer weddings and cocktail hour. Yes, you read that correctly. Now go ahead and finish off your look with a chic dress appropriate for a guest at a summer wedding.

The Top-Handle Bag

Crossbody bags and their shoulder-friendly counterparts have always been a staple, but if you’re looking to add some variety, consider another option: the top-handle bag. According to fashion and beauty experts, as the emphasis on tailored and sophisticated dressing continues to grow, so does the significance of top-handle handbags. These bags exude femininity and timelessness, making them excellent investment pieces that can transition seamlessly into the fall season.

Elevated Bag Options For Racquet Sports Enthusiasts

The allure of pickleball and tennis has surged in popularity, captivating individuals seeking engaging activities during the spring and summer seasons. To accentuate and exhibit one’s fervor for these racquet sports, a luxurious bag designed explicitly for racquets serves as a distinctive and delightful addition to one’s handbag collection. Embracing this emerging trend, racquet sport enthusiasts can now enhance their style with sophisticated and functional bags tailored to their unique hobbies.

Timeless Fabric Extending Beyond Tote Bags

The boat tote has long been revered as a timeless classic, epitomizing a sense of effortless style. However, in a delightful evolution, designers have begun to incorporate canvas into various handbag silhouettes, expanding its versatility beyond the traditional tote. The inherent qualities of canvas—its neutral charm, durability, and remarkable adaptability—make it a perfect choice for complementing a wide range of casual summer outfits. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that canvas bags excel as impeccable companions for beach outings, further adding to their appeal.

Elevate Your Style With Luxurious Market Bags

Looking ahead to next spring, regardless of whether you regularly indulge in the vibrant ambiance of farmer’s markets, it is worth considering the luxury rendition of the practical market bag. Embracing an unstructured silhouette, adorned with either two handles or a single long shoulder strap, this exquisite accessory proves to be a versatile companion for your everyday ventures. From your daily commute to the office to a swift visit to the local grocery store, these refined market bags effortlessly blend practicality with elevated style.

Sparkle And Shimmer In Vogue

During the previous summer, a social media sensation unfolded with the rise of the #Nightluxe trend on TikTok. Captivating audiences with its sparkle, shine, and shimmer, this captivating aesthetic has now caught the attention of renowned designers such as Jonathan Simkhai and Tom Ford. These fashion visionaries have embraced the allure of #Nightluxe, infusing it into their runway collections. As a result, this dazzling trend has transcended the virtual realm, taking center stage in the world of high fashion.

Quilted Leather Crossbody Bags With Logo Hardware

Among the esteemed luxury houses, a distinctive handbag style has emerged as a signature—the leather shoulder bag with a flap, adorned with their iconic logo hardware. As the spring season unfolds, fashion enthusiasts can discover a refreshing take on these beloved crossbody silhouettes from esteemed designers such as Saint Laurent and Gucci. The use of quilted leather adds a contemporary twist, breathing new life into these classic designs. Moreover, the enduring allure of the padded effect ensures that these bags remain as timeless as ever.

Sumptuously Slouchy Carryalls

This season introduces a captivating trend of roomy carryalls crafted from ultra-soft leathers and suedes. The shapes exude an air of effortless relaxation, yet they maintain an undeniable sophistication. A prime example is Bottega Veneta’s Ellipse bag, featuring a soft teardrop silhouette elegantly secured with a small leather knot and complemented by gold hardware. Similarly, Loewe’s elongated Paseo bag captivates with its folded leather detail, creating a soft and gathered appearance while retaining its contemporary edge through signature knotted drawstrings.

The Allure Of Quiet Luxury

For those in search of an investment handbag that transcends seasonal trends, the “quiet luxury” trend offers a source of utmost contentment. Emerging minimalist-centric brands like Savette and Demellier, alongside esteemed names such as The Row and Saint Laurent, present a collection of bags that epitomize understated chicness for everyday wear.

Embracing The Worn-In Aesthetic

An intriguing trend has emerged, celebrating the allure of pre-owned or delightfully worn-in items across various fashion pieces, including leather jackets and handbags. Givenchy’s latest shoulder bag, for instance, boasts a self-proclaimed “tumbled” appearance, while offerings from Miu Miu and Saint Laurent feature rugged, pre-scratched leather, exuding a worn charm that promises an effortlessly cool look for years to come.

Embracing Summertime’s Woven Bag Trend

Rattan, raffia, and canvas have become the coveted materials for bags, signaling the arrival of sweet summertime. Fashion influencers and esteemed Vogue editors alike have championed the idea of embracing woven bags all year round, and with stylish options available from brands like Khaite and Dragon Diffusion, incorporating these natural textures into your ensemble has never been easier.

The Rise Of Shrunken Totes

While larger bag silhouettes continue to make a statement, spring brings a delightful twist to the trend of shrunken totes. Small to medium-sized top-handle bags offer a playful alternative to the classic spacious design. Remarkably, many of these structured rectangular-shaped bags also provide an additional crossbody-length strap, ensuring convenience while still accommodating all the essential items, be it sunglasses or the latest book, whether you’re on holiday or on the move.

The Iconic Baguette Shape

When it comes to spring 2023 handbag trends, there is one style that stands the test of time—the baguette bag. Its snug under-the-shoulder carry and flap closure have made it an enduring favorite, with Fendi being the brand that made this shape iconic.

Embracing Y2k Inspiration

The fashion landscape has been greatly influenced by the Y2K era, as evident in recent collections featuring everything from miniskirts to low-waist trousers. Unsurprisingly, the handbag department has also been touched by the essence of this memorable decade. Vibrant shoulder bags adorned with buckles, pockets, rhinestones, and other kitschy details reminiscent of the time period have emerged as the perfect choice for a “going out” bag, exuding a playful and nostalgic charm.


In conclusion, choosing the ideal purse for our updated outfit becomes a critical factor as summer approaches. The summer 2023 bag trends offer a wide variety of choices to suit different interests. There is a perfect option for every event, ranging from useful giant totes and colourful woven bags to glittering purses appropriate for elegant weddings. While elegant market bags easily mix function with high flair, top-handle bags ooze sophistication. The quilted leather crossbody purses with branded hardware put sparkle and shine front and Centre while providing classic elegance. A casual yet fashionable allure is embodied by sumptuously slouchy carryalls, and the quiet luxury style personifies subtle chicness.