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While Discussing about men’s fashion, and the choices we found that there are limited style to jeans, trousers, shoes, belt, tie and watch. There is so much that you, as a guy, can add to your clothing style that will change your look at the click of your fingertips. Here we get you 10 such trendy alternatives related to fashion to brighten up your everyday clothing collection options:

nick-baty-melodie-jeng-street-style-11. Colored Pants
This is the most certain and simplest way to modify your look and it give it a trendy touch. Red, turquoise or lawn green, colored trousers can be a recommended weekend clothing collection for you. Even a sand yellow-colored is too bold for you if you want to try and go that way.

2. The Sock-less Look
In past days, when your Oxfords needed a pair of woolen socks to go with them before you walked out. You no more need socks to have fun with your favorite pair of Monk straps or loafers. So Men Exhibit them all by themselves to rock that funk!

mens-summer-scarves3. Scarves
If the hotness quotient for men wearing scarves was in contrast to ones matched up with ties, there’d be an obvious winner. Scarves can help you create your clothing dressier or help you to slow it down, whatever the need be.

4. Satchels
A satchel is excellent to the brief-case often in numerous ways. First of all it informs a absolutely different style story, especially if you own an ember or a rust-color one. Secondly, it contributes a boyish appeal to your look making it appear simple and organic.

Bow-Tie5. Bow Ties
Ask a woman how she likes her man and she will discuss a bow tie at least once in her description. There is a remarkable charm to the quirkiness of the bow tie and it does not necessarily have to be dark. You can also try the checkered, the red, the plaid or the green for a fun look, really this will make you look amazing.

6. Nerd Glasses
Whoever believed that we’d be getting down fashion notices from the geeks? But they made their factor and the nerd glasses have become a talk. Be it the solid and dense dark rectangle-shaped ones or the wiry Harry Potter glasses, you cannot go wrong with these.

bailey-darron-litefelt-telescope-porkpie-hat-357. Hats
If you are really crazy in your love just like Bruno Mars, then you must go forward and take up a Fedora. If you experience a tiny bit arty then, you must spend some money on one of the Greek Fishermen hats. If you want to make an impression on the woman with a match of polo, get that Derby. It really looks so stylish and funky.

1f55d69e382e15d5427cb37d2cba346c8. Bandanas
You may think that bandannas just are not your cope because you are not stylishly bold enough, but hold on a moment. They are so many other methods to design a bandanna right! A day out on the seaside with your guy partners is the best purpose to don one. And it’s an excellent way to cover up that diminishing hairline.

9. Calf-length Trousers
It may seem a bit elegant to part up with these but trust us, it looks excellent on the people. A present trend where your trousers taper down just above your ankles and can be suitable up with a checked shirt or a coat or jacket along with those Oxfords.

058506ac2c60bd5c0bdd4165bfe37b9010. Polka Dot Ties
Yes we are referring to the disco era but in a simple way. You don’t have to fear about trying enormous gigantic circles on soft silk. These beginners come with the tiniest scaled polka dots and look excellent in maroon, navy and purple.

men11. Stripes T-shirt
Stripes T- shirt also look cool on men. You will get it in various fabrics, color and patterns. You can also try bigger, bolder stripes T-shirt. Navy, grey and black are top shades that you should try.

It is relatively easy to go outside the box, to modify your boring clothing collection into something elegant and popular. All you need is to try few of these fresh and bold suggestions and make changes on yourself to flaunt your style in crowd.