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In recent years leather has been one of the forefronts into the fashion on the runway as well as the real way. Leather remarks a new start to the era of fashion this season. May it be a leather skirts, leather pants, leather jackets or leather accessories it gives a classic yet trendy look. You will love the wardrobes in leather all year. You got more than 50 shades in leather which makes you look attractive and you have got several finishes in leather such as matte finish, shiny finish, contrast colors, block colors and many more.

Whether it is an office or a party leather fashion is always the best, you got plenty of options. Shopping leather attire, look for the exotic and sizzling style. Get all leather outfits, accessories and many more online.


Leather Exotica is an online fashion entrance that manufactures and supplies a broad range of quality leather apparels for men, women, and children. Leather Exotica offers a clothing line that is in sync with the latest and popular trends of the fashion world.

It is our steady undertaking that to provide customers with stylish, trendy and top quality leather outfits at reasonable cost. We appreciate that superiority and fit is of great significance. For that reason, each leather material is carefully handpicked and every item of clothing is custom-made to meet the specifications in order for you to have the perfect fit.

Feel free to browse all the way through our website and see the latest and superior collections of leather outfits like leather jackets, coats, pants, dresses, skirts, vests, shorts and much more at affordable cost. You will definitely found that our website is more fulfilled
than other websites.

Leather Exotica values customer experience, not melodious and undependable empty words. We aim on delivering a wholesome familiarity to each of our valued customers in form of quality products and service.


At Leather Exotica, quality is the main apprehension. We pick the finest quality lambskin, cowhide and suede leather for making all our outfits. To provide style and durability, leather outfits are lined with polyester, wool or silk. Keeping alongside each other with the latest trends and styles, we offer leather outfits in a range of colors, textures and exquisite designs.

Comprehensive measurements are taken for each and every order. Our designers then hand-design a paper pattern to replicate the proper shape and style. Every designed paper pattern goes from first to last a sequence of improvement and adjustments to accomplish the best fit and after assembling the outfits the details of sizing is then stored lastingly in our database for future orders. For the convenience of customers, we have a size chart guide for every outfit.

Each leather conceal is accurately hand-cut and trimmed at our workshop with systematic focus towards the comfort, fit and shape. The fabrics linings are scrupulously matched with each leather conceal presenting unblemished inflection. With this method, we effectively integrate the appropriate size and shape as specified by the customers.


We manufacture and provide men’s and women’s leather outfits. We propose extensive assortment of fashion products like men’s leather shirts, blazers, kilts and most recent; leather jumpsuits. Women’s leather pants, bombers, skirts, jumpsuits, hot dresses and leather jackets for boys at affordable prices. We offer fashionable custom-tailored leather outfits. Each apparel ordered here is designed and handmade by our experienced stylists and experienced tailors. Accommodate customers on a universal level and propose a user-friendly site interface for easy and safe online shopping experience is our aim. Our constant pursuit is engendering an exclusive and trendy line of leather outfits for men, women and kids.


Leather is a fabric used exclusively for multiple purposes. The most important features of genuine leather are its durability, toughness, long lastingness.  Leather is available in many textures and types. Each has its own characteristic and uses. Here are some special types which we used for the manufacturing of the leather products.

  1. Full Grain Leather: This is also called as the Top Grain Leather. It is the pure and genuine leather. The outfits made from these are very expensive. The products made from this leather are more comfortable as compared to others. This can be lambskin or cow hide leather. We prefer lambskin leather.
  2. Suede Leather: Suede Leather can be a lambskin or Nubuck suede leather. Suede is cheap as compared to full grain leather. It’s not the pure form of leather. This type of leather gives the structure of the velvet fabric. Suede leather gives an awesome look however the leather gets damaged easily when contacted with water.